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  1. When it's your server, you can play however you want.
  2. JA came out at a time when most left in the JO community swore no more "Jedi" games were coming anytime soon. Some claimed to have friends at Lucas Arts and Raven and were in contaxt with them via email, yadda, yadda. When JA came out it was a surprise to everyone and we all found out Raven had been working on it since a few days after JO's release. If LA is going to release another game, they are not obligated to say so one way or the other.
  3. I remember shortly after the release of the 1.04 patch for JO, the belief was the same. Then JA sprang out of nowhere to surprise us all.
  4. Exactly and while I agree with you Kurgan, as another has said in this very thread, she announced it to the people on her own forum that used the servers most. Amidala was always first class and I can see her logic in doing it that way. Just my opinion, mind.
  5. Rumor, don't you have someone's head to cut off with a lightsaber?... Wow the forum looks different and it's making me dizzy....
  6. She probably did not post it here simply to avoid a needless flamewar. While many did appreciate her contributions to the community, some did not.
  7. Wow, good to see people still using that stuff.
  8. I'm surprised she stuck with it as long as she did. Her many contributions to the community and the chopshop servers will indeed be missed.
  9. It's taken me what, almost 4 years to get over 800. But, If it makes you feel better, Prime can give you all of mine, I don't care if I have 0.
  10. Interesting how some are so concerned about post count...
  11. Blackrose is not mad, he's just stating the cold hard truth. Promod is awesome, I reinstalled JO 6 months ago just to play it again.
  12. This is exactly why the truly avid players remaining, play only on their favorite servers or stick to baseja servers.
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