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  1. Yeah... well that's the idea, but I dont want to step on anyone's toes here. Arco will do a great job, and I can wait for my shot after he has been graced by the spotlight. I can't wait to skin this one, but I will only do it if the others are hip to it (at a later date). Thanks for the kind words on my work! Mars out!
  2. o.k. Toonces now your scaring me! You have three models to juggle, and they all look great! I knew you were on a mace model, but I didnt expect you to be so far. another quick note... I just released Qui-Gon VM3. It's my last version (because of the fine Qui-Gon model you guys are releasing!). Any how, check it out if you see it at JediFiles, or Jedi2.net. I know you are busy, so I'll leave you on this note. Keep rolling, dont stop! I cant handle seeing great work go un-released! Mars out!
  3. When I first saw this model, I knew I needed to do Qui-Gon VM. Unfortunately I had to make do with the "Jedi Trainer" model. Well Toonces (with respect to Arco)... You know this is killing me! I want to skin Qui-Gon soooooo bad (but you knew that!). Well, it just so happens that I have worked out a skin that is coming along nicely. It may never grace this model, but then again maybe it will? I'm sure this model will look incredible after Arco has skinned it, but I cant help myself! You guys just keep on rolling on this one, This model has to be finished! Arco... Really I know you'll do Liam justice! Good luck to both of you... I hope the Obi-Wan will make its debut as well. Talk to you both later. Mars out!
  4. very helpfull thanks alot! I appreciate the detail of your reply. Sincerely Mars
  5. 1) Does the reticule help you to place your saber swings? 2) Is it possible to place a block on a saber? (example, he swings left you counter with a right swing) alot of times I cant tell if the blocks are just random show elements, or actual blocks! I would like to believe that you can block with a swing, as opposed to just standing still to block. 3) stupid question here, is "absorb" the counter for "grip (choke)"?
  6. I received a lot of E-mails in regards to what skins are available. Here is a current list of all available “Skins from MARS”. Most can be downloaded from... http://www.jediknightii.com http://www.jedicenter.com http://www.jk2files.com 4-LOM Adi Gallia Barriss Offee Bultar Swan Dahre Darth Seph Dermot EMP77 Emperial Seph Jawa Hybrid Luminara Unduli ObiVM Plo Koon Qui-GonVM2 Sith Learner Sith Rodian Sith Yoda VM Windu V2 To the readers of this post, I would like to use this forum to get an idea of what kinds of skins people are most interested in. I’m talking “Skins” not models. If you are working on a model, and need help skinning please e-mail neomarz1@msn.com. I would appreciate fairly skilled modelers to reply. Current Plans: I am working on my Model skills, so that I may bring you some original model work. My current plans are to skin Sith versions for all the races. As well as, versions of Jedi counter parts. I am a huge fan of Dual matches, so I’m working on base characters that can be somewhat versatile.
  7. Thanks Maul, I really like to hear that someone downloads these things.
  8. Well here he is. I think youll want this one in you collection Enjoy, (Skins by Mars) http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=3695
  9. sure http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=3695
  10. Just drop a note, I have heard alot of requests for Plo Koon. I just released a skin to both Jedi2.net, and Jedi2files.com. The skin looks pretty darn good. So keep and eye out. Take a shot of my other skins as well. Im sure youll enjoy them all. Peace out! Mars Marshall
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