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  1. Any chance I could send the new files for a fix? There are two new character folders. I dont know if your interested in a fix for the Custom Race Pack... If not maybe you can explain the fix to me. Thanks Pahricida. I had planned on putting this in V 2.0, but we hadnt heard from you. Marzout
  2. Hey does anyone know where I can get a stance mod where a single pistol is held in two hands. I downloaded one awhile ago, I lost it, and cant seem to find another. Marzout
  3. As sooon as NOW!! BooooooooYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angel: New 2.0 release!!! :angel: http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/18043.html
  4. :angel: New Screens :angel: Here is Master Dragoon's boss commando (with shaders). O.k. I think thats going to be it for V2. I made alot of fixes. should be in the readme, once posted. Marzout
  5. Well... Id like to do that, but I know some of those packs are a bit of work. I just want to get some variety in 2.0. :angel: Screen Update :angel: O.k. I'm proud to say this... the helmetless version looks great ingame. I slimmed the face up a tad. I think your suggestions have really helped out. Plus I got Rob's Jettrooper ingame as well.
  6. I will add it to 2.0, but you need to send it to me real soon. I have enough space for one more I think. Be sure to include the shader file (if there is one)Marzout
  7. Yeah, I think it should be part of the legs selection. That way we can get some variety in there. There arent to many different things that we can do with the legs, so it certainly wouldnt hurt. Marzout Happy New Year alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Got it buddy, Thanks! I will respond to your mail soon. I will the skin to a model set as well. Marzout
  9. You have a good general list, Just start with those and we will consider the rest later. We can add more later, right? I think Aracus has the right idea, but I dont want to overload you. I think we should consider doing color adjustable mandos, can we do that with detail showing through the color, like material folds etc...?
  10. Robert, that is way cool! Hope the clan goes well, keep us up on that kay? :angel: Attention Tesla :angel: I just sent you the customizable clone base models. If you need anything else let me know. We should tackle each part sets one at a time. We need to work together and decide what will be changeable for the Head, torso, and leg sets. I have not sourced any specific skins in the file, but the basic ones are there for each part. Marzout
  11. Here is a straight on shot... Does anyone still the head looks too small? In anatomy I know the chest is usually two heads in width. Marzout
  12. I sorta was thinking the same thing, just waiting for anyone else to say it. It was even smaller, and it was the same size as the standard Jedi. I guess the armor is bulky. Does anyone else think its too small? I'll post another screen so you can better see whats going on. Hold tight. Marzout
  13. :angel: Screen Update :angel: Here is the second Cody varient. I made some changes in the head mesh, so it should look a little more like him in the face. This has already been added to the custom clone set. Dont pay attention to the fact that the skin isnt right, The torso and everything will have the option of choosing different skins. What this means is you will be able to select all the varients without a helmet!
  14. Send it to me E-mail, and I will try and add it to 2.0 (with a pack). You can go ahead and take the skin from the arc, and re-skin it... then I'll add it in. Looks good! Marzout
  15. I may do it. There arent too many more things to consider as a starwars project, So I think its a good possibility. Marzout
  16. I know, that's what inspired me. I was looking over files at pcgamemods, and had seen this download. It was the thing that finally tipped me in that direction. Actually I was impressed that you made the old model look that good. Marzout
  17. :angel: Screen Update :angel: O.k., so now I'm adding helmetless varients. Probably will be in the custom clone pack. Maybe a Cody varient separate. We'll see. This is the rough skin. Basically the old head model from my old pack, but I adjusted the mesh, and totally reskinned it. Marzout
  18. Great shots Buffy, I wish I had contacted you before release. I like the last one alot. Marzout
  19. Any time Marcus, it was great having your help. Sincerely
  20. I know it sounds a bit self serving. When I first started I needed something that everyone would recognize on a download. Putting a capital VM on the file would stand out. People seem to recognize it, so I use it. Things like DVD, or VHS simple acronyms seem to become Iconic, so I went that way. Marzout
  21. Dont worry I trust you. Your welcome to play around with it if you want. Basically you can make any varient, by making any new parts, and adding them to the Heirarchy of the model. If you have any questions you can ask me, or go to my number one source "Psykopat". You may have seen his cartoon network pack he recently posted. Psyko has taught me just about everything I know about doing mods for JK series. His site will have tutorials, and tools needed. I think he even has the "space monkey" tutorial which has been the number one thing I keep at my desktop. Marzout http://www3.sympatico.ca/psykopat/
  22. I dunno, if he models as well as he skins... It would probably look great. Marzout O.K. fine this is off topic, and I'm embarrased to show this, but you made me do it. Keep In mind, I'm not particulary fond of this Star Wars character, and I think it shows. I could improve on it, but Its hard when your just not completely into it. Well you were warned
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