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  1. Wow RaSIN that SWAT guy looks awesome, is he part of this Grey Fox pack or a stand alone? And areyou going to put a faceplate, visor or human face inside the untextured helmet? Can't wait to see the finished version, great job.
  2. Thanx guys, like flame asked, what server do you use? I see a lot of people on Starsider is that it? I guess I'll start soon then, I'll definately look you guys up.
  3. Greetings to all SWG players! I just received this game as a gift with an additional 60 day free card but I have yet to install it. I've noticed that there are a fair number of things being sorted out ingame at the moment, ie the revamps for the Civil War and the Jedi Class, and considering my ultimate goal one day would be to become a Force User I was wondering if you all recommended me to install and begin playing now or if I should wait until the revamps are implemented. I think since you guys are already playing then you might have a better idea when I should start consuming my 3 free months. On a related note, I'm also unsure which planet might be best for me to start in; I was thinking either Naboo or Corellia. I love the romanesque feel of Naboo but Corellia is the closest thing to my fave SW world (Coruscant) so I don't know where to begin. I also intend very much to visit the other worlds, especially Tatooine since it's a SW version of Arrakis and I'm a Dune freak, but to start I want either of the two I mentioned, wish I could have houses in both but oh well. Thanks to all of you and look forward to playing with you all.
  4. In a refreshing minimum point of view, JA (SP) is my favorite of the DF series (MotS included). Far to say the game was perfect, very far actually. Still for me at least the pluses were much higher than the minuses. This contains SPOILERS so please do not read if you don't want to know several key points of JA. I never finished DF, and though I found it enjoyable the game for me was Doom in SW which didn't set it really apart from shooters of the time. Especially since the storyline was presented in the form of pre and post-level briefings. DF2, of course was great because it introduced the Jedi abilities and lightsaber duels which was for me the core of SW to begin with. It took me a very long time to buy this game though so by the time I had it JO was a few years away. While most people enjoyed the story of this game though, I didn't. I never liked Jerec or his group try as I may, granted SW villains have a tendency for cheesyness but the actors were too over the top for my tastes. That though wasn't the worst, for me the concept that a place can actually infuse/activate the Force inside a being was just sacrilegious. The Valley of the Jedi feels for me like it goes against everything in the movies how the Force is in everything and is a part of nature and evolution. There step into the shiny beam of light between the statues and presto: insta-Jedi master. When JO came out, I bought it from the get go. While it retained the Valley story with a new villain, I could do nothing except accept it. The story of JK2 was more focused which was great, but I did not like too much the locations visited. The battle aboard Galak's ship, Bespin, Cairn Station and the assault on Yavin were the only levels I truly liked a lot. However I disliked the fact that neutral npcs were gone and that very few friendly npcs appeared. I might have liked Desann a little more had he not been a purple T-Rex or Tavion dressed like a freaky variation of a scantly clad thief and an indian princess. Still I liked them better than Jerec and that Twi'Lek dude that made me cringe every time he appeared in JK. In JA, I loved the idea of having a new character I could create, I like the transition of Kyle now to mentor (his trilogy being enough for me) though he isn't the main anymore he's passed the baton to a new central character but still remains an important figure. The locations in JA were superb, I can't think of a single location I didn't really like. However their execuition fell flat sometimes because they were too restricted into a specific area; like Mos Eisley you can only move about the 4 docking rings not the township and beyond (I hated that, original screenshots made me belive that the Tatooine levels were in fact one large one where you visited Mos Eisley and then left to the desert for the quest). Coruscant was disappointing for me (being my fave SW world) because the architecture didn't look like it and more than that because you didn't really do much there except jump from catwalk to catwalk in an almost circular trajectory additionally why always do they solely focus in the rooftops? I had hoped to see ground level (ala Ep2) and have just a part of it in the roofs, still kudos for at least trying to put it in. Storywise, I think the concept was hugely better than the previous ones, just not really explored. Not a big fan of the