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  1. Looks like you got your wish. ;)

  2. It was confusing me too. ;)

  3. Excellent. XD

    I'm up for some zombie slaughter tonight.

  4. Boo!



  5. Random lol. XD

  6. Frak me. I'm having such a nerdgasm right now.

  7. It just finished. Watching the special now.


  9. Funny how everyone seems to like my swearing apart from my husband. :D

  10. Nor can I lol. XD

  11. leXX

    I have 1050/1050 achievements for Mass Effect, therefore, my penis is bigger.

  12. leXX

    You need a good spanking.

  13. You mean I'm your only friend! Awww. *huggles* :p

  14. You're not on my friends list yet. What the frak? :p

  15. leXX

    How come you weren't on my friends list? Huh, HUH?

  16. OMG Greedo! How the hell are ya? Really good to hear from you. :)

  17. Gief Uno battlez!

  18. 4 MORE DAYS 4 MORE DAYS 4 MORE DAYS 4 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hey LORD Dath, take this!



  20. leXX

    I already had that argument with Lynk on Skype. ;P

  21. Heh, I only just got your gamertag, Nyn0r=Niner. DOH! Okay, I need more coffee. In other news, BSG on the 20th baby!!!!! WOOOT

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