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  1. It may look cooler from what it sounds like but were it says "Make Swoops spin wildly (like in RotJ)", that doesn't make sense cause the only reason why it spins in the movie is cause Luke cuts the front part of the speeder that keeps it balanced.
  2. Arms a weeeeeeeee bit thin there maybe
  3. Looks nice but since I see your usinga SOF2 model try to fix the vertz on the neck. They dont appear that way in SOF2 ingame but for somereason in JKA those type of verts will.
  4. Your skin looks flate colored
  5. Darth_Kitty


    "Milla Jovovich " I have lost all respect for you
  6. Darth_Kitty


    Yeah most Japan people ahve sorta dry look on there hair. But yeah thats only in anime *cough Ash Ketchum cough*
  7. Darth_Kitty


    Yeah theres nothing wrong with him. I thought it would be a good idea to team up with him sometime but I dont think he wants to. I mean, I spent 3mins editing his face (and other textures like the body to make it more grey) and it looks better than his and mine because I belive the face on my models are good and his head shape is good on his. This is what I got.
  8. Darth_Kitty


    Eek. Damn been busy lately Good skinning graves but heres a few things: Like most of your models you do a good paint job on the faces but they dont fully look like the character your trying to do. Example on this model. Look at her face. You aged her to much. If you are just skinning after what you think is cool then NP but I have always tried to get exactly what the character looks like (well most of the time, unless I think they look sorta dumb ) Heres a pic of her face Sure we all know that the remake of Merlys face was a little lamer than the original but still... Another thing, this going along to get them to look alike. Because the games are on mainly the PS2 system look at their textures. They aren't to detailed, like the face. It's a flate color. Yours looks more human in color and with pours but it gets rid of the same look cause Konami uses a "Cold" pallet for there skins 2: Hair is diffrent. Nice girl hair but thats like what I see here in California, because Konami is in Japan they have more of the "Wake up and dont comb" hair, even on her. So make her hair more messy like in the image. And more bushier. On the wounded leg cloth, it looks like it was a sepreate layer added on. I guess you use APS so I can't tell you how to get that look to be more real. Also were the wrap ends on the leg, were its just the end of the wrap towards the bottom, that looks funny to me at least ingame. If you can add a small mesh there to make it sorta stick out. Nothing bothers me more than say something that would be sticking out and it isn't Tatto bigger? I think its just a wee bit bigger Pouch on the back looks squeshed Oh geez I forgot to say this to. Once again since the games characters are from Japan, the FACE shape! Geez sorry about that, thats important. Yours is more human but what Japanesse dev teams do most of the time is make the faces a what I call a Tear Drop face shape. Thats about it. *Goes back to work*
  9. If I get this model done one for MONGO maybe he can get the Sam model ingame
  10. Sent to another importer... BTW will be gone for awhile got hired to test games (!) for Intel
  11. Yeah the Halo is from the one from http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/info/halflife/mc/mc.shtml . That will be included in the readme along with the authors e-mail and internet handle. Dont worry I am not the type to take a model and claim it my own. Thats why I didn't announce it nor did I add it to my sig since it's something I didn't make. Max Payne is a model import from MP1 and MP2
  12. If you thought that was a good model well I just redid most of it and now he's like 6x bigger ect. List of things he is now Shogun Emperial Samurai Rouge Samurai and more
  13. Releasing Soon
  14. harrier is aready ingame just having tag problems
  15. Cool dude I am going for the weekend to a diffrent city in my state for work (musician) so I wont be back on the PC till... well maybe I can do it tonight but if not till Monday. Thanks
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