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  1. Ok heres the screenshot for Zam's rifle. http://www.talocan.net/mars/zams_riflescrn.jpg I have a target reticule that looks just like the one in the movie. Only problem is... I'm having trouble getting it to work right. As soon as you right click (with sniper rifle) the reticule comes up, but its not transparent, so you cant see any thing. I loaded the shaders that come with the original. Does anyone know how to get this to work right? I need help in getting the model into the game as well. Mars out!
  2. Well, I dont know if this helps, but I recently went from Gmax to 3Dmax. I was shocked to find that you cant import model data from Gmax to 3Dmax. There is a patch out there to transfer different file types, but I dont know where they are posted at. Mars out!
  3. Must be when Toonces set up the files for the new release. Cant believe its not working, maybe I'll get another version out there. Mars out!
  4. Looks damn good! Heck it seems as though you dont need a skinner... The way you just throw those Photo Texs on. Based on your modeling skills, I'm sure you can draw! Don't get me wrong, I still want to skin'em I'm just sayin Mars out! Hey Jolts if you get a chance, hit my thread for the Zam Wesell project. Your thoughts would be appreciated Mars out! yet again...
  5. Hey, Guess what... I just modeled the rifle. Screens will be up eventually. I dont know how it can be used in the game. Ive never done weapons (cant be too tough right?). We'll see how it comes into play later. If anyone knows how to get a weapon into the game, let me know. Mars out!
  6. Well I just finished the rough in of Zam's head! Gawd this is working out better than I expected. Mars out! Edit Here's the shot I promised...... http://www.talocan.net/mars/Zam_head_screen.jpg Thanks again KSK H2O!!!!!!
  7. Well yeah it is, but I've done sculpture which I think is helping me quite a bit. I am working on the face, which is a more difficult task. I am very excited, and I'm glad I chose Zam as my first attempt at modeling. She a bit of a challenge. Mars out!
  8. Ok, Thanks to "KSK h2o" we got some screen shots. http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamhelmet.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamhelmet2.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamhelmet3.jpg I hope you all like what you see, I think I'm gonna have more to show sometime after Christmas... I am stoked, because now I have 3Ds Max. I got tons of Zam pics, and I mean business! This is going to be an awesome model. Keep checkin the thread. Mars out! Thanks again KSK h2o! Your my man!
  9. Hey Moooa, As you know im working on Zam too! I feel crazy sharing info with you, but I can't help myself... Go here http://www.zam-wesell.com/oz.html It has close ups of Zam's costume... Snik Snik... gotta love it! By the way your model looks cool! Sincerely Mars (NeoMarz)
  10. I messed around with it... it seemed cool, but a lot of people seem to think its like comparing the Yugo to a Ferrarri. It does have a lot of patches, it seems as though you can export to just about any 3d format. G-max may seem overwelming, but give it a shot! It will grow on you. Mars out!
  11. Heck yeah! send it... Your a light saber... oops I mean life saver:D Heres my e-mail neomarz1@sbcglobal.net
  12. Hey go and download "G max". Its free! It gives you an idea of what to expect with "3ds max 4" (which is what you really want). Pros, G-max is good because it is a lot of power for "Free" G-max supports many different games Cons, As far as I can tell... there is no way to Import or Export other 3d formats. You can't even Export to 3Ds max itself... and because of that ... I may have to start Zam over again, good thing I'm not far No problem I learned a lot from "G-Max", so I will probably get a lot done this weekend. Mars out! P.S. If I'm wrong about the Import/Export thing... Please someone correct me! It'll save about 2 days of work.
  13. I tried it in shuttle bay. He seems to fit through those doors. Mars out!
  14. I like your thinking! You got some great ideas... I thought about most of your points. The shader thing sounds tough, not sure how to do shaders. I think the alien version could be done. I like the rifle idea, not sure how to implement it. Does anyone have thoughts on this one. Mars out!
  15. Well I could ask on all those issues, but for now can you put up some screenies for me? I'm at neomarz1@sbcglobal.net, Write me and I'll send back some shots! Mars out!
