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  1. Check it out... www.drinkrio.com You can order CRATES of this stuff. To be delivered to your HOUSE. There is obviously a god.
  2. I concur. Discovered Uncharted 2 early this year, got 3 as soon as it came out and even went back and played 1. Whatever people say about the duration of the game etc, it is incredibly immersive, the action is seamless and cinematic, the story brilliant and the characters so memorable. Nice to see LA going down a different route here. Gives me a similar feeling as when I watched Jedi Outcast previews for the first time all those years ago. And nice to see the lack of lightsabers - it's obvious these guys know what they're doing, as they ALSO recognised that SW games of late have been flooded with lightsaber driven combat, which reached it's dull and uninspired peak in TFU2. Too much Jedi can spoil the broth, and I've been waiting for a gritty, more mature and down to earth SW title. Plus it looks f**kin' gorgeous.
  3. I have no idea whether it's from the UK or not, but it's definitely here and has been for over 10 years. You're right though, it's only in small convenience stores, never in the big 'uns. A mystery maybe? But a tasty mystery, for sure.
  4. True that. Yes please I'd like the 10 year badge please even though I don't deserve it I still want it please.
  5. I seem to remember that you and I joined the forums on the exact same day, leXX. 10 years ago, on the 22nd of this month. ****. What does that mean. What does it actually MEAN?
  6. God, this place can't die. Granted I haven't posted here for about 3 years...something brought me back though tonight. Hey guys...
  7. Anyone here from the UK may have spotted 'Rio Tropical' at the back of the shelves in small convenience stores. I spend the better part of my days looking for these cans. That drink is a little bit of heaven, though it's been months since my last find. I may never taste that sweet beverage again...one can only hope.
  8. Finally got this game yesterday. Have not been able to put it down. It's absolutely amazing, so easy and fun to play, and strangely reassuring that you know you've got at least another 50 hours of gameplay ahead of you
  9. I got a couple of DVDs, a bass guitar and amp, and a Wii, plus Red Steel, Zelda, and an extra remote (all Wii stuff was shared between my siblings). Been playing on Wii Sports all day, it's a frickin' large amount of fun. Red Steel is pretty good, will take a bit of time getting used to. Saved the best til last, waited to get some alone time to experience Zelda, and guess what...the disc was all chipped and scratched, and won't run. Now we'll have to wait for ages for Zelda to be restocked to get a replacement. Yep, sucks a huge amount. Wii Tennis is cool though.
  10. Yeah, I used to be a Harry Potter book-hater. Then I actually read 'em. Ended up hating myself for not hating them. It's a complicated procedure. Therapy's helping me through it.
  11. I had my doubts about this one to begin with, but from that trailer, I think it looks pretty damn cool. Really like the mood of the trailer; dark and gritty. Wicked.
  12. Early Christmas present, from me to me... I am generally intrigued by all things to do with space exploration, the cosmos, and the outer unknown. Am in the process of creating a drama piece based on theories of outer space, so need a bit of "light" reading for "research". I love getting these kinds of books; they're huge, with lots of images and very few words...picture books for grown-ups...plus this one's got massive hi-res images of the Horsehead Nebula...damn, I love that nebula... ... Hee
  13. Crap, did I miss the reunion? Fashionably late, though, that's how I like it. Hey there Obi, lookin' good dude This is also the first time I've posted here since the 90s. And congratumalations, Reverend Jake (gonna have to get used to calling you that)...and you're building your own church?! Crikey man, that's seriously awesome, I wish you much good luck with the project Oh, and hey to everyone else I've not seen for 6 years
  14. But I mean, Halo works well as a game, but whose to say it will make a good movie? I mean the main focus of the Halo games is in fact the action sequences, same with most first-person shooters - take Doom for instance, the film looks like it's going to be a complete noise-fest from start to finish. I supposed I'm a little biased though, since I'm not a huge Halo fan. But as for Silent Hill, I freakin' love the series, it's always scared the pants off me, and I'm going to be so disappointed if they take the Resi Evil route and overload it with CGI and guns. It has the possibility to be a geniunely intelligent and frightening movie experience. I'm praying it's not going to suck.
  15. Lovin' the guitar there, Tyrion. I've got a nice cheap replica of a Les Paul myself. I'm so proud.
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