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  1. Ok well then, lemme spell it out for you. It's a post meant for the people who die, and then bitch about it. There generalization gone. If you are going to gripe about semantics then please keep it to yourself. There is enough noise on these threads as it is. Lets keep these posts as free of petty arguments as possible. I get enough of that **** on the servers
  2. Sigh, I think you know I mean the people that die constantly to pull/backstab but still call you a skilless whore. If you can beat me, and you call me a skilless whore, obviously I would shut the hell up. I'm generalizing people here.
  3. I have an idea......all you people saying he's skilless think about this. We play the game to win. You can play the game for fun...but then don't expect to win. I play every match I go on to win. Please don't impose the reasons you play this game on others. Go play for fun. If we kill you simple you died. It's not my fault you are not playing to win. Backstabbing is skilless. Running in blue/yellow backwards all day does not take skill. Yet, the people that complain and whine saying its skilless are the ones getting killed by it. I'm not. Why? Try and backstab someone who's kicking you. Kick will win every time. Try and pull someone who's kicking you. If the kicker times it right, wow look, free damage. Pull/backstab is but a means to win. If you are not countering my pull/backstab combo, there is absolutely no reason for me to change tactics on you. PERIOD. If you have no skill to counter it (pull/backstab is the fastest kill) then I will not change my tactics. You say it has no skill, yet you do not have enough skill to beat it. I say if YOU had skill, you might realize how to beat it. And then you might fight the pull/backstabber has changed his tactics next time he fights you. Another tactic? Sabre throw, force pull before it hits, run and kick at same time. Beats a kicker. Wow look, I have a move that beats backstab, and I have another combo that beats a kicker and also does very nice guaranteed damage. Hmmmmm, mebbe if I bothered to learn something instead of whining all day about how little skill the person that's WINNING is, and learned how to actually play the damn game, I might realize pull/backstab is usually just the surface of skill.
  4. Sorry Aerys, it takes skill to fight someone else that can do it too. You kill me once with force pull, backstab, I'll remember your name. And guess what? Next time, I'm gonna absorb, run up and kick you down...then what're you gonna do. You gonna stand there and try and counter kick? Well maybe I just might yellow sabre finisher you this time? Maybe I'll just run up and backstab you while you're sticking your hand out in the force pul animation. Maybe I'll blue lunge, maybe I'll dfa? Once again, I will reiterate. Running around in blue style backwards and holding down the button is stupid. If they win on a server like that, the other people must be playing the game for the first time. I laugh when I see people do that. It's worse then being a n00b. It's a wannabe. I'm just saying....don't knock backstab until you've done it yourself in a 1on1 duel against another bs'er. SOOO many other moves come into play.
  5. Ok I can understand the merc vs jedi servers. But I should've applied this post to one thing only. I play exclusively on sabre only servers. Sabre only, FF, or NF, doesn't matter I never play on gun servers. So gun strategies, merc vs jedi strategies don't apply to my posts. And btw YES this post is about counters to backstabbing. Whether there are counters to backstabbers directly correlates to whether it is a cheap move or not. Cheap to me implies I know its coming and there is NOTHING I can do to stop it. As for stopping backstabbers with absorb. You always put max pull and push as your force powers. Stay more then about 1.5 body lengths away and its not possible to pull or push you down even if you are moving without absorb on. But then again you have skill, so you would know this. Only turn on absorb if you plan on rushing. If I know a backstab is coming I'm guaranteed either a kick that knocks down or at least a kick that does 20 damage. Kick that knocks down is free backstab death. As for those that say I have no skill because I don't change my fighting style, again lemme ask, if you don't have enough skill to stop my backstab......why should I stop? It is your choice to not fight to the best of your abilities, I choose to fight with mine. Lastly, you say this game is for adoloscents gaming takes no skill etc.. etc... etc... Just take a look at the game Street Fighter. I'm not going to drop any names for those heavily into the Street Fighter Community, but I am rather well known. I am a tournament calibur player. I know the name of anyone and everyone that can beat me in the nation. You say it takes no skill because you choose to limit yourself. (P.S) For those trying to live out sabre duels the way they are in the movies.......go wait for Star Wars Galaxies. It's not gonna happen in a fast paced game like this.
  6. Wait a sec, why should we change our tactic, if people lose to it constantly? That makes no sense. We'll do other things when they actually beat us. Geez, real skill comes from winning a dozen different ways. Sigh. Why should we bother using the dozen different ways when all you guys do is whine, flame us, then vote to kick? Lets not turn this into a flame war, but it seems its ALWAYS the guys that complain about the backstabbers on a server that are the most inconsiderate, flaming, cursing people there. Sorry, but you would see the skill if you actually did it. Try watching a duel between 2 backstabbers, that understand lunging, dfa, kicking, rolling, and other things. It's a great thing. Sorry, but you can't say it takes no skill if you can't beat it. I'm not gonna limit myself in wins because you feel I do one move too many times. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  7. I am totally sick of people calling this cheap and that cheap and you're a fag etc.. etc... I backstab....SO F'ING WHAT?!?! It's in the game, if you actually learned to backstab you would know that there is alot of skill involved in a duel with backstabbers. Force pull, force absorb, run up turn backstab, run up kick, so many options. Walk up blue sabre lunge. I don't understand how people can say its cheap. If i knock you down with a force pull what am I supposed to do? Go for a less damaging move bcause you get frustrated? If you're dueling with no force and you get backstabbed Im sorry but you deserved it. Next time, dont be there next to him if he has his back turned. Or better yet KICK THE GUY TO KNOCK HIM DOWN AND THEN BACKSTAB HIM YOURSELF. THERE IS A COUNTER TO EVERY MOVE IN THIS GAME LEARN. Just because you DON'T know the counter to a backstab doesn't mean its cheap. Learn the game. It might just be human nature to call whatever you can't beat cheap. I was on sabre only no force duel server, and I was kicking people down. People were saying kicking is cheap. EVERY PERSON SAYS SOMETHING ELSE IS CHEAP. I guess I'll just pick blue style, hold down the F'ING BUTTON AND RUN AROUND LIKE A N00B?!?! THAT'S PROLLY THE ONLY WAY YOU WON'T GET CALLED CHEAP IN THE GAME. Raise your skill level people. Have you ever seen a fight between 2 backstabbers? It's awesome. DO YOU KNOW WHY? Because we have to fight extremely well since we know 1 mistake can lead to death. 1 bad kick, 1 bad force pull, 1 bad dfa, 1 bad rush, 1 bad lunge. It's a GREAT thing. And you know what? When people kill me I say GF. When I win people say you're a fag. Who's the one with no class? I'm sorry if you don't have the skill to adapt and learn the game. I've moved on to higher skill things in this game you're stuck on blue sabre hold down button rush. WOW THATS SO FUN. THE WHOLE GAME IS BASED ON LUCK!!!! I might as well play with my eyes closed. Final words.... LEARN IT OR LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT. IT'S IN THE F'ING GAME, I'M GONNA DO THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES TO WIN. IF IT'S SO CHEAP AND I'M A 1 MOVE WHORE, HOW COME IF YOU KNOW MY 1 MOVE IS COMING YOU CAN'T BEAT IT?!?!?!?!?! YOU HAVE NO SKILL END OF STORY. I beat other backstabbers all day. WHY?!?! Cuz I use my entire arsenal!!!!! DEAL WITH IT IT'S IN THE GAME. <FIN> Yoojin
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