scepter taking Force energy thing, but that aside, the whole resurrection of Ragnos and a Sith army rising was very much to my interest. I was disappointed that again there were virtually no neutral/friendly npcs within the levels (except Korriban and the missions with Kyle and Chewie), the way the Academy was handled also was a let down (I had hoped it would have been like Elite Force where you could walk the Academy talk to people and also develop the charcater through friendships, romances, etc. though Kyle was barely explored in DF if I recall correctly), virtually no scripted story sequences at all, very little variety in customization options (heads, clothes, sabers, etc), no Luke kicking butt like in JO, and the final battle (light side) would have been much more exciting for me had Ragnos himself been resurrected fully instead of his Tavion possession. Loved the scepter/sword thing though. Loved the variety in mission types; the crashed ship was great, swoops lots of fun, rancor levels awesome, Boba's level unique (though I think his EU resurrection thing sucks), loved Korriban battles and architecture, the different fighting options were also a big plus for me, though I had wished they were interchangeable like KotOR (switching between single, double, dual at will I probably wouldn't have used guns at all last 3rd of the game). All in all though I did like JA best of all and I hope that if they decide to make a new trilogy with Jaden or simply misc Jedi characters I hope they'd put in these small details (I know some people will think I want the game to be an RPG which is not what I mean at all; I mean more story and character developed and continue more emphasis on more actions than just shoot and hack through levels like Elite Force, Deus Ex from what I heard and possibly Doom 3 from what I saw in previews though I could be wrong there). Yikes, sorry for the looooong post.
  5. Thanks so much AJL, that's precisely what I was asking. Looking at default JA skins which have that "off" command I thought that might have something to do with the surfs but wasn't sure. Thanks for the response and the fix!
  6. This is definately one of the best models I've seen. I did run into a bit of a snafu though. I was fighting against the long hair version bot (I'm testing if I make them right) and after I killed her when she respawned she nowhad the cloak and untextured miniskirt which is not supposed to be on the long hair version. The second time she respawned, she again had the cloak and mini and after we dueled for a bit, the game froze and then returned to the main menu giving me a warning about exceeding shader limits. My question is, looking at the different versions all have mini, cloak, etc active in their skin files. Should I put that off command in the skin file to toggle off the mini and cloak that aren't supposed to show up in the first place? Or is there another way I could prevent the shader error occuring again when the bot respawns? Thanks and great model!
  7. She looks fantastic Antizac. I was wondering since it was released in the JO section of pcgamemods (And forgive me if you've already answered this) but does the model have or not the bone tag for JA double saber animations? Thanks and great job!
  8. Superb job on the Stormie Hap as always! Will this be released as a stand alone or some sort of Stormie pack? Also OT, brilliant skinning of Aeryn Sun, I'm dying to see the rest of Moya's crew especially Crichton and D'Argo once Aeryn is done. Are you still waiting to release these in a Farscape pack also? Great job Hap, glad to see you're still around.
  9. Thanks for the tip StarViperPilot, I used to do that with JO all the time. As you can imagine it gets a bit problematic when really big skin packs such as AOTCTC's Fetts or Clones has to be edited which is why I wanted to know if Antizac planned on not having everything together so I wouldn't have to do that too much with Leela (I already will have to delete most from those two packs in order to allow Leela and a few new ones in). Again, thanks
  10. I am truly speechless at how great this model looks; beyond superb job Antizac, well worth the wait. I was wondering though, if you can't make the JA version into a selectable player (like the default combinable meshes) will you still release the civilian/Jedi versions in the same pk3? And the variations will they all be defaults? The reason I ask is because of that damn icon limit in the MP selection screen which starts to eliminate icons once you have more than whatever the limit is. Especially since I passed way above that and with some of the excellent models coming (such as Leela and Malak) I will have to reedit some pk3 packs to be able to fit all of these models once they come out. Thanks for all the hard work and again Leela is just terrific.
  11. Too true Gothic, Have you decided which version is the one you are releasing? I'm kinda hoping it's the last one in the screenies.
