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  1. Honestly, you have some great skins. Send em to my mail, and I can probably squeeze them into the little space I have left. Make sure you put "attention clone skins", and I'll try to get them in. Marzout
  2. Well, The A-bomb comic has pretty tastless stuff in it. The comic contains a compilation of work from about 3-4 artist besides myself. My work is the most tastefull in the bunch. The rest is... well... pornographic. When the project was offered to me, it hadnt been revealed just how adult like the material would be. This was released when I was in my 20's, so its something I accept as a youthfull mistake. My work has been published alongside other great artist's like Robert DeJesus (the cover of A-bomb, and world renowned american anime artist), Shon Howell (artist and publisher of venus comics), and Adam Warren (American version of Dirty Pair comics, and even worked on teen titan comics for marvel). If you need a list of the titles Ive been published in, I have a link to my old website. They were all published in the 90's so you would have to search for them. You may be able to backorder from http://www.antarctic-press.com Marzout!
  3. No, I just updated the hand tag. Thats it, no more glm's will be updated, so its on you buddy. The skins are the only thing that may change (as in extra skins). I'm checking my mail now. I may stay away from the forums for awhile, cuz its slowing me down on progress. I will read em, but I may not comment. So just contact me by e-mail if I dont respond immediatly to you. Marzout
  4. They all look great. Note to Shao, I dont think we can sqeeze the sounds in. Its too much. Note to Zappa, Just dont answer them back, Find the strength to keep this on topic. I've decided that I'm not addressing anything else but the project at hand.
  5. Hey, I know good work when I see it. Yeah, I would like to do that. I'm sure I could use some of your wisdom. Hope to see more of your work. Marzout
  6. Whats your point here? I think I understand that. Much doesnt get past you. I'll put less starch in it next time. I didnt despute that, Whats your point? And why do you think I'm making up excuses? Well... now we agree on something. I'm glad you pointed that one out... This is constructive. No, plainly stated. In the first post you offered no advice in how I should remedy any of the points you made. Do you know what constructive criticism means? I am capable of doing anything. I am super Mars. It seems that your trying to tell me that I am incapable of integrity in my work. Your wasting my time, because I am a creative entity with sound judgment (most of the time). I'm not really sure what your point is, because your not offering me anything, except that your an incredible source of wisdom. I havent seen any of your work, so I dont really know what the point is. I follow everything your saying, but the point is moot, I am here to do a project not quarrel about your ego over mine. Here, check out a quick splash of my published comic work, and a link to my site. I think youll find that somewhere down the line I will discover the true magic of weighting, skinning, and whatever else. You need not worry friend, I'll figure it out. http://www.geocities.com/neomarz1@sbcglobal.net/
  7. My god people lets talk about Clones!... By the way guys, I consider Zappa a friend, so be cool, K!! Zappa has stood up for me at times when people were being complete a***s. On that note Whats going on Tesla? Is everything going O.K. on you side? Marz out
  8. True on all points! Ooooooops except on the Arrogant thing. No one is arrogant here.... Dang, that almost slipped by me. I think he's just trying to be nice. Nuthin wrong with that, eh? I must admit that I have spent all day downloading mods that were a "must have" (back when I had dial up), but then again I am a fanatic about things. Plus my e-mail account only allows less than 20MB.
