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    Jango VM

    :angel: New Screen :angel: Here is a screenshot for the Mandalorian model set. Hope you all like it. I made some adjustments to the skin, and maps. Boots/Belt meshes adjusted. Marzout!
  2. Well for 3Dmax 4.0 this is what you do. Go to the very top of the screen and pick the "Views" rolldown. Then select "Viewport Background". Now a the "Viewport Backround" Table will show itself. From this Table you will be able to pick your image from "Background Source". Play around with the "Aspect Ratio" to get different methods of Aspect. One option will freeze the image to the panel, the other will allow it move around. Anyhow, just play around with it, cuz the aspect are important. I would make sure you have 2 or more working panels open, and designate one panel to your image. Hope that helps. Marzout
  3. :angel: MagnaGuard Makes Debute at JKfiles :angel: Well everyone probably has the model by now, but It finally made its post over at JK2files. Here is the link if you havent downloaded it. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/MagnaGuardVM;55831
  4. :angel: Never Believe Who Posted Republic Commando File :angel: Uh...... Dont ask me how this happend so quickly, but the file turned up on jk2files today. So you all can just relax now. Heres the link. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Delta_CommandosVM;55832
  5. After I read this post I decided to work on the new skin. I'm pretty happy with it. Not sure how to get the flames to come out jetpack. For now I think I have a good start. The belt is missing, and I will need to add the holsters. I need to make the chest plate less stretched out vertically. Hope you like the screenshot. Marzout
  6. :angel: News Update :angel: Well the model set is finished for the Republic Commandos (Delta Sq.). I made the requested fixes, and added NPC/Botsupport. I was only able to send the file to jk2files.com... My attempt to upload at pcgamemods failed. Not sure what the problem is. I sent the file to Zappa. Hopefully he will have better luck than I did. Cross our fingers. Marzout
  7. Well I thought I should be better about giving answers, and I think you or someone else already asked about this character before. I usually dont like telling people no, but I guess I should be more forthcoming. Thanks Dark Side for being a good sport Marzout
  8. Yup that's Warhammer 40K space marine. Honest mistake. Marzout
  9. I have no interest in Duke Nukem. Dont be offended, I just dont really like the character all that much. Marzout
  10. :angel: News Update :angel: O.k. I just sent Buffy the "Delta Commandos", so she should get some screens up soon. I have basically finished the models with shaders, parts, extras. I just need to make some camoflauged faces for each varient (yes helmetless is in this set). I also need to geet NPC, bot support, and sounds. Please dont ask for the model from either me or Buffy, cuz I need to make sure everything is up to par before release. Marzout
  11. Sorry man, I have actually sampled the image and have used the color scheme to referance my new version. It looks good, but I had to remap the old version to "un mirror" the mesh. I appreciate you putting the image forward. Thanks again. I'll try and mention you in my readme credits for the help. Marzout
  12. Well, I was tossing around an idea. I am a huge AEON FLUX fan (the old animated series). I thought it would be cool to do a cell shaded version. Another consideration was the space marines from roughnecks (starship troopers CGI series). Its tough because I have very specific tastes. I honestly need to get back to my own comic series again. The problem here is that I had a year and a half put into the comic, but I have learned alot since then, (I have been away from the project for almost a year) and I feel I need to start over again. Its hard to make considerations like that, so you see I have alot to think about. I definately need a project to keep my sanity. Marzout
  13. I had considered it and I even started it. I dunno, I may pass on that model.... I use 3Dstudio max. Marzout
  14. take your time buddy. No rush. I know this is going to be tedious. Marzout
  15. Which project are you canceling? Were you actually working on a commando set? Stay focused on the new custom clone set. If you need help let me know. Is everything going well? Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes here. I just got so bored this weekend, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Marzout
  16. :angel: News Update :angel: O.k., so now I'm preparing to release 2.2. I decided to skin and add parts for the clone commandos. I know you guys have been working on some skins, but I was incredibly bored this weekend. I actually have the new parts added, and all but one skin set finished. I should have the rest finished in a couple days. I have three different commando packs. Scorch, Fixer, and regular packs. Skins look great, I'll try and get some screens up soon. Marzout
  17. Its way too complicated for me. A while back we tried to get 4 arms by repositioning some of the unused bones, but they would need to be modded with new animations. I think the author probably has abandoned the idea, so you may not ever see 4 arms on the model. Unless a very talented modder steps in and does it. Marzout
  18. :angel: Beta fixes :angel: o.k. I added an Icon for the headless version, and fixed the shader files. Yes, I added the icon for the headless. http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/18433.html
  19. Sheez, Your right! Pretty messy copy/paste job eh? I will fix this. I intended not to even use shaders for the hands on those parts, but your right I did reference those. Thanks for pointing that out. Cya
  20. There is no Icon for this model varient. It is considered a secret model. You can get the model by doing the above steps, but you will not have an Icon. If you make an Icon as stated above, you will need to make a skin file titled "model_default_headless", then make an icon (jpg. format) and title the icon "icon_default_headless" (without quotes). The only reason I did not include an Icon is that people get upset when you clutter up there model selection screens with extra model skins. Keep in mind that the icon will not show up in team matches (red or blue), such as "team free for all", etc... You will need to design a different title skin file for that. I hope this helps. Marzout
  21. Hatrus maybe, Gawd I dont really remember. It's been a long time. Maybe Psyko remembers, He was on the team too. I dont think having those models is a bad thing. They will never get used for the AOTC/TC mod. Its too bad the site isnt up, cuz then you could track down the authors. I'd ask Psyko, He probably has a better memory then myself. Marzout
  22. Sorry I passed over that question.... Ummmm well, I dunno.... Maybe, The only thing I could improve on. would be the cape, but alot of people seem to be unhappy with any cape I do. I think I actually did reweight the cape for my own experiments, but I would have to find that file. If I can find it, maybe I'll release it. Marzout
  23. I developed Zam Rifle, Zam Pistol, Aurra Sing sniper rifle, but only the Zam Rifle made it in game. I never have imported a weapon into the game. I know I could probably figure it out, but I just never have put one in. I think its pretty much just a couple tags, and proper placement. I may toy around with a weapon, since I dont have any immediate plans for a player model. Marzout
  24. Tell me about it! It was tough finding good refs. I'm sure you could find things that I added that probably were not on the actual droid. I found a ref shot of the "back", and realized that I was off, but I like the skin I came up with better, so I left it! Marzout
  25. :angel: File Ready for download :angel: O.k. here is V 1.0 for download. I may still make more changes later. This version has NPC support (which makes the model taller). I have the headless, grey, red, and blue varients. Fixed electrostaff. Cape, and Non cape varients... but I couldnt really come up with a suitable replacement for the cape. I tried re-weighting is several different ways, but this is the way that works the best. I adjusted the cape for less clipping. Hope you all enjoy it. Marzout http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/18389.html
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