  12. Excellent map Wedge, it is one of the most unique concepts I have ever seen to say the least. Still hoping to see Oracle make an appearance in JA whenever it can, looks superb!
  13. Thanks for the info Kengo, back with JO I recall something that since the source code wasn't released then SP missions couldn't be made (or something to those effects) and I thought that JA had this problem as well. That's why I mentioned my ignorance on this, I don't remember exactly what the problem was back with JO, only something about the SP source code being needed but if JA doesn't have these problems then so much the better. Still would like to see the maps in MP as well though.
  14. Absolutely amazing Antizac. Coruscant looks exactly asit should, architecture is fantastic and the signs look very authentic. I do hope though that you feature areas in the ground level (like in AOTC) I'd love to actually move through the streets and not only rooftop platforms. Any plans for daytime Coruscant? No one has ever tried that before. Is that model Leela? Looks good, though I can't see her too well in that lighting. Can't wait for her to be done. As for Chapter 2, also looks good but I honestly liked much better how it looked before when it was in the daytime, reminded me a lot of Korriban in KotOR. Forgive my ignorance but how are these maps going to work? MP I assume or have you found a way for SP to work? Since that's what they feature in TACC. I really look forward to seeing these maps both SP and MP if possible and Leela too! Great job.
  15. That looks fantastic. There is a great need for good custom female models. I like the first and last pictures the most, I hope you decide to release her with her hair down. I do think the coloring of the face and the rest of the skin seems a bit unmatched as imyourfather mentioned. Great job, really looking forward to this one.
  16. Firstly, I fully respect your disagreement. Secondly, I have no idea what you are talking about. I do not think I ever told him to set aside his hopes for an NJO mod, if anything I'd like to think I've tried to encourage him to take an iniciative at beginning one. The fact that I do not like the NJO makes absolutely no consequence to whether a mod is made or not about it, the very simple solution for people who are not interested such as myself is to just not download it. Most of these threads led to requests at making NJO mods for either JO or JA, and being in the JA forum I believed he was polling whether there would be interest in such a mod aside from just a game. Reading his original post I see he only asked about a JK game in this timeline, well I apologize then for misinterpreting this I thought I read that somewhere in this thread. I think you should read more carefully before commenting about what I said. I fully encourage his desire to have a mod done, what I said was if he wanted to see one made that why didn't he get involved. Start recruiting, talk to some modders, see what happens. The fact remains that remaining here debating on whether the NJO is good or not (a subjective thing) won't help any the progress of an NJO mod being made, so I suggested he get involved. I'm happy for you that you like the NJO, and in the same spirit of disagreement with my opinions I disagree with yours. Naturally I've seen Republic/Jedi victories, nonetheless they remain way too unbalanced imo for credibility. You do not need to agree with my opinion but in the least respect it as I do yours. Anyways, it doesn't really matter to me one way or another. His query was for an opinion on the community's interest in an NJO game, well though I believed I read something about a mod somewhere before I began posting (maybe its backlag from the last NJO mod thread from long ago), my opinion remains the same. Am I opposed to an actual NJO game? No. Am I interested in seeing the JK series go in that direction? Absolutely not. Since he asked for an opinion on this I believe any answer should be acceptable even if it is opposing an NJO mod/game.
