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  1. I hate to say this Ruku, but I despise the *surf off or *off text lines. They were both done and explored for the old clone models. Even today I still get e-mails of people complaining about "why is this white in single player"... The model was released a couple years ago, and I still get complaints. That request will only fill up my mail bin. Unless you can show me that it can be done to not effect the game visuals for both single and multiplayer, I wont even consider it. I am concerned about file size, but I am also concerned about my sanity. I think we should just keep the goggles up, because its way to much to add to the plate right now. Sorry, I hate to turn down such a request from a great skinner, but... Keep up the great work! Make sure you have optimized the JPG's before you send me the skins (meaning "looks great, but small size"). Marzout
  2. Hey Ruku, your welcome to work on Gree if you want. Your doing such a good job. Mine was kinda whipped together, so if you feel you can add it to what youve got so far, go ahead. Marzout
  3. Oh yeah, I just finished shaders for all cloneclassic, Neyo, and Bacara. Now I need to straighten up the Arc model set, and make purple commander, and whatevever varients I have left. Marzout here is the shader ingame shots
  4. Cry!.... Patience everyone, I got alot to arrange still. I have Purple commander, and that beehive clone yet to model. Still tons of pk3 file arranging. Just hang tight. Cant give a deadline right now
  5. I can probably do that, put up a screen of him for me. :angel: Screenshot Update :angel: Here is the latest screen for the clone classic model set. I applied a shader to the red varient. I think it suits the model, but I tweaking the shader a bit. Cant decide if it looks too shiny. Cool thing is that I can use the same spec.jpg for all the varients. This will make it possible to use a single .jpg for all the varients... well 2 .jpg's. Now Im not sure I will use all of your varients. Just one question Zappa, is there an actual model in series sporting the Imperial logo? Not sure I want to use that if it doesnt exsist. Maybe the republic logo if its a lagit varient. Any how here it the screen.
  6. Zappa, I watched the movie, and I have to say I am totally honored that you put that together. Excellent work. I have your clones pretty much touched up. Added some burn and light scratching to stripes (nothing to major). I also darkened all the skins, because they really came out bright ingame. I need to test what ive done so far, but I'll try to get some screens up soon. Marzout.......... Thanks again for you help! P.S. I want to say that Ive watched alot of your other films in the past, and its very apparent that you have an eye for things. I use to make amature Sci Fi films back when everything was done on VHS (even 8 mil film), so I have some knowledge of the process. Things are a lot different these days with the personal computer, but that being said.... Well keep doing your thing, I'm sure it will go somewhere. Marzout again
  7. Sorry Shao, Yeah I got it and its on my hardrive, but honestly I havent listened to them yet. I have some other sounds as well. My plan is to sort through all the sounds and pick the best suited. I trust your creative judement. If the sounds are clear, thats good enough. I am looking for actual movie sounds. If what youve sent me sounds that fit both those catagories, then your probably fine to set up some more, and send em my way. Sorry, but I will get to the sounds soon, I just have a little time each evening to work on the models sets. Alot of stuff here, so I need to get off here and get back to work. Thanks Shao, Marzout
  8. You have my permission, but what exactly do you need? I dont want anything released till this is finished. Keep in mind I have 3DsMax 3.0. You might consider Psyko's renaming certain bones. His website I'm sure, shows what bones you need to rename. My time is limited, and In the past I have spent 3-4 hours sorting out work files (because someone requested certain things), sent them, and the person turns out to never use them. Needless to say this gets very frustrating, and has caused me to turn down other requests. Anyhoo, Marzout!
  9. Dang Ruku, you really outdid yourself. The skins are incredible. I'm honored that your posting at the Void. This gets our little project some exposure. Anyhow, thanks for joining our team. This is going to make the model pack just that much better. Marzout
  10. Loooooks GREAT! He is squeeky clean. Just teezing... Looks Awesome! Cant wait to see the rest. I like the accuracy on the arm, and leg "running curves". I new they needed work on mine. Marzout
  11. Its O.k. Everyone can get along here, By the way speed can be quality... I think Ruku just took it personal (Right Rukes). I work fast myself, and sometimes I get a quality piece out. Everyone has there own level of patience. Now Dragoon, you already have done some skin right?... For this pack? I will try and find something to get you on, but honestly I want to wrap this up soon. Which means everyone one needs to tell me how long the need. Dont worry, everyone can do whatever skins they want after release. Note to "EVERYONE", I dont want a team color for every model we do. Only do it, if there is an actual varient in the Movie series. The file will be way too big if we do a team color for every possible varient. The major clone characters may turn up on the main Icon page, but it is possible they will show up as a team color.... Like Commander Neyo on team red. We need to simplify this. My last clone pack was criticised heavily for having too many varients. After release it was basically torn into separate packages in the community. O.K. I got to get back to work. Marzout
  12. :angel: Screen Tease :angel: Zappa O sent me the Shadow Clone today, so I added a shader. It looks really good. Here is an actual ingame close up... of course I made the map have a red filter, cuz I needed some Icon shots. Marzout
