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  1. What is the cmd for getting a double saber. I have tried numerous amounts of time to input it through the console by guessing a cmd.
  2. This sucks. I have gone on to lucasarts.com for the past 3 months and seen not even 1 S&M update. Have they forgotten about their own game?
  3. Whats the dismembering console command? I just dont wanna hack through eight pages of other threads trying to find it.
  4. I just wanna see if anyone is. . . .and mabye laugh on my own time at them.. . .
  5. its better than this dying game. . .
  6. Ive been here longer than you have ****tard.
  7. I ain't likin' that picture. Consider yourself warned - Darklighter
  8. I cant even see the pictures now. But great idea though, cant wait for this one.
  9. it worked with mine, and it was pretty good too. except jedi master or knight wouldnt work on XP, so i had to play on jedi mode. I hope to see version 2 out of it. And more ep 2 jedis besides kenobi would be a great addition.
  10. that arena looks sooooo much better. But you might need to make the centre feild bigger. Everytime i try to d/l your mod it doesnt let me into file-front. Is there any other link to the mod d/l point
  11. yeah nice work on both robed and unrobed version. It looks pretty close to the movie Mace, but i still cant put my finger on what to critique.
  12. i cant get the angelfire link to work, ive tried the same way you do it with the geocites ones to veiw them but this one i hate. Any hints:confused:
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