  17. @Astrotoy7 Though there are several concepts that I have liked about the EU (Dash Rendar, Thrawn, Korriban) a lot of the way things are executed in the EU are to my dislike. For one too many clones, I know the films opened this with the Clone Wars but these clones had a specific purpose in the general arc of the SW story (they were the tools for Palpatine's rise to power), but the EU is way too exagerated with the villain of the week clone (Palpatine, Thrawn, Jorus C'Baoth, Luke and God knows how many others have all been cloned). I agree with you 100% that it is escapism and should be fun, which is why it doesn't bother in the least that you like the NJO or EU, but for me it isn't fun, I find the Vong as a desparate creation for something to be a challenge for the Jedi, I do not find them interesting nor appealing as a race or group like the Sith in SW, the Harkonnens in Dune or the Shadows in B5. I like the Solo children but I do not like several of the NJO characters, so I never got attached to them. Finally, I found the Vong too over the top in their victories, they are too invincible against everyone beyond the point of reality. Every planet pretty much falls without exception to the Vong, neither a Republic, Remnant, Jedi, Chiss and Hapan alliance can stop them, I just don't buy it. They are resistant to sabers, they are outside the Force, they resistant to blasters in the head? Because they seem like it with everyone losing all the time. I prefer stories where there is a balance between victory and loss, that things can go desperate and the tide turns in favor of one side and the other is doing whatever possible to regain advantage sure, that's great. But I find it unappelaing to have one side losing all the time to then come up with a Hail Mary victory at the 11th hour, another reason I don't like the NJO or even RotJ for that matter. But this is a subjective thing, that's what I like, if we all thought alike there would never be variety. @Master_Keralys I tried not to form a debate but alas it always happens, as neither side can ever just accept the different point of view. I realize that all SW characters are cliched, in fact it is unprecedented how many similarities there are between the entire SW anthology and Frank Herbert's masterpiece Dune. I'm not saying that basing themselves on pregenerated concepts is a bad thing and I agree that presentation makes up for lack of originality. My comment about the Vong was because they keep being referred to as something new and never before seen and in my opinion they are far from that which why I called the cliched. I read they chose Coruscant because of sometyhing in the agriculture or atmosphere being correct for them to recreate the conditions of their homeworld once they moved it closer to the sun. Nevertheless, from a military strategic standpoint, the capitol is the ultimate objective to win the war because it's supposed to be the hardest to conquer, like Berlin in WW2, the allies didn't start by tring to conquer Berlin or even Germany for that matter, first it was Africa, then Italy then France and eventually Germany. But that is irrelevant, my point is that how typical in any kind of sci-fi invasion that the hero's homeworld/capitol is always the specific target the enemy needs, not wants, needs. I'm not suggesting that the universe remain stale of Jedi vs Sith or Empire vs Rebels but I would have preferred that the universe remain true to its original concepts (all living beings are connected by the Force, etc). While I understand what you mean about the Jedi of the era, nonetheless remember that in SW things are always taken to somewhat extremes, if you do good then you are on the light path, begin to slip up and you head down the dark path, now I don't agree with this myself, I see the Force as neutral in its essence which is why I laugh at the concept of Light and Dark powers, but the movies push in the direction that paths are ver black and white, again this is something I'm flexible in. Still, I consider the Jedi as following training similar in fashion to soldiers, which means I do not believe they would suddenly split in two over the politics of warfare, firstly as I mentioned because I do not believe the Jedi would have not gotten involved against the Vong even half before they did, thousands or maybe millions dying and the Jedi insisting No there is a peceful solution, hardly. Luke himself was very much involved in the Rebellion and never suggested well let's make peace with them, since the Vong are supposedly much worse I doubt Luke would keep twidling his thumbs while the galaxy was on fire. Hence I do not think there would be a split in the Jedi because of discipline of training as well as I don't believe it would have ever gotten that far. But hey that's just me. As for the game, well I think I've eplained why I wouldn't find it interesting to play a game under these conditions; lack of Force, uninteresting character developemt and storyline (to me), and honestly I'm way tired of Kyle, he's fine as a mentor but I wanted to stop being him all the way after JK1. For a third time, if you want a JK series mod of the NJO organize it yourself. Trust me sitting here debating why it would be good to have an NJO mod will not have it done any time soon, try recruiting a group to make it so you can enjoy Vong slicing action. So good luck on that.
