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  1. Actually I'm at neomarz1@sbcglobal.net, Put that in your contact file Mars out!
  2. I'm glad to hear that! I knew youd do it eventually. can't wait to see what youve done. send me a link! Mars out!
  3. ***Current news*** I have pretty much finished all the skin varients. The rifle/pistol sets are still not in game (but were working on em). LODs are still being worked. In a nutshell... were tying up all the loose ends! The Clawdite face is being re-worked. After Moooa made a few changes (which improved it) I decided to work a few things out with it as well. Screens coming up soon! Mars out!
  4. Doh! That would be nice... oh well, Thanks a million Psyk! You always come through! Mars out!
  5. Yeah, If you got a link where I can get the md3 importer, let me know. I think you sent me the md3 patch a couple of months ago, but I couldt get it to work. I'll just download it, and patch from scratch Mars out!
  6. Talocon was responsible for getting it ingame for me. He is currently way to busy to help this time around. Mars out!
  7. Well ultimately I need the .max file. I dont know if milkshape can export a glm. to Max.. see if you can, If not try glm to 3ds.file. You should be able to access a Import or Export option from the "File" on the menu dropdown. Try importing the glm, then exporting it as one of the files I mentioned. Let me know if you have any luck. Psyko or H20, do either of you guys know what format I need to get it in Max? Also do you guys know where the Import/Export option is in Milkshape? Mars out!
  8. We may have a pistol too, but its only in the talks. Moooa is going to research the weapons thing, and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the kind words Moooa. Mars out!
  9. I read the PM, I tried to get on your site's forum, but had some difficulties. I might be interested. I have some models that you may want to use. Such as Zam's speeder, and a Republic Gunship. I'll get back with you as soon as this model is finished. Mars out
  10. Well, I want to do Beta tests, but we need to get the model a little closer to finished. I dont want the model to get leaked out! And Ive seen this happen with the Yoda model. This sort of thing can really make a mess for the first release. Mars out.
  11. I'm glad your asking about this, Yeah the sounds are in place! I even got a good charging sound effect. Only problem is that I cant find anyone to get the new rifle ingame. I know I can probably get it in, but I have no way of importing a glm into max. Once I can do that, then I'm sure its no big deal. I cant use milkshape, cuz I expired my trial. I know its cheap, but it would take to long to get the program for this deadline. I'm trying though. The rifle is what makes Zam, and I would hate to backtrack by using the old one. Mars out!
  12. Actually, I'm not sure what Moooa did, but the skirt looks great!!! He even added the veil hanging in the "Unveiled position" and guess what? "No Clipping". I shortened the veil, because I was afraid that would clip. He made it the right length, and there doesnt seem to be any clipping.He seems to have it all together pretty well. I was concerned about the clipping issues in the begining, but Moooa has shown me that you can figure these things out! I think youll all be pretty impressed. Mars out!
  13. Well I still need to finish the LODS, sounds, and skin varients. I can get through those fairly quick. I just put Zam ingame, and she looks great! I will need to change colors a bit, since the game renders everything lighter. Between me and Moooa (work monsters) I knew it would move along. I told him to take a break, since I know he was working like crazy. I am a little tired myself, but I want to get this done, so I can think about the next project. Mars out!
  14. :angel: BIG NEWS! :angel: Zam has been weighted (still a little more work), but I just ran it through Modview, and its very awsome to see Zam animated for the first time. A big thanks goes out to Moooa! He has been hacking away, and it reallys shows! Should have some screenshots coming soon! This is an incredible moment, and things are looking really great! The finished model is now coming on the horizon. We plan to do some polishing, so that Zam can be at her best on release. Stay tuned! Mars out! Dang Hekz that was quick! Screens are up... Thanks Man!
  15. *** New screens*** I added the little details here (trinkets) http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamoutfitted1.jpg Here is the desert gear http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamoutfitted2.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamoutfitted3.jpg Mars out!
  16. Yeah I agree with both your points. I am a little limited at this point due to the fact that I'm modeling off a segment. I can fix this though. Mars out
  17. Yeah I think its gonna be a monster! Not a bad suggestion, I certainly will consider that! Mars out!
  18. I agree! The cool thing with this model is that it has so many different attachments, that skinners will have a field day making whatever characters they want. I didnt really want it to be that complex at first, but moooa made a handfull of suggestions. The end result is that I will have some great variations on release! Mars out!
  19. *** New Update*** I just got done talking to moooa, He says that the weighting is moving along well, Maybe a Friday deadline. I am going to do a lot of extra things before the model gets released, And possibly a few surprises that have not bean mentioned on this thread! I still have not found any one who can help me with the new rifle! It's ready, but I have no idea what I need to do to get it ingame. I will look at the saber tutorial, but I'm sure it's not enough info for a rifle. Some things I talked about with Moooa, are things that will make the model even better. Moooa is pushing me to do even more things that will benefit the model (which is what I need at this point). He is making adjustments that will improve the model even more! I think everyone should be pleased! I even plan on making some more facial adjustments! I did a few tests this morning with the Jawline. I think I can improve the square jaw issues that were previously mentioned. Stay tuned, because you should see great things coming in the following 2 weeks! Mars out!
  20. Well, the face may look square in the shot I provided, because it's a view from slightly below/center. If you were to see the model straight on, it would'nt look quite as bad. Zam does have a slightly sqaure jawline, the model was worked over actual scan profiles of the actress. These were taken from http://www.zamwesell.com. I think they were used to make the action figure. If you have a straight-on, and a side profile photo, you can develope a very accurate model. I am also a little high on the Polys The Head is at 466 Polys The Helmet at 252 Polys The Comms gear at 336 Polys Total: Just over 1000 Polys for the head alone. I really dont want to add to much more for the Jaw, I tried moving the verts to get rid of the squarness, but it looks even worse when I play with it (simply cuz I put too few verts). I guess I'm making a long point here... I will try to do something, but my options are limited. I will probably add a more realistic skin texture as well. It's tough with female characters, because they have such smooth skin. Male characters are easy because you can add skin lines, defined bone structure, and wrinkles (just look at my Ki Adi VM). So my final answer, yes I will do something for both the issues you mentioned. I know this may sound like I'm on the defensive, but I just wanted to show you my 'train of thought". Both the things you said I pretty much already questioned myself. So they are valid points. Sincerely Mars
  21. ****Zam Rifle VM2 screens**** Here they are! Hope you all like what you see. Thanks again to KSK H20 we got screens http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamriflervm21.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamriflervm22.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamriflervm23.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamriflervm24.jpg Mars out! :rifle1:
  22. Thanks Psyko! hope it works;) Mars out!
  23. ****More News**** Just finished Zam Rifle VM2 1) improved textures 2) Modeled with Targeting computer, and Barrel pin. 3) Still reworking the Targeting Reticule (last one too cartoony) The Next one should be dead on, Since now I have actual photo shots of the reticule from the movie! Screens should be available here soon! Only bad news is that now I have no one to import it into the game for me. I know it cant be hard, but I cant find any weapon tutorials. If someone knows how to get a weapon in game, let me know. You could be a member of "Team Zam" (sounds good eh?) Mars out!
  24. Polychop? where can I get that? more... Oh hold on I found it, but it doesnt seem to work for my version of MAX. Do you have a pluggin that works for 3DS Max 4?
  25. ***** More good news!***** Moooa is now working out the Weight issues, It sounds as if he is moving along fairly quick. I cant wait to see what happens. He was originally going to do Zam, so I am actually very lucky to have him help me with this one. I guess you could say that we are "Team Zam" (along with others who have helped). Mars out!
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