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  1. :angel: Screenshot :angel: Here is the whole spread of varients so far, "Not including Ruku's" varients. Now you know why files size is an issue... but really I think the resources will work well even after Ruku makes his addition. Marzout
  2. All the tweaks are done for shaders, and new base skins have been added. Only thing left to do is tweak the "Galactic Marines", and the 501st skins need color adjustment.... Not because they were wrong, but after adding the shader it changed it a bit. Marzout
  3. Actually I'm going to use a different shader than that one. Everyone complained that the old clones looked way to shiny, so I'm using a shader that allows the scratches to come through, but maintaining some shine. I used this shader on my last vader model. I like it a lot, and it seems well suited for the clones. Marzout
  4. Well, I would say no, only cuz I know you can get pretty close the same effect with a single shader. Now I'm no shader pro, but the shader I'm using allows some parts to be shiny, and other parts non shiny. Black having no shine, and grey to white adding shine (to whatever degree), plus with the Clone commando, I was also able to add glow. My pc is not the greatest in the world, and some of us cant just go out and buy a new computer. Sure you could just by the graphics card, but I've already changed my card twice, and I will buy a new pc before I buy another card. Marzout
  5. :angel: Screen Update :angel: O.k. Here is the 2nd airborne with the new Base torso skins, and others. I added more details to both the helmet, and torso. I probably should have turned off the shadows, so you could see it better. Anyhow, I will probably add the new torso skin to the other models. Marzout
  6. O.K. I just went back and checked out BF2, and yes it is more red than I remebered. Send me the skins you did the color change, and I'll add them, I may tweak it ever so slightly. Maybe not, but send em. Oh send Bacara too! Marzout
  7. Your welcome to make an NPC pack with what weve got so far. We can make it a separate pk3 file to pack with the model. If you are to busy, anyone who wants to work on an NPC pack let me know. Marzout
  8. You know this is a tough call. If you look at the lego version of the galactic warrior he's red. If you look at this reference pic Kain has (which is the same referance I used to skin him), he's purple. In the movie not sure. It could have to do with the ambient lighting in the scene. If there was red light in the scene it could cause the purple to look more red. I also looked at the BFII game and it seemed to be more purple. I just dont know which way to call this one. Marzout
  9. Thanks Ruku, that means alot. Hope your skins are coming along. I plan on trying to rework my skins a bit, Should be good for the new deadline. Marzout
  10. Thanks Zappa! Well, let me think on that one. Cloaks = clipping issues. I'll check the resources, and see whats required. I had planned on skinning keller, but we will see. Marzout
  11. Nope! It's over, Ruku has his own deadline. I am done with all the varients, at this point we can just wait for him. There is no need to argue anymore. It's done. Marzout
  12. Well, I got a full time job myself. I do construction, and I have a family. I work harder than most people do in a day, I still can meet a deadline. Heck I just modeled this three hours ago, mapped skinned, and Bamm its done. its even ingame with bot support, and shaders. We can agree to disagree, You have your deadline, we will all be waiting. meanwhile I'll go and tighten up the skins I have so far. Marzout
  13. I was editing, The post was being tweaked. you can read it now
  14. "Given their limitations?" It sounds like my model is not worthy of your work, you couldnt even refrain from saying it in the same paragraph. If I didnt have a quot before, well I certainly got it now. When someone is offering praise they "are bowing". I have already bowed to you, to bring mutual respect is to bow in return (common courtesy), by not bowing is to show no respect. As one artist to another, the only point I'm making here is that I have humbled myself to you, but based on this statement "Am I supposed to bow at your feet for such a noble gesture?"... It sounds like you dont understand this courtesy. Absolutely I can handle the work load. I have authored more projects on my own, than most anyone in the community. Yes, I do have alot on my plate, but you are fooling yourself to assume I cant handle this project. Ruku.... The only thing I am saying is that I have invested my trust in you. When I sent you my files, that was a pact of trust. I dont expect any kind of worship, but I do expect you to be respectfull to me. Praise is also a tool for building trust, and bringing people together. Yes you have earned it, but to assume its a trophy you rightfully have earned.... Well your missing the point. In short (please read this in a friendly tone, cuz its meant to be freindly). You are welcome to be on the project, only cuz I hate to see good work go to waste; however, I do require that you come to the table as an equal, if you cant do that, then you need to consider a different project. Yes I am fine with resolving this issue, without any arguing. I would like you to continue, but not at the expense of your lack of commitment. Are you committed to this project? I have no doubt that you are working hard, but it was you that stated that you may leave. I have left a project (AOTC/TC) for not being commited on the leadership side, but I have never left a project because it was too demanding. The deadline was meant to be negotiable, and I had considered that you werent ready... The deadline seems resonable, but I need you to consider that there is a level of commitment here. That being said, I do extend my hand for your invovlment. I think we can rise above our differences, and finish this project... But I need you as an equal. Just like I consider everyone in this project. Thats why I want the pack to be as one. This is a team effort, and it needs to be delivered as a team effort. You dont need to take anything I say as being hatefull, I only mean to bring us on common ground. Sincerely Mars marzout