  18. @tnd I don't see any reason why I shouldn't like the fact you or anyone else likes the NJO, in the same spirit I tried to say why I don't. The empty feeling would probably be a turn off for many people who like playing as Jedi including myself. The whole point of playing a Jedi is to wield a saber and use the Force. Take away part of that and it's just incomplete and unsatisfying for a lot of us. As to the essence, the fact they come from another galaxy hardly qualifies them as beings that don't qualify to have the Force. In SW the Force is life and the nature of beings themselves, suggesting something is apart from that is suggesting they don't exist because they are not part of life. I wish I could properly explain this so it makes sense but there is not enough board and this post will be lengthy enough already. @JediLiberator, I appreciate your position and respect your opinions. Yet I disagree with your point of view. I'll address my interpretation to your points as listed: 1. I did read the synopsis to Traitor which is where I mentioned that the Vong might exist in another level of the Force, meaning the Jedi didn't understand the Force completely. While I can visulaize that the Force is probably something that can't be ever fully understood or even known, it does not allow venue for the kinds of contradictions that NJO establishes. EX. The Force is within everything in the universe, NJO is Force universe + Vong. Contradicting something established in the movies, ie canon. 2. To suggest that something or someone can strip the Force from an entire race is absurd in my pov to say the least. In SW there is no actual God like there is in actual religions, so that some diety or worse race punished the Vong by eliminating the Force within them is ludicrous, such a thing would just suggest the entire race became nothing, not real because they are no longer part of life. 3. Cortosis is a mineral, there are minerals that can act as natural resistors or conductors of energy which would reduce damaging properties of energy. A sentient being of corporal form is unable to withstand the temperatures of heat produced by something like a lightsaber, an elemental being like a Balrog from LotR on the other hand might be able to resist fire and heat based damage. 4. I have not seen this documentary you mention, I'll check it out. Regardless. from everything I've read about the Sith, they were originally a race from Korriban who practiced the Force for darkness, some Jedi discovered them and succombed to the Dark Side, these were then exiled from the Jedi and they went to Korriban where they mixed with the native Sith thus developing the Sith religion, the counterpart to the Jedi. What the NJO put was that the Jedi were as inept in their decision making as the corrupt senators from the Old Republic, half wanted to seek peaceful negotiations with the Vong after they had slaughtered what thousands, hundreds of thousands, come on. Just look at the movies the Jedi seek peace until the outbreak of war, once that is inevitable they get down to business. Further Kyp Durron's brigade disagreed with this peace initiative so the went rogue and split the Jedi into the two factions, sorry don't buy it. The Jedi would not have remained as uninvolved as they did after the events of Vector Prime, much less however many other events it took for them to finally take action. The others might as well be traitors or in the least deserters, such events just don't appear to me as something that would happen in the Jedi. 5. Coruscant is the center of the Republic and Empire, the Vong could have chosen any planet to make their base of operations from, would they have attacked and conquered the planet sure, but it is hardly a necessity from a strategic point. Actually Coruscant should have been the most difficult target being the base of the Republic and home to its military, that should have been their final goal. But my point was that it was just too typical that they chose Coruscant instead of any other planet in the galaxy because of course Coruscant is the only one that has the suitable conditions to reproduce their former homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. In any case, it wasn't my intent to form another debate from this subject. I only expressed my point of view because everyone else did also. As I said, if you want to make an NJO mod go ahead, there are plenty of people who'll play it. I hardly believe you'll have people opposed to you doing it, there's just many who like me are not interested in that particular scenario of the SW EU. That should hardly discourage you from trying to do it if you really want it done. Nice chatting with you, good luck with the NJO proyect.
