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  1. Donated my $20 a couple days ago as soon as I read about it.
  2. I'm busy playing Guild Wars 2 (with stoffe), and Torchlight II is coming out tomorrow so my card is full for a good couple of months, but I'll definitely be playing this at some point. I believe they are waiting for the green light from steam to make it downloadable there with steam achievements and cloud etc, so I'll probably wait for that to happen.
  3. ^ This. One of the most over hyped games ever.
  4. I almost couldn't believe it when I heard the news, August 28th is my birthday. It's like they knew and wanted to give me a great birthday present.
  5. Good. Let us know if it's worth the money.
  6. So I just got through watching all of the endings and I have to say I think they did an okay job. I hate that they used a stupid drawings slideshow though, that was just lazy. I feel they have given us a little more closure, it still could be better but I'm happy as is. This gives me a good excuse to get my Insanity play through finished with my renegade Shep and choose the "Destroy" ending, which I feel is best suited to her. I will definitely be going back and playing through the whole trilogy again at some point in the future. Despite all the crap surrounding ME3, Mass Effect is still in my opinion the best damn gaming series ever made.
  7. If you just listen to it without watching it, it sounds like a bitch fight in a brothel.
  8. They seriously need to tone down all the grunting, it's way too OTT.
  9. Unless you really have a problem with the morality of it, I highly recommend doing the Thieves Guild main quest line. You get the Thieves Guild Armor and Nightingale Sword and my personal favourite so far, the Nightingale Armor. On completion you get what is widely considered to be the best bow in the game, The Nightingale Bow, so doing it for that alone makes it worth it, plus it looks damn cool. You also get Chillrend, the best sword in the game and The Skeleton Key. If you get the guild back to its former glory (what I'm doing atm) you also get a decent Guild Armor. Basically it is the perfect Questline for a stealth archer. As for melee combat, I think it sucks. I've played through the whole game as a stealth archer pretty much avoiding ever having to use it as I one or two shot everything from a distance before they even know I'm there. When I do have to use it, it feels extremely inaccurate as you end up just swinging wildly hoping for the best.
  10. Don't worry, I feel exactly the same way about people who don't like Mass Effect.
  11. Let me start by saying I hated Oblivion and Fallout, just hated them. I decided never to touch another Bethesda game again, even though I wanted so bad to like these games because I just love RPG's so much. Well, I fell for the hype yet again and saw Skyrim going cheap on Amazon (£24), and I needed something to keep me going until GW2 comes out, so I thought what the hell and got it. I am a convert. I love Skyrim, I absolutely fraking love this game. The third person pov is still terrible, and I really wish they would just use a Mass Effect pov, but it's bearable in first person as I'm playing a stealth archer. Everything else is just amazing. The environment is stunning, and the amount of things to do is mindblowing. I am 60+ hours into it and I still feel like I've only just skimmed the surface. I am totally emmersed in the world and totally addicted. Skyrim has managed to change my opinion on Bethesda, and I'm glad I picked it up now.
  12. Quick, someone give Kj a 10 year vet badge before he spontaneously combusts!
  13. I'm not trying to get everyone to hate Diablo 3, just provide the facts. I still might pick it up at some point in the future when it's on sale or something, just not now with all the crap that is going on.
  14. There once was an admin named Rhett Who was a very cool Lucasforums Vet He posted for years Was loved by his peers And he's someone we'll never forget! Happy Birthday my darling Rhett. I hope you have a great day!
  15. Listen to this, it pretty much sums it all up...
  16. Yeah I know, it sucks, mind you it's probably a good thing, I'd be drinking it like water.
  17. Hmm, I'll be sure to try that Rio Tropical if I ever spot it. The only soft drink I drink on a regular basis is Diet Coke. When I went to Florida I was totally hooked on Mountain Dew. I wish there was an easy way to buy it over here apart from buying it online. For some reason I can only find Diet Mountain Dew in the shops.
  18. AOTC is my favourite of the prequels. We got to see Coruscant in its full glory for the first time, which was something I had always wanted. We got to see female Jedi in action for the first time (which was a really big deal for me), and we got to see Yoda kicking ass. Happy Ani AOTC, I know not many people love you, but I do.
  19. Don't worry Chainz, you're not alone. I find it very hard to get excited about games these days too. The only game I can say I'm really excited about atm is Guild Wars 2, everything else is just keeping my boredom at bay until it comes out. I think age does have a lot to do with it, we've been there, done that too many times to count by now. It really is just recycled gaming at this point. I was excited about Diablo 3 a couple years ago, but after watching gameplay videos of Torchlight II, I knew I would much prefer that, and I absolutely loved the first one.
  20. I cancelled my pre-order a couple of week ago. I'll be getting Torchlight II instead.
  21. Thank you my lovely Chainz *kiss kiss*. I would of done it myself if I remembered how, but I'm old and have no memory. :D

  22. ^ Just going by this thread alone, 10 year vet badges for Lady Jedi, Rhett, Stormy, Prime, Groovy, Darklighter, Dath, Coupes, RP and me. Get busy Lynk.
  23. The only guidebooks I have ever bought have been for Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, mainly as a guide for getting every single collectable, but also because I love the concept art. All of them are very well put together and helpful.
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