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  1. Iv'e gotten similar comments from others, The model is lined up on the Skelaton... I may enlarge the head and extend the crotch area. This is the only area that seems to be off. It may be whats making the arms look long, since the arms arc should place it in proportion to the crotch (sounds perverse) , but you know what I mean. Mars out!
  2. Yeah I can, Theres not much change in facial features... so the early screens are still good. This was more or less, just a shot to show that the work is still moving along. Mars out!
  3. I'm going to, so be ready for something way cool (when finished) Mars out!
  4. ************New Screen!************* Well not to much, but here it is. http://www.talocan.net/mars/zam_final_line.jpg I changed the legs, arms, and added Clawdite head (still working that out). It's just about lined up and ready on the skelaton. Mars out!
  5. Yes I am, but I may also do Trebor Coleman. I may get someone one to help me out, so I can do both. Mars out!
  6. No he's right I did do several varients that were included alongside Arcos work. It was a fun model to work on. I actually did A version of his Mace Windu as well. I was going to do the Qui Gon model, but I got into this model. I may still skin him later on. Mars out!
  7. Sure, You can do that. I kinda rushed him anyhow, so it's no big deal. My intentions was to do another, but I'm on this project now. Thanks for asking. Mars out!
  8. So where are we on Zam now? Currently I'm battling with model fatique. I had to take a break, but tonight I should be back on the horse. I'm still making sure the model is lined up right, Psyko was working on skelaton bugs. I could have used the skelaton in Raven files, but he had one pretty much ready to use. I actually started modeling the Clawdite head. I dont know if we'll use it, but who knows;) I decided that the legs needed more work. I actually reworked the arms to have gloves. All and all it's moving along. Just a bit slow, since I'm moving more and more into the unknown. Mars out! By the way check out Psyko's new site! http://www3.sympatico.ca/psykopat/
  9. We are looking into the bug... Next weekend I'll try to give some feedback. By the way both sites (Jediknight2, and Jk2files) now have the rifle for download. Mars out!
  10. Awesome links, Best advice Ive gotten. Thanks a million Jolts!!!! It's awsome getting advice from the Jolts;) Mars out!
  11. Yeah, a lot of the lines you put in make a lot of sense. I will certainly consider your comments. What problems do you see with the 5 point poly's. I think I know where your coming from, just wanted to hear what your thoughts were. Mars out!
  12. Thanks, I was waiting for someone to answer my questions. I may need your help in weighting (if your not busy). I am struggling with UV mapping right now... "What? A skinner who doesn't know how to map?". You heard me right. It's embarrasing to admit, but true! Its driving me nuts. I know it will be simple once I figure it out (just like modeling). I'm trying to get info from you guys in such a way that its not too much, so bare with me. Moooa, If you could... send me your e-mail. I'm at neomarz1@sbcglobal.net , Mars out!
  13. Ok, here we go. I got some pics here, and a load of questions. Ksk h2o answered a lot of em, but I'm gonna post these anyhow. Let's start with this one... http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamdecon1.jpg My question here is this, I am way over polys on both the head and helmet. H20, tells me to stay within the 500 Vertices limit. 1st, is there a vertices counter? 2nd, I really wanted to keep the helmet separate. For one thing, if I combine those, I will then need to deal with over 1200 polys. What do you all think I should do here? Next...(with listed Poly counts) http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamdecon2.jpg If you look on the left you will see the tail skirt. I made it thick, should I have made it a single plane? Should it be separate from the hips? Is it easy enough to keep separate (If we go that route)? If you look on the right side you'll see the Hoses, and Belt buckle... My question here is this, Should those parts be welded to the torso (my concern here is for making the skin maps), or can they be grouped? I guess another question is this, Can you even use the "Grouping method" to associate items with say... the Torso? (just for Poly counts) http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamdecon3.jpg No question here really. http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamdecon4.jpg The helmet is separated in a lot of bits. Again the same question as above. Should it be welded or grouped? If I do weld it, will it cause problems when I start mapping? Well, thats my questions... Next I will send a screenie showing the skelaton alighnment. Thanks everyone, Mars out!
  14. Hey man! I just sent the pics to you. The model is not segmented right, but it will give you an idea. Soon as you post em Ill explain. I got a lot of questions. Mars out!
  15. You could make a Sandperson Homer, a Jawa Homer, and Boba Fett Homer as well... Sorry just thought I'd add to the chaos:D Oh, Oh, How bout a Jar Jar Binks Homer:D Sorry had to get one more punch in. Actually there are a lot of good ideas, I just had to poke a little fun here. I can't wait to see Homer! The taunts alone could be amazing. I saw the Santa Homer (you know the dancing doll), and I was in the middle of the mall rolling from his renditions of christmas songs. I guess I was the only one that thought he was funny, cuz everyone was staring at me like I was a crazy. Anyhoooooo...... Mars out!
  16. I will definately do that. I'll also put tags on it to address the areas of my concern. Mars out!
  17. Hey Psyko, Just wanted to say that he looks waycool. I cant wait to see what you do with this guy. You know I'd skin just about any model youve made... It's just that... well... as you know I'm knee deep in model bits. Mars out!
  18. Where does the model stand right now? Well... I decided to hold off on the weighting this weekend. I think the model still needs more work, so I'm going to spend a lot of time making sure it's gonna fit the skelaton just right! Tommarow I'm gonna get a Polygon count, so you guys can give me some feed back. Let me know if I'm going overboard. The arms and legs are low on polygons, so I may actually model the gloves and boots. Mars out!
  19. Well... It looks good, but I got some bugs to work out. Modeling is more or less sculpture, and Ive done all kinds of sculpture. I actually wanted to be a prop designer when I was in highschool. I started out by making props for these silly sci-fi films... I painted/sculpted in college (for 1 year), went into comics for about 10 years, then web design.... Hmmm where am I going with this. I guess what I'm trying to say is, all that stuff made it a little easier to model. Mars out!
  20. Comment Uno: I'm glad you like it (since it was your idea). I'll take another look at it, I never really considered its width since there are no good front profile photos. I just modeled it using my own memories of the rifle that its based on (the older flint locks used during british american war). They are almost as thin as they are in the side profile, but I'll give it a look. Comment Dos: Well... I just watched the movie again (for about the 150th time) and I definately want to use the rifle sounds. They are just too cool to not use, plus the fire effects are awsome. I'll except any help to get these sounds. I can tape the sounds directly off the DVD, but have no good way to get em onto the PC (other than the mic). Please anyone who can get em, let us know here on this thread. Comment Tres: I am thinking about Adi Gallia for my next model. I guess the whole star wars theme is about all I think about these days, but I do love comics (since I used to actually work as a freelance comic artist). Gambit is cool. Heres the link to my old comic site http://hometown.aol.com/NeoMarz1/box/page1.htm Mars out!
  21. Thanks for the post (both of em). You beat me to it. Mars out!
  22. I guess the problem I'm having now is aligning The parts to the skeleton and keeping proportions right. The neck is almost too long, simply cuz I'm trying to center the head mass with the bone. how close do they need to be? I'm curious how Psyko handled this with his Yarael poof model (with long neck). The skeleton should be pretty straight forward (one would think), but the raven frame seems a bit odd. This may sound dumb cuz I'm just getting into the skeleton, but what's with the burst of bones coming out of the front of the skull section?(if they are bones) Mars out!
  23. Thats a great suggestion. I'ma gonna do that! Hey by the way, thanks for putting my Ki Adi skin as one of your links, way cool! Now everyone one will know my name Wooohahahahaha! Sorry my ego got out again;) Mars out!
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