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  1. Honestly, I don't remember what causes bugs and such in the KOTOR games anymore since I haven't played them in about 6 years.

  2. Shem

    Well, I wish you luck with the creation of that mod. Hopefully someone will want to it or you'll figure it out.

  3. Shem

    That was just custom dialogue made just for those pictures. Let's just say I use some photoshop along with a piece of dialogue in certain part of the game in order to create situations like that faster as I made a lot of custom dialogue all for entertainment reasons. Like there was a conversation I used with Atton (I think it was him) and I changed some of his dialogue trees in the dialogue editor and then took the screenshots and then I would like in the pictures you posted take those and then use photoshop to replace the dialogue.


    So it's not a mod used in the game.

  4. Yeah, that's fine. You have the green light to upload all my mods.

  5. Shem

    Yeah, sure!

  6. I'm good! Thanks for asking! :D

  7. Shem

    Great, I hope things are good with you too.

  8. I got most of those sounds from a sound disc released back in 1995. Actually the disc was a combination of video clips and sound clips from the original trilogy. A friend at the job I was working at in either 2000 or 2001 gave it to me since he knew I was a big Star Wars fan.


    The others I got from the prequels were from a recording software when playing the movie from the DVD release.

  9. Shem

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! :D

  10. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! :D

  11. Obviously he wasn't a very good impostor if you know he's an impostor. ;)

  12. We're down to the last 9 weeks or so. With her showing more and more as time goes by, it's really becoming a reality to us. :D

  13. I really haven't had a problem with screenshots before, but I also haven't used the submit form in nearly 2 years (the last time I released a mod). You are more than welcome when the mod is made public to host some screenshot on like ImageShack and post the links in the comments and one of us can add those to the screenshot section of your mod.

  14. Shem

    They shouldn't expire anymore. They used to after a while. Long story. Just resend them. I'm sure whatever staff member gave you the expiration notice doesn't know that yet.

  15. What does my signature say?

  16. Shem

    Just remove the head textures I added for them.

  17. Sure no problem! :D

  18. We look at someone who has a lot of modding experience and can show the community that they know their stuff. It's important in reviewing mods to know what they're talking about.

  19. No, you're fine.

  20. Your mod isn't in our system to be validated. Either someone else rejected it, or it never went through (which can happen from time to time).

  21. LOL :lol:! That was a good one!

  22. Then think before you ask a question like that.

  23. Well, we can't always be there to put up mods. We have lives outside of the modding community.

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