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  1. :angel: I just got an Idea :angel: Does anyone know how we can add sparks to the headless version? You know little sparks that zap around the head area? This would make the headless version even cooler dont you think? If anyone can develope a shader for this, I will get you in the credits. Marzout
  2. :angel: Update :angel: Just added team colors Red and Blue (blue already existing). The cape I'm still trying to work out the issues brought up. Not sure I can change it much. I'm trying a separate mesh for the shoulder area. Marzout
  3. Buffy, Go ahead and send those as soon as you can. I'll give you authorship of those varients. Marzout
  4. Dont worry Kain, This is the kind of critique I like. You have well made points. I will mess around with your suggestions, and see what I get. I know the cape goes over the arm, but I know that when the cape is weighted over the arm like that, you begin to get really bad deformations when the arm is fully extended... But as I have said I am open to honest criticism, this is great stuff. You may have noticed that I modeled the cape to look bunched up over the shoulder to suggest that it is thrown back to allow the arms to move. This would certainly happen with a cape designed like this, as no one could weild a two handed weapon with a cape draped over thier arms. Just trying to give you insight to my thought process. Let me see what I can do. Thanks again Marzout
  5. Dont worry about it Tess, just keep doing your thing over there. By the way, do you need help assembling the icons for the varient parts?.... Or are you O.K.? How about any skins? Oh yeah, I guess I should work on skins for Boba, and Jango varients, huh? Marzout
  6. Well, actually the new model set will could actually take up a lot less space than the previous. All the varients Zappa has posted are just .skin file varients. Basically they use the existing material on file, and are rearranged by a simple .skin text.
  7. Dang Zappa! You made me realize the complexity of that model set. Thats just the helmetless versions. I think the community will never forgive us for creating so much variety Looks great! especially the helmetless galactic marines (nice touch). Marzout
  8. :angel: Beta Test has started :angel: I just sent out the MagnaGuard to TeamVM, and to Buffy as well (for Screenshots). The cape has been added. The weighting came out great, basically no-clipping. NPC, Bot, Shaders, and sounds have been added. If all goes well, expect a release this weekend. Marzout
  9. What exactly do you need? If you want use of the models I released that's fine... Or do you actually want the 3dmax file? I'll look for you mail. Marzout
  10. :angel: News Update/Replies :angel: I just finished weighting the hands. The weight job was pretty tough for those little mitts, but It came out great! Now the only thing left is adding a cape. Which brings me to comment on the cape issue. Yes, there will certainly be a capeless version along with the caped version. Wish me luck on the cape, cuz i'm gonna try and get this right this time. Marzout
  11. Well my opinion is this. I would like to release a model for JO, but honestly I think people should go out and just buy JA, simply cuz this particular model will have better support. (NPC, and the electrostaff). I'll look into it, if its an easy fix then maybe I'll do it. I agree JO is cool in alot of ways, but the game isnt even available on the bargain rack. JA can be purchased for 14-20$'s at either WalMart or any other store. If people really like my models, then maybe its worth the purchase. You can have vehicles in the game as well (with JA), not sure why anyone would not by JA... Like I said, I will look into it. Marzout
  12. If you can get this together soon, let me know, and we will use it. I like the one hatres put out, I think its pretty cool. I am shooting for a weekend release (possibly). I need sounds badly for the character, so anyone can get something together let me know. Marzout
  13. :angel: Screens Update :angel: Alright, here we go... Model Ingame shot. I got the bot and NPC support both "using" the electrostaff. I think this will be great. I just dont know about the cape. I guess I could do one with, and one without. Like my Grievous model. Marzout
  14. Great! Thanks... That'll work
  15. :angel: New Update :angel: Well I actually have gotten in-game at this point. With glowing eyes, and shiny armor shaders. Looks great, cant wait to show you all. I still need to add the cape, and weight the hands properly. I have a request of you guys. Does any one know where I can download the Magna shock staff? I was looking for it, and I am having the worst time trying to find it. The model needs this, so I need to contact the author and get permission. If any of you know the author, maybe you can ask them for me... Or just send me a link for the staff, and I'll do the footwork. Thanks guys, screens soon, and maybe a beta test. Marzout
  16. Well the more I mess around with the cape, the more I realize that it may have to be like a regular cape. Clipping issues whenever you model it over the shoulder. God I hate this part. If I model it without a cape, people will not like it... If I have the cape like a normal one, they wont like it. Marzout
  17. Believe it or not, I use to actually hand draw the old sponge effect, didnt realize there was a filter for the same thing. I know I used to use it alot, but now Ive learned to fill space with other effects. I find that you use as many tricks as you can, and build your layers. The end can be pretty rewarding. Marzout I'm very happy with this 256x256 res hand skin for my Magnaguard. I used copy and paste for the nuts, and a bunch of layers using burn, dodge, and scratching effects. I think this illustrates just how much detail can be squeezed into a small image. Effective layering really helps alot.
  18. Do you save these Base skins separate from the ones that you add the dings and scratches. I think they look good, but I'm not so sure about the smudge effect around the joints. I you have photo shop, you should use layering method. Make one layer that is grey (separate from the skin), then use the sponge filter, then use the emboss. This should give you some dinged up surface appearance. Next drop this layer at roughly 50% transparency. Then erase areas that you dont want dings. I'll try and post an example. Marzout O.k. I dont like to share my secrets too much, but this will give you an idea of how to work in some dings. Keep in mind you have 2 layers. One has the skin, the other has the embossed texture grade. Hope this will help, this is just a quick example... nothing fancy. Marzout
  19. :angel: Screenshot :angel: O.K. Here is the final skin. I think I'm going to try and model the hands the way they really are, Should be easy enought to weight. The cape is going to be hell, because it goes over one shoulder. I wont be able to make it exactly as it should be, but I have some ideas that should make it close. Marzout
  20. :angel: Screenshot :angel: Here I skinned the arms, does he look too bulky? Marzout
  21. Your talking about skinning a metal texture? Do you have any examples of the kind of look your going for?, cuz there are all kinds of ways to skin metal.
  22. :angel: ScreenUpdate :angel: Well I got the torso skinned, and re-shaped.
  23. We are gonna release a 3.0, but I'm gonna wait a little bit before a release.
  24. You can add scratches by making little black lines on a grey background (on a separate layer from the rest of the skin), then use the emboss option. After you emboss, you need to use the magic wand tool (set to tolerance 1), and select the grey outside of the scratches. Delete the grey, now you should have what looks like 3d scratches. Set the scratches at 50% transparency, Now the scratches will look more subdued to the actual skin. Next go around with the erase tool (preferably a larger soft edge eraser), and erase the ends of some of the scratches, this makes the scratches have a fading edge. .Dont merge the layers till your satisfied, then merge them and save as jpg. Hope that helps, Marzout
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