  15. Ummmm, Ruku... (I had to re-edit this ) I had a page long reply to this post. I decided to keep this simple. Your comment really ticked me off! Here is my statement. If you want to bail, feel free. I can handle the workload on my own. I could wait till that date, but I dont need someone to treat my project as "not being worthy enough for them". I've been nothing more than courteous to you, and have even given you praise for your work. Need I remind you that you asked me to work on this, not the other way around. Thanks for your time, Hope your future projects go well. Marzout
  16. :angel: Screenshot :angel: Here is the Galactic Marine
  17. :angel: New Project Policy :angel: I hate to do this to those of you wishing to get in on the project, We are approaching the end. I have two varients left. Please no more requests, You have no idea how much file material were dealing with here. I dont have enough time or energy to keep this going much longer. I actually fell asleep at the key board working on the latest varient! Ruku is right, we need to focus on the end of the project at this point. You will all have your chance to skin this model after release. Thanks for all the support. You will not be disappointed of this release. I am shooting for a release date of a week from today (say december 14), So Ruku you need to start wrapping up whatever is you have left... Of course still maintaining the great detail youve done up to this point ........well that's how its done in the real gaming business, right? Honestly everyone has done a great job. I'll keep watching the post here, and drop a note every once in awhile. Marz out
  18. Dont worry Shao, I still havent commited to the sounds I have, so I will check out what you sent. Marzout
  19. How long will this take? I definately would like to include it, I dunno let me think on that one. Marzout
  20. :angel: Update!!!!!! :angel: O.k. Ive been messin around with the files I have so far, heres what is basically ready. Classic Clones red, green, yellow, blue, purple, standard white. With shaders, sounds, bot support. Arc Clones (I decided to go with just one Arc Clone model) Captain, Commander, Soldier, and default (Blue/lavenderish), New gunholsters, shaders, sounds, and bot support. Clone Commanders: Bacara, Cody, Neyo with sounds, shaders, and bot support. Episode III Clones: 501st, and Shadow Clone. Shaders, sounds, and bot support. Team Colors included for models that best support it (example red Clones for red team) I may pass on the NPC support, unless someone wants to put together a separate zip folder containing this as an alternative. The models look very good ingame. I had a lot of fun shooting at these guys. Now I can focus on the other two varients. I would like to state that I am not concerned about separating the files (as a method of reducing file size). My reason for this, is that I want the models to be all-inclusive to the online community. If everyone has these models in thier folder, then they will be used. Separating the files will only mean that only some people will have some clones, and others will not. By keeping the models as a whole set people will be more likely to use them, because others will have them. By using bot support instead of NPC support, Players will have all the models available to them in multiplayer (without surpassing their NPC extensions). I am sorry that I havent been able to answer all your questions (I only have very little time to stop by and check what posted). More to come, Marzout!
  21. Hey Psyko, I tried them out. The whole pack ROCKS!!! This is the funnest model set yet. I have to say, this is one of the best downloads of all time! This is nothing shy of being a professional release. Great job on you two. Marzout
  22. I dont care, but I know people like to see em in single player. I think we should do NPC's, but I think we should do it the way Psyko did it for his cartoon pack. He put the NPCs in a separate file, so that people didnt have to use them unless they had the NPC space. Race selection? I think that would be a good idea, but how difficult is that? Marzout
  23. Psyko, You have answered my dreams! These are incredible. It appears that we have brought some life back into JKA. Between my clone pack and your anime sets, these are truly good times,eh? I hope everyone sees this for what it is. A fresh start in the game. Marzout
  24. Absolutely! Yeah that fine with me. I am just about done with the Arc Clones. The file size for all the models I have so far used to be 11 MB, I just got it down to 9 MB, by working the Jpg's over. With Ruku's skins added, and sounds, well you get the idea. Its big just like we anticipated. Anyhow, keep going guys, we will get to the end soon. Marzout
  25. Yes, but have you tested it in single player? This is where the problem is. If it works in single player then maybe I'll consider it. I dont really have the time to test it right now, so its up to you guys. Marzout
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