  13. Yes, but I need to get the model together yet. Marzout
  14. Which varient are you doing with this modelset?
  15. :angel: RUKU ALERT...RUKU ALERT :angel: O.k. Ruku, I just sent you the final models set for the Deviss/Bly variations. Add your skins. I put the Goggles, Kilt, ShoulderPads, and this time very accurate pistols (which I plan to update the Arc clones with. Everyone will be pleased I'm sure. No screens till you post em, cuz I dont want anyone to see this model without the skins. Marzout
  16. :angel: Screenshot :angel: God, This forum is packing up! I wish I had the time to answer everyone, so let me try... Ahem... Insane Sith I will send the varient as soon as I can (purple clone). Zappa O... I will try and send the neo for you to work on. Plasma, I might consider that pilot, keep working on it. I looks pretty good, Is that head fully modeled? put up a 3/4 view so I can see what you got. Falkener... I thought there was a rocket trooper with blue, I needed a screen for that. Thanks! Tesla... The second Airborne will be the final varient. I still have to model the purple commander, and that... And I still need to get the parts out. Were getting closer, but still alot of work ahead. Everyone! I'm concerned here. The file will be really huge, I'm not sure what the file capacity is over at JK2.files. I hope I can put this together, and compress the file content to be exceptable. The Arc Trooper pack is a monster, and I need to work that one over. Overall, I just want to say thanks to everyone for turning out support here. I think this will turn out to be the funnest project yet. Marzout!
  17. Well Kain, I understand what your saying, but seriously I'm offering people the chance to skin this model. I dont care who's version is better. This is meant to put some energy back into the community. Now Ruku is an amazing skinner (possibly better than me, hehe... but I'll never admit it.... did I say that out loud?), but this isnt about whos better. This is about fun. I appreciate all you guys for helping me. In this case Democracy doesnt count... Never thought I'd say that. Marzout
  18. Ruku, what do you have done so far? Whats left, and last but not least what parts you need? Were getting close to compiling everything. I'm going to be putting in overtime when it comes time to putting all this together. Marzout
  19. Hey are you interested in skinning the Purple Clone Commander? Let me know soon. Cuz I think thats about the last of the varients. Marzout
  20. Those look nice and clean. Send em my way and I'll get em ready. :angel: New Screens:angel:
  21. Well I'll consider it, but you know everyone will say that its not accurate to the real armour blah, blah, ect, ect. Its a good Idea, maybe I'll do it. Marzout
  22. Just a quick comment guys...... If you have something your missing, write me an E-mail. Dont use the private message option, cuz I dont look at that too often. I have a lot of things to remember, so If I havent sent you what you need, then I probably forgot. Forgive me, but I am not a MultiTasker. I know there are parts needed, so send me a "detailed" list of what you need. Tell me exactly what you need. Mars out
  23. :angel: Here you go Zappa :angel: This isnt much but I highlighted all the areas that I spend 95% of my time (excluding the paint bucket). The layering tool becomes essential to working out great effects (bottom right). It gets fairly complicated in showing in what way I use the tools, but at least you have an idea of the most important areas. I would spend alot of time experimenting with the areas Ive highlighted. Youll find that when you understand how each tool works, you can come up with your own technique for creating certain effects. Hope it sorta helps. Marzout
  24. Zappa, you just keep on going. This is a chance for you to learn, Insane Sith can give you some good advice. I plan on going over all the skins, and tweaking them a bit if necesary, so no worries. I remember not being all that good till I got onto the QuiGon project. I got lots of help there from other authors. The clones you skinned on the old model set were good. My suggestion to you (if your using photoshop) is to experiment with all the texture tools on the top rolldown bar... Then get familiar with the layer system. I may add some pointers here to help. Marzout.
  25. Oooops! Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Ummmm, its not completed, so when you get the base done, maybe I can implement part of your work into this, have you actually started to skin him? Marzout
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