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  1. Glad you asked... It does look rather interesting eh? Its the Sith version of my ObiWan. Should be released soon:D I think Toonces said it may come out the weekend (Obi that is) Mars out!
  2. well you may be right. I was looking at the Zam Wessel comic as a reference for his height. Comics tend to exagerate for effect. In one scene he looks almost to be twice the size of Zam! In the cfg file it's an easy fix, so don't worry too much about that! We will come up with a good Height, right guys? Mars out!
  3. Yeah, I want to start modeling... maybe after I have done these skins, I can move onto that. I want to do Zam Wessel and Adi Gallia. I am just a little hesitant with it now, because I need to find a freeware program that will be close to G-Max. No funds now, Milkshape looked like a good thing, but I dont know how it really compares to the others. Mars out!
  4. Hey Joltz! Just wanted to say that you are truly talented! You really know how to use the reference pics, I think Ive learned a lot from studying this thread. I hope when I start modeling, that I can do as good as you. Keep it rolling. Mars out!
  5. Yeah I agree, Only thing is that the race seems slow and gracefull. I dont know if they would make good fighters. I still would like to see it. Mars out!
  6. Yeah I just tried it at 1.5 (maybe a little tall) but hell, Its way cool fighting Yarael when he's the right size. That huge saber sliced through me like butter. I sent Psyko the screeny, I hope he posts it... This model has gotten me more "psyked" since I made the sizing adjustment. Wayyyyyyyyyyy cool! Mars out... By the way I used Jedi Mod 3 .cfg- More servers should support these mods.
  7. Just sent Psyko the First final skin texture. heres what I did... 1) darkened the robe 2) Changed the skin Hue, and lightened it. 3) Made Red, Blue, and Sith varient. 4) Finished Icons. 5) adjusted facial texure to look more like the movie shots. Should be some screenshots soon... keep watching the thread. Mars out!
  8. Yeah sure, I'd like to do something for each of the models. Just keep me in the loop. Mars out!
  9. You Know I'm interested, Just e-mail me. neomarz1@sbcglobal.nettttttttt (oops two many tees). Mars out!
  10. Damn! Joltz your pulling out all the stops on Ani. I guess Im gonna have to do the same. A model like this makes skinning half the battle. Mars out!
  11. It's a sign that Toonces is probably getting it all together, I havent heard anything on my end, but... Mars out!
  12. Yeah, Psyko sent me the same reference shot... It's the same thing with all those damn photos. They all have a different take (color and lighting). I would like to make him more light colored. The Zam Wessel comic seems to show him like that. Plus, I like him less green personally, Maybe we'll go that way. Depends on what everyone thinks. Chime in with your opinions (You too Psyko) Mars out! Oh... Another note here. The comic seems to show him with a belt (with two metal rings to the front). But the photo doesn't seem to show such a thing. I wanted to skin that, but as a safe bet... I decided to not go that way. Mars out!
  13. Wow, Psyko... What model viewer is that? Looks even better than the screens I sent you. Mars out!
  14. I just sent Psyko the first skin draft! He'll probably get a screenshot up soon. It skinned well, Maybe more tweaks when the model gets weighted/adjusted. Till then we'll keep the updates rolling. Mars out!
  15. Hey man I hope your right, cuz I'm ready myself. I used my Anakin face texture on the "Tex" model. It just doesnt work well... I know it will with your model. I basically have a texture set that's ready to go. I will customize it to fit your model! Plus, I will make some more changes to make it even better! Mars out!
  16. Well... I just sent Toonces the final Pk3, Only thing left is his tweaks, Which I don't think there are many. Me and Arco should have something out soon. Just keep watching the thread. Some things I added on the final Pk3 draft. 1) New Icons (of course none of you have seen the old, so nothing big here) 2) I added a Anakin face/hair texture for the Anakin varient. Dont expect nothing too spectacular, since the model doesn't support it very well. 3) I went over "all" the textures and fine tuned em. taking out mistakes (imagine that). Get ready boys, it's coming! Mars out!
  17. Like Psyko said "Havent got it yet", but rest assured... Once I get it, the first skin draft will be out. I plan to get it moving that quick. Mars out!
  18. I appreciate the comments. It's kinda funny... I started drawing comics many years ago, but it's hard to get feedback from people since your dealing mainly with the publisher (unless your famous). I like doing this skin thing... using the forums allows you get instant feedback. I used to think it would be great to make money doing what I love, but now I think its just cool to have your work commented on (still money is nice). No artist would admit this, but I do this work for the praise. I may get a ton of complaints, but it's that one good critique that makes it worth the effort. Art is nothing more than a way to connect to others through visualization. I know everyone one here gets a kick out of being involved in a spotlighted project... and this is one for sure. Mars out!
  19. Well... not modeling yet (sigh). I want to do Zam Wessell, she is way cool. I also have wanted to do "Adi Gallia". There is still stuff to learn on skinning, but I plan to do modeling soon. Next project is "Yarael Poof", so watch that thread! Mars out!
  20. ok... You guys win. I just lightened up the defalt tunic. Big bonus, I also changed the texture to match the one in the movie. Dont know how it will come across in the game play. I'll keep you posted. Toonces may have a screenshot up soon. Mars out.
  21. Yeah well... the Anakin skin for the Obi was just for fun, but I know everyone's gonna flame me on it... I don't care, besides I'm just warming up for the model (when Toonces can get it to me). Mars out!
  22. No, I remember. It's been awhile, Wassup? How the skillz workin? Marz out!
  23. Looks great Arco! I don't know much about the ghost thing... One thing that I thought would be cool is a blue Aura around the head, like a Halo or something. Thats probably something that would take some effort, but it would be cool. Mars out!
  24. Yeah, I want to skin him. Dont look to hard... You probably got my old E-mail. Heres the new one... neomarz1@sbcglobal.net I got you last E-mail. If you got a glm/texture maps ready just send it my way, and I'll start skinning. Mars out! Hey, send me some screens of the model too! Mars out!
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