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  1. If all else fails there still is Gamefaqs.com, they should have something on there that could/should help you out.
  2. Well, personally I am glad that several of the games deviate from the path of the movies, and rather expand on the universe that we know and love. Because, after all, there is only so much you can do if you stick directly to the plot and characters of the movies. For example I loved how X-Wing Alliance (a flight sim aye, but not your average kind) only crossed paths with the plot of the movies a few times throughout the game. It instead showed you just how many bothans died to bring the Rebels that information, just how that imperial shuttle had been stolen. And that while telling the tale of a family trading company like there probably are many in the SW galaxy, and struck by a fate that could have occured to other companies and families too I'm sure. So it managed to tell an exciting story WITHOUT having to resort to having the main characters from the movie take the spotlight. Similar to the adventures of Kyle Katarn (and student), why the most exciting aspect for me about Jedi Academy was to create my own little character within that galaxy far far away and have him/her go through a day in the life of a new republic Jedi. So to me the most exciting Star Wars games are possibly those that expand on the universe rather than taking you down a path we've already gone through before, just more interactive. And heck, the upcoming Republic Commando will allegedly even partially re-invent the SW universe and make it more gritty, dark and mature than what we're used to of the prequel movies. And I like the aspect of seeing our beloved universe from "a different point of view" to put it in Obi-Wan terms.
  3. I've got Force Commander next to me on my desk. XD Haven't played it in a while though.
  4. I played them.... rommed XD Good stuff, but yeah. Tough.
  5. To my knowledge BFN never even got a patch o.o But ofcourse I might be wrong. And if I'm not mistaken there is some way or another to make Win95 games work on XP. But I've forgotten what it was, since for one I don't use WinXP myself.
  6. Well, I've managed to not be very excited about Battlefront at all o.o
  7. And from there on in an mp3 I'm sure, you mangy pirate you. XD
  8. While there have been some excellent titles in recent years, I'm still very fond of the original Jedi Knight and X-Wing Alliance though. n.n
  9. Ah this test keeps haunting me! *flees*
  10. That's why I stick to just a few select servers where I know that most of the people are nice XD But I don't see a point in turning off your saber when you're near death o.o sure you might not get struck IF your opponent keeps to the rules, but what would help, let alone bring you closer to victory in the end? >.> Mah well.
  11. *shrug* Your Jedi has become so skilled at it that she/he doesn't need to do her/his "Force activation animation™" Doesn't bother me.
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