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  1. ProMod is a mod for Jedi Knight that makes the Multiplayer balance better. Right now without the ProMod every battle in Multiplayer is won by the one that kicks better or has more luck. In promod the one that knows better every aspect of the game wins. No luck. Also in promod there is a balance between Saberists and Gunners. In pure 1.04 Gunners eat Saberists for breakfast.
  2. Artifex I say you should completely remove the ForceShield from the game since it is bugged (lags when close).
  3. My complain is that Push/Pull are not doing anything that great vs Gunners. You should be able to drop down any Gunner from 3 meters at least and also pull his weapon from this distance.
  4. It seems to be a bug Artifex. I did everything and still, when you have enabled the "Disable Force" Option you get Jetpack, seeker and shield.
  5. Great work Artifex. You have saved JK2 Multiplayer. But I don't understand how the 2 indicators on the screen work. In your site you don't explain a lot about them. Looking for more servers. Especially European ones!
  6. ASE (All-Seeing Eye) Users can make a filter to display only the promod servers. To do that: Go to Filter - New... In the name space write "ProMod" In the Box copy-paste this: 1 if gamename ~== "promod" goto 3 2 remove Then select "Modifier" instead of "Normal Filter" and name it "ProMod" Press "OK" And that's it. Now in the My Filters Folder there is a ProMod ON/OFF options. Turn it on and search for JK2 Servers.
  7. I contacted jolt.co.uk and they have now up a promod server! For thost that don't know, Jolt.co.uk's servers have the best connection in the whole europe. For those that can't find it the ip of that server is
  8. It is Server-Client and it MUST remain in this state. Server-Side Mods create problems with the movements. You can however download it if the server has autodownload-on (I think). Mod Rock. Plz guys make as more servers as possible.
  9. omg ProMod Pro = Professional Mod = Modification
  10. Played it about 5-6 Hours continiously today. Also done many many tests with the saber combat Here are my comment tos ArtifeX: The Good - The Saber Combat is awesome because the Special Moves are very risky but still useful in many cases. - The damages are greatly balanced. Unfortunately I couldn't use the Blue Stance so much except from the Front Ludge but that's something that will change soon as players will play/practise more. - The blocking is as it must be. All swings are completely blocken if your the enemy is facing you except from the DFA and Air Flip. The Blue Ludge is fully blocken now, Something very good because it started to be spammed lately. Air Flip and DFA should remain unblockable because they are easily countered and are very risky. The Bad - Except from the bugs that other players reported there is nothing bad with this awesome mod. Maybe there are some issues with the FFA/CTF/Gun games which I don't play. Since I play only duels I can't comment on these. - We need more servers! Especially Duel ones. - - - - - - - - - - ArtifeX Don't make rapid changes in the future version(s). All we need is standarized settings for saber combat that please most people and also require skill. Don't do changes like to stop the throwed saber with push. These changes seems interesting in the beginning but later they create problems. Just think of it, it would be cool to defend throws with push, but from the other side, imagine that advantage that the Gunners will get since they will simply absorb and throwed saber with one key/button. Also don't give us the ability to change so many things. I don't know if it is possible but you should try to prevent people/servers from changing damage scale, ghoul2, sabertracesaberfirst and much more because there will be splits of the community again. We want standart settings for everyone that plays this mod. Congrats, this mod is the FIRST serious mod that finally tries to balance the game. Other mods tried it (JK2++) but completely failed. Ending it.. Don't do any joke and include duel sabers and these shi-t that noobs want to have fun. This mod is for Professionals as you said. Don't rely only on the community, you know that will happen if you rely completely on them....
  11. JK2 for sure has the most complaining community I have ever met. People complain with whatever way they die in any version of the game. In 1.02 it was DFA, in 1.03 it was pull - backstab with kicks, in 1.04 is it kick or the high blocking? I think that all versions could be played. These things about the 1.03 patch being skilless and such are stupid in my opinion. The skill can be showed in many ways. There were people that were pull-backstabbing better than others, people that were DFAing better than others, people that kicked better than others etc. There is no doubt that any kind/style of play requires skill even if some people don't understand it. Even in "no-saber" games with "only kicks" the most skilled player will win so arguing that a patch is for newbies or for rookies is a stupid comment. The problems and the complaints of the people are not these skill shiet. These are just stupid ways to express why you did lost. The real problem is that all the community wants the Style of play to fit the Star War Movies. People don't like to lose from kicks because they never saw Darth Maul to die from a Foot in the face. They want to die with Realistic (for the movies) saber swing, impressive backstabs and such. So the problem is not about the skill, but about the way the gameplay work to fit the movies. That's why we play JK2 after all. To simulate the experience of being a Jedi. If it is all about to need GunWeapon/Kick skills (Yes they are still skills) to win then we should either go play Quake or Street Fighter. What we need is an enjoyable game with the Lightsaber to be the master of the items and with the 60% of the skill to need to be spent there the rest 30% to the forces and only the 10% to the Guns/Kicks and any other non-jedi damaging moves.
  12. What's how I call them Blue Special = Lunge Yellow Special = Air Flip Red Special = DFA
  13. With increased Damage Scale people complained about the Blue Lunge being very powerful just like BackStab was in 1.03
  14. Push and Pull rock more than ever if you know to use them.
  15. Well I don't think that 1.02 was that good as you guys say. Maybe you had fun with it as you played it first time but all versions have their sucky points till now. At least in 1.04 the Duels are somewhat balanced. I don't give a F for other gametypes because they are not for a Jedi Knight II game. People want to balance CTF but if you do it you unbalance FFA and Duel so F@k them. No Force Duels withOUT jump/kick are pretty balanced and fun now with sabertracefirst to ON. All stances have their uses and Light/Dark seem balanced. And also the Force Duels are pretty balanced because the winner again is the one that uses the saber better. So I don't care what you say but I have fun with Duels. The only problem that sometimes exist is the kick. Kick should do NO damage but would knock the enemy away or even down. Not that it is overpowered but just seems to see jedis kick people on the face like that. It looks stupid.
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