  19. JediLiberator while I have not read the books themselves, I've read all of the detailed synopsis of each book up until the final two which hadn't been done at the time and have also researched sites such as the NJO encyclopedia. I believe I have at least a somewhat fair amount of knowledge of the series to comment about it and personally I do not like it, like the majority of people I have met. My comments are not meant as disrespect to anyone who likes this series, only my personal views on the subject and my reasoning for my opinion of it. I do not find the concept of the Vong to be creative nor original, I find them quite cliche and out of place within the SW universe. Firstly they are invaders from another galaxy bent on the complete destruction of anything different from them, way done before in other Sci-fi venues. They worship their gods by mutilating their bodies as well as their social status or ranks, perhaps new to SW but hardly original in concept. Then they live outside of the Force or on another level, this is just laughable considering the source of the material they are working within, the SW universe where everything from sentient beings to nature are connected by the Force, in fact the Force is the essence of all life and existance, so the concept of Vong or anything living outside of this is just absurd again given the universe they are supposed to exist within. The way I see it is that the writers wanted an enemy to be so powerful that they could easily threaten everything within the SW reality, but failed to come up with something within this universe that would fit such a threat so instead opted to just change or disregard it for what eventually became the Vong. It also feels "how typical" that the Vong would decide Coruscant is the location they wanted for their new Homeworld. The whole Jedi splitting into two factions (pacifists vs combatants) was very uncharacteristic of Jedi, then the Jedi becoming exiled and hunted by the Republic felt like they were attempting to create too much of a sense of desperation for the Jedi but to me it felt hollow. I don't care what kind of alien the amphistaff is (as all Vong equipment are organisms), a lightsaber should slice that thing in a single swipe, organics never would be able to act as conductors or resistors to energy weapons such as saber blades, same with Vong armor as it is also a living organism. As for the game, while I can grant you that you could still use the Force to manipulate the environment, such as rocks, somehow it would leave a very empty feeling to me as a Jedi player not being able to use push, pull, and any other power character of a Jedi's ability in combat. Unless the Vongs were using sabers also, it seems unnatural to fight against them with it, being as sabers should have gone through Vong weapons easily. I do like the look of the Vong model for JK2 (though I read it was an inaccurate representation of the real Vong look) and had the Vongs been the Sith equivalent of orcs I would definately have liked them much better. I hope you don't think I'm criticizing the tastes of people who like the NJO or the EU for that matter, hardly. These are the reasons I don't like the NJO and would be uninterested in seeing a game featuring them. That said, if you want to create an NJO mod for JA or JK2 or whatever, why don't you guys try recruiting a team and create it yourselves. There are plenty of NJO skins/models available which you could use if you get permission from their authors, then you'd just have to make maps and somehow convey the NJO story in MP, seige mode maybe, though that would limit the mod only to player vs player games, if AOTCTC can figure out a way to deliver a storyline in MP so can you guys, give it a shot. In any case good luck if you decide to try it, if not then hope some team in the future decides to take up your venture.
  20. Alexi, I tested all of my custom skins and models that I ported from JK2 and all of them worked for me.
  21. From what I understand, KotoR occurs some 30 years after the Great Sith War of Exar Kun, the character Jolee Bindo (sp?) was a Jedi in this conflict from what I read. Marka Ragnos had been alive 1000 years before Exar Kun, meaning he lived 5,000 years before Ep1. He united all of the Sith clans into the Sith Empire. I am not sure if Ragnos is mentioned in KotoR but I have read you visit or see Naga Sadow's tomb. Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh apparently split the Sith Empire in a civil war trying to attain leadership after Ragnos' death. Despite being the same location, I have read that KotoR's interpretation of the Valley of the Dark Lords is not accurate while JA's version is.
  22. Congratulations to the AOTC TC team for all their hard work. The models are top notch quality! Thanks guys. One question (which I hope maybe you've been able to resolve at the TC) have you guys figured out how to extend the player list in MP? As my skins/models stand right now I can't add 1 more new model/skin or it will begin overwritting the icons in the MP player list (the models are still ingame but the icons don't show up in the selection list). Please tell me if you've managed to work out this issue, I'm dying to add your Mandalorian and Clone packs but with so many new skins of each they would overwrite about 10 of my old ones, is there any help you can provide? Thanks again.
  23. Thanks for the help Andy but it still didn't work.
  24. I tried that link Andy, this appears in the top right of the screen just above Expired Domain: This domain is registered at DotRegistrar.com by a customer and parked temporarily until the owner establishes a permanent site. To contact the owner of the domain "aotctc.com", please email . If you have any questions regarding our domain parking feature, please e-mail parking@dotregistrar.com.
  25. Well I haven't been able to enter the site at all, I keep being redirected to some domain with a hundred popups. That's too bad, I was really looking forward to that Coruscant map. I'll keep trying...
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