  16. Heck yeah, I knew you would find this thread. Yeah, i would like you to help me out, If you could spare the time. Especially in the modeling department. I'm not too worried about someone else doing the same model. Past experiance has shown many projects just get dumped. I'm gonna try and find the thread you all are talking about (is there a thread?). Any of you still interested, just stay tuned. I may come back at a later date asking for your help. Mars out!
  17. Hey everyone! I just downloaded Mace! Most increadible! Of course I had to work out a Mace skin as well (nuck! nuck!). I actually just finished it, but I'm gonna wait to release it. Again, Very Coool! It's been great working with you guys! Mars out!
  18. Well I'm starting this post, so I'll stay motivated. I have decided to give modeling a shot (over my skinning projects). I decided to go with "Zam". So far I have started the helmet. This is moving kinda slow since im learning, but I'm dead serious about getting this out! I am trying to get Toonces, or Psyko involved, but we'll see. Any help offered would be appreciated! I plan to skin her, but I will need someone to post Pics here (since I dont have any webspace at the moment). Sounds, Rigging help, just whatever... Mars out!
  19. I agree, It would make it sound less human, Plus short taunts are just a good idea anyhow. They take up less space. You may want to play around with a second track overlap. Use a low base sound (similar to the gasp sound you have). If that played (overlapped) with the dialogue, you might get a more alien sound. (keep the volume way down on the gasp) Kinda like a creature with dual vocal cords. Just a thought. Mars out!
  20. Oh, so you are a kid... That's funny I was fighting in desert storm when you were wearing diapers. I guess you cant help it then. I thought I was dogging someone my own age. By the way Im not fat, I'm 6ft 1" and 200lbs (thats medium sized, case your bad with math). Besides that being a big person (fat as you put it), is not a bad thing. When you grow up, I'm sure youll figure that one out!.... but then again maybe you wont. Mars out! By the way $500 a month is a kids wage. I spend $1500 for House and Car, and I make a lot more than that. Dont worry you'll be with the big boys some day! As you can see... I'm doin just fine Sorry Toonces, But this kid needed to hear this! Lets get back to the model shall we?
  21. Dear TailGay (or however you pronounce it) Hmmmm... Dont think I'm a loser! I put my time out to give people something for free! There isnt too many things that are free in this world. I'm sure the modeling community appreciates my contributions. If you stand on a box and declare everyone a loser, then you must be the king of losers. Only a king can make declarations! At any rate... I'm not sure of your point, and I bet know one else does either. The only thing that I understood in your (poorly written) rant, is that you somehow think I'm a loser with a cardboard girlfriend. You sound like a kid... Only a child could whine like that. You have no idea "who" you are talking about! My work is "Known" work. I dont consider myself to be the greatest artist on the earth, but I have worked hard to be where I am now! My comic work has been published nation wide... Your work (whatever it might be) probably has'nt been seen since the last time you forgot to flush! Enjoy your "hate", and I'll enjoy my blessings. Mars out...
  22. Well I just sent it again, let me know the second you get it. When you get the skin pack, take a look at the icons. If they look ok, then dont worry about the close ups. We could do a close up for the default icon just to set the flavor, but I dont know, cuz to me it looks odd. His head popping into the icon frame looks a bit unbalanced. Just let me know what you think. Mars out!
  23. Just sent Psyko the final skin pack. It looks pretty good, so there shouldn't be anymore adjustments (with exception to model tweaks) I added a new "green robed" varient... Oops I just thought of something... Hey Psyko, did we want to keep the "green skinned" varient as a choice? (e-mail me on this matter) On top of that I just finished the icons. Which were a pain due to Yaraels size. His long neck forced me to downsize the image causing problems with resolution. I made some good compromises, so it doesnt look too bad. Mars out!
  24. Yeah we must think about the same, I did it at 1.5! Based on the fact that we have similar numbers, we cant be too far off! Anyone one else have any thoughts on the sizing? Mars out!
  25. Have patience young jedi, your eagerness betrays you. (Quotes Obi) Build a model... and they will come. (field of dreams, Right?) Hey it's just a few darn days, Alright already! (Quotes Mars)
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