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  1. Well thats great, I feel honored. I will get the next ones to you soon. If you could send me the glm's I'll add them to my version 2. I know you will probably do something to make them more compatible with MB. I had intended to get out a version 2, only cuz we made a rush for Christmas (I really hated to do that). Talk to you soon. Marzout
  2. I actually have modeled it, but I dont know if I will finish it. Most things I start I usually finish, But I am a little disappointed in it.... I'll give it another look and decide if Its worth the time. The one problem I had with it, was that I couldnt get the body to fit the skelaton properly. The magnaguard figure doesnt really seem to fit like it should. I will give it a consideration... If Ruku is doing one then I will probably pass. Marzout
  3. So, Pahricida, You are actually on the MB build team? You can change whatever tag names to allow the jet pack to be turned on and off, and fix the holster tags.... Whatever it takes to make it a good MB fix. So have you already made the fix for the ARC? If so I can send you another model set. Thanks, Marzout
  4. O.k. I sent the first model set for the ARCs. If this goes well, then I will send the rest. I believe you can fix this, but its best to start out small. If all goes well, I will send the rest. Marzout
  5. Hmmmmmm... let me think... O.K., tell me what files format you need (3Dsmax, or whatever). I am currently using 3Dsmax 4. If you have a greater version then me then I will have to depend on you producing the glm.. In MBII is the Arc the only one with twin pistol option?, cuz there is no since in correcting the problem for all models, if theyre only gonna use the ARCs. Well I hope we can get this fixed, that kinda bummed me out to hear that. Give me your e-mail and I'll send you the files. Marzout
  6. Ahhhhhhh, I see, well then that may be a necessary fix. Well I will consider it, but to be honest not sure what it takes to get the tag to be spun the right way. I know in the past I have had nothing but headaches trying to realighn the blade tags on sabers. What do I do? Do I spin it and center the tag pivots, then reset the "X form". I really want to fix this, but I have a lot of models, and no way to test it. I would hate to put tons of hours in fixing all the models. and find out that nothing changed. If anyone can help me fix this then I will do it, but I need the help fast, because we are working on another clone pack using these sets. Marzout
  7. Yes Buffy please send the NPC files to me, Do you still have my e-mail? Marzout
  8. :angel: New Download Post :angel: here is the newest DL link. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Clones_Ultima;53471#Rate
  9. Hmmmm, not sure if that is a neccesary fix. The weapons are held in the right hand arent they? The tags were not added by me, this is the way the model is rigged. I doubt I could have spun it by accident. I'll see if it effects game play, but I dont recall the gun being backwards. Marzout
  10. Nice one. It makes since that the 501st has a commander. Marzout
  11. :angel: Funny Single Player shots :angel: Hey, thought youd get a kick out of this. I threw some clones into singleplayer, replacing Luke, rosh, kyle... LOL
  12. :angel: MERRY CHRISTMAS :angel: Team VM proudly presents the file youve all been waiting for. DRUM ROLE... BLBLBLBBLBLBLBLBBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL TSu!!!!!!!!! http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/17874.html
  13. I have finished everything, and have sent it to JK3files.com, but the file wont load up on PCgamemods.com... I will send it to Zappa O, maybe he will have better luck. I'll keep trying. But it wont show up on JK3 files until someone over there posts it. Probably Not tonight. Marzout Here is a tide me over screenshot...
  14. I just woke up, and yes I recieved the files. It shouldnt take too long to get things set up. I do need to add some icons, and get an NPC pack together (I may skip that) Oh bots too. O.K. I'll let you all know when the final touches are done. It should be out well before midnight unless something goes terribly wrong. Cross your fingers.... Thanks RUKU, Great job the skins look really good. Marzout
  15. Dont worry, I'll figure something out. thanx, marzout
  16. :angel: Zappa :angel: Do have some NPC's to send me, or did you decide not to make em? No problem if you didnt, we do have bots. If you did make any NPC, just send an NPC folder and nothing else. Marzout
  17. Yeah, I should have all the parts on "our project" tonight. as soon as I get em compiled, I'll send em to you. The only thing is that I just have the basic skins, so maybe you can help me get that organized. I'll explain better when I mail em. :angel: For everyone else :angel: I promise I will watch for Rukus mail, as soon as I get it I will work quickly to get the readme together, and quickly go over the files to make sure everything is in order. At that point I will send em out to both Pcgamemods, and jk3files. Hopefully this will be out before christmas. Marzout
  18. Well, Dont count on it. I hope so too, but I had planned on releasing it at JK2files (they probably would not get it up in that short of time). If Ruku sends the files I may post at pcgamemods.com, but I was kinda against that. Something ungratifying about posting there. simply cuz there is no real feedback, just download numbers. I personally like to get feedback on these projects, because we work too hard on this to get nothing but download numbers. This will get out even if a deadline cant be met... Ruku if your reading this, please let us know whats left. Please send me something youve finished so I can get everything lined up. Not trying to rush you, but we need something.
  19. Great Tesla! I just separated all the parts from the old models, Tonight I'm going to add them to a base model. Quick question, Is there any specific format for folder names when making a race set? Right now I have it named "cloneworx". Marz out
  20. Uh, Very cool. This is great! I'll start getting it together. I understand on the deadline deal, we can kinda pick our way through this one. No rush. Right on. Marzout
  21. Not bad. Pretty cool to see them as a force of death. I like the younglings too (of course) hehe. Marzout
  22. Well, I'm not sure if I want to do that for this pack, But are you interested in doing it for a Clone/Mando custom character set. I could possibly go back and add all the varient parts, that way people will be able to select whatever parts they wish for custom clan play. The reason I'm not so sure about doing that for this pack, is because I remember that being done to the Greivous model, and the model got horrible ratings because there was no real custom option (other than the cape). If your interested in doing this Tess, just let me know. It probably wouldnt take long to get all the parts on one model. I will need help with every other aspect because I dont know what is required to get all the varients in. I suppose I have to do something like head_helma, head_helmb, head_helmc etc... But what is required to change the color? Some kind of alpha channel? If you have a lot of knowledge here, I think this is something we could try. I could put all the jet pack varients, Head goggles, pistol belts, Kilts, even Mandolorian helmet. This is just a thought, I think it should be done the right way If were going to do it, and not just individual character selections. Tell me what you think. It would have to be separate project from this one. Marzout
  23. No its a whole new map, but The helmet maps stayed the same for the Clone Classic varient.
  24. O.k. here let me answer some of the questions here. Answer to Darth Squee: The 501st looks dark cuz this screenshot is not ingame. The lighting effects will make it a lighter blue. Answer to Ace: I'm not too concerned anymore about file size, because the file will be no bigger than a medium size map file (15MB maybe). A few extra clones wont hurt, and a few clones are not going to turn up on the selection screen (you will need to punch in at the console). Release date? Well were waiting for RuKu, I think his release date is 25th? Something like that..... By the way, Ruku hows it goin? We havent seen a post. Yes Cody is my favorite too. Its hard to tell in the screenshots, but all the Arcs have jet packs. Cody, Commandos, Galactic Marines, all have their special packs. Marzout
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