  9. No not at all, Dont do that. 2.0 should work fine on its own... You must remove the old version!
  10. You didnt post constructive criticism, ***but It's not a rule you should***. I just need some help here. No your slightly wrong about the skelaton, you cannot make things bend that are not on the joint section. The Magna guard features joint sections that do not fall on the skelaton's joints. There is no way to change this, but there is a way to somewhat maintain the appearance ***(if thats your point then I agree)***. If you have followed any of my threads, I have always stated that this is an area I still need improvement on (mostly cuz I am impatient in the weighing process, Its by far my least favorite thing to do). I know how to pull tricks off, If you have seen the Greivous model. I was able to weight the reversed biped legs, and maintain a good look. If you know so much about weighting then you already know that weighting a cape can be a bit taxing. Just look at the Snow Trooper that is actually part of the real game, it has clipping issues with the kilt. If it were so easy then every single model would have robes, capes, or whatever. The actual character line up for the game features almost no loose clothing. Most designers would probably avoid weighting anything like that. Not saying its impossible, just difficult. I appreciate the critique that Ruku, and the rest of you have offered. I do listen, and I'm becoming better at dealing with criticism (at least I hope). I also appreciate that you weighed in with your opinion, I just needed something to follow. I think there was some constructive criticism in the clone project. I know people say "looks cool", "good job", etc... But my clone set did improve from the comments people provided, and I believe my skinning improved by watching Ruku's work. Some of the things I've tried on the Magna Guard's head are inspired by what Ruku did for his set. I dont really handle praise to well either, It feels a bit undeserving at times. It does however inspire me to keep going, so I appreciate a Kudos as well. I agree we should keep this on track, and stay away from the nagging thing. Now I dont need people just picking everything apart, but I do need sincere thoughts or opinions. I will try to bring this model as close as I can to what it should look like, but there are not that many reference images that show you things like the back, or close ups of the joint mechanisms. If anyone can find images, please post em here. I have the promo image, and I am sighting the episode III comic as well. Sincerely, Marz
  11. Yeah, thats the plan. Normal hands that look mechanical. I made pretty accurate hands for Grievous, but It ended up not looking as good as regular hands. Good comments, thanks. Marzout
  12. Thats great that you that someone made a comment, but I dont know what your getting at. A critique should have some constructive comments. Like the shape of the body is off because... or the shape of the head needs work because...., or the texture needs detail in these areas... If your not sure what doesnt look right, how do you expect me to know? I encourage people to add "constructive criticism", thats what I need. Thanks for at least making the attempt, I just need details. Marzout ... RUKU, what are you agreeing too? You should have jumped in and added some details too. Shame on you. Keep in mind that General body shape has to match the actual skelatal structure. The Magna body proportions do not fit standard human proportions... Like the forarms longer than the biceps, and the shin bone longer than the thigh. I had to fit it to the skelaton, regardless of this.
  13. :angel: Screen Update :angel: O.k. Here is a panoramic shot of Magna's head. I feel pretty good about the skin. Experimenting with some new texture techniques. Marzout
  14. well, the problem here is that I want to keep the file under 20 MB, sounds do take up alot of space. Let me think on that. I dont have much space as it is.
  15. :angel: New Project :angel: O.K., so I'm gonna finally start working on this thing. Are you happy now Here is a horrible screenshot (blurry, like my eyes right now... from the last project). I think I'm off to a good start. Marzout
  16. It's meant to be an example. You put whatever NPC name you have. Check the readme for actual NPC names. Also You must have he NPC file added to the directory. I'm assuming your using 2.0 with Buffy's NPCs. Marzout
  17. Make sure you have activated cheats. here is cheat for duel1 \devmap mp/duel1 Then type in npc spawn once ingame \npc spawn yodavm
  18. Well as far as I know that it for the fixes. Does anyone know how to make the model Movie Compatible, or does it need to be part of the actual build? I need to do something to justify 3.0. The hand tag was such a small fix, I'm embarrassed to put out a 3.0. Marzout
  19. Good Job Rob, cuz I just finished all the varient fixes. I'll be watching. I olny tried MB one time. Hopefully you explain how I use this Map. Marzout
  20. Well you having that Tag file for .3Ds helped me alot. I would imagine making and lining up the tag could be a bit frustrating. I have about half the clones fixed (maybe more than half) Marzout
  21. Right On! Thanks Man.... Well I guess the fix worked. Heres what I got so far.
  22. :angel: Help Request :angel: O.k. I made the first tag fix for the left hand on Cody. Does anyone know how to bring weapons into Modview so I can see if it worked. I need to test it to see if the left hand can hold the weapon properly when using two pistols for MB. I need to test this before I touch any of the other models. Marzout
  23. anyone interested I'm putting up a Clone Wars UltimaVM server tonight. I'll leave it up for a little while... Might even be there. Sunday Night. 10:30 PM West Coast time
  24. Well dang, I would have to find a model in my sets that doesnt have that issue... I'm not sure, cuz I used this from one of my best setups. The fact of the matter, Ive never created a tag before, I know its pretty simple, but I hate going through the trial and error thing. Well, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can copy the right tag flip it, and correct the normals, You think that would work? What is the hierarchy for that tag anyhow? and do I just weigh the tag to l_hand? Hold On here! Duh!!! O.k. I just tried out the tag you linked me, I think I could get this to work. If you dont mind, I'm going to do a test fix, and maybe one of you out there can help me test it? I see the hierarchy does go to the l_hand, and weighted to the same, right? Last question, can I weight it using vert selection, or do I have to use capsule? Marzout
  25. You got a screaming Video card! The detail is incredible. Thanks for the images, I have been saving everyone you post. Marzout
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