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  1. I have no idea sorry, I use Discreets 3D Studio Max. Try asking in the modeling forum.
  2. ok, I figured out the Cull, you had to disable it and yeah the skeleton gets all tweaked in JKII 1.4 Heres the knee deal, its only bound to the top bone cause when i bind it to top and bottom the knee cap glitches out, wonder if there is a way around this.. Maybe with a dummy or somthing? anyone know how?
  3. Yeah, sure you can use this model in your map. Im aware of the 2-sided error. Not sure how you do that. If you know let me know. Currrently the model is finished, but Im having an error, well 2 errors. When I had the 1.3 patch the model worked fine, now It doesnt work right. The problem is in the screenshot. 2nd problem is the knees, cant seem to skin them so they work correctly, I shall post a shot of this later on this evening.
  4. Yes the Led light is there its been improved also from my previous release.
  5. Yeah the refllection is there, looks great. I need to adjust a specular map tho. Just wanna make it more detailed.
  6. Thanks for your input however im not trying to go all movie with this model. Because well Tim Appleby reviewed my model at polycount awhile back and I was kinda dissapointed, however I felt that he hit alot of real problems which has led the model to its current state. (however they reviewed model ver. 1.0 not 1.2 where I fixed some of those problems) Here's the statement (click it for the link) "The model also has ctf skins, while simplistic, the CTF skins are reminiscent of ranking officers from Ep2, but for functionality I don't think its enough variation for ctf skins. In a fast paced game it becomes very easy to loose track of which are the red team clone troopers and which are the blue. The ctf skins definitely need more color variation on them. " So thats why there are those extra color bands. And sure I can set the color of the commander to the same as the pilot. Not sure about the blue and red tho, maybe i'll match them with the pic provided. But Im using a specular map on my models regardless with a shader so the color kind of changes depending on the lighting. Heres some shots There are some obvious errors I have noticed with the models. If I fix the major ones I might release a beta version for you guys to download :) Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Shot 4
  7. Alright, not fun, not fun, not fun! heh I've been making progress.. There are a few joint bugs in the model when imported into the game, plus I need to update some of the other files. Both skins are shaded with shaders. They are both shiny so to speak even the battle damaged one, but it looks good, trust me Got all the skins included and added the sergent. Still havent worked on the pilot yet, he's awaiting export from 3dmax. Lots more work to be done so be patient. If anyone can remember I cant seem to, what was the bone needed to be weighted for the saber back hand move to work correctly? Thanks.
  8. Yeah sure I can include a green skin But I dunno about the ARC trooper. Kinda wierd looking. But regardless, I might in the future.. Just not im my plans for the time being. And also I dont recall seeing any in AOTC. So currently this will be a movie release Maybe later.
  9. Thanks.. Im working on the caps... Trying to figure out how to do it. Cause the lightsaber would cut right through the armor, so I could make the cut through the armor, or at a joint. Not sure how to accomplish this But yeah I will include them. In fact I havent even seperated the black body mesh yet, unlike the last trooper who's body was in parts. So I have to figure that out, and I still have to set up the hiearchy, the skeleton and the skin weighing. So there still is more work to do. And then I have sounds also The LOD's will be included and there allready is bot support. Ciao, I'll keep you updated.
  10. Not bad, not bad at all.. :) When Im Finished, I'll let you mess with my textures and see if they work, if you'd like..
  11. Ok, after a little more work.. I've raised the pilots helmet height, and re-did a few things on his texture map, like suggested. Here's that pic. And further more here is a pic of all the troopers side by side, clean and dirty... :D Jengo would be proud ; beware tho the pic is a big pic. ; Clone Army I just noticed there seems to be a mapping problem on the red and blue troopers left lower arm gotta go fix that Let me know what you think
  12. Yeah that all deals with the shaders. And when I modeled last time, there wasnt any documentation on shaders. So this time around im gonna make everything just right
  13. Hey thanks guys. Zippo85 your pic isnt showing up. Heres the new chin.
  14. Ok, DAMN! pheew! Finished with that Hey I finished the pilots head Let me know what you all think.. Took awhile, heh just finished and its 6:00 am. I started at 3:50 pm yesterday. I think it does justice! Cept the chin needs to be adjusted. Like i did in the other model. :D Here the pic..
  15. Yeah I can include a shaded (shiny) trooper. Only the Commander (yellow) and plaing are in deathmatch, the red and blue are for Team. But I will make a shiny trooper, why not ? And yeah I was planning on making the clone pilot helmet. I'll have to find some refrence shots.. it wouldnt be that hard, just a little poly modding to the helmet
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