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  1. In my opinion Kyle Katarn has had his Trology and come full circle. DF, JK1 and JO have provided a pretty good and complete story arc for Kyle's development from simple mercenary to Jedi Master. I feel that with Jedi Academy the torch has been passed to a new generation for new stories and a new direction. If a follow up game is made, I would like it to be a follow up to Jedi Academy where you have the same customization choices as JA (for those wanting to use the same character created in JA) and of course a good deal of new choices (in case you want to use something different). For storyline purposes, I don't want anymore Valley of the Jedi stories, I think those played out already in JK and JO. I realize that many people did not like encountering so many saber wielding opponents (though after playing the game through a second time, I found a lot less than what people were commenting about, the constant saber battles do not start until Vjun and the third tier of missions, everything before that was limited into 2-3 saber wielders per level, if any). In any case I confess I did like the constant saber battles (saber dueling was the reason I bought the game anyways) and I would like to see in the next story Ragnos resurrected fully rebuilding the Sith Empire either allied or even opposed by the Remnant. I don't mind fighting the Remnant and criminal organizations but playing a Jedi after all I like fighting opponents of equal skill and that can be a balanced threat against me. Still, having the 3 factions against each other reminds me of Shadows of the Empire where the Rebels, Empire and Black Sun fought in the final battle. I would also like to see groups of allied Jedi battling the Sith groups as opposed to only the player and 1 other during a fair portion of the game as well as plenty of neutral npcs. I don't recall correctly but I don't remember that much of Kyle Katarn revealed in DF, other than the instruction booklet saying he was a former imperial and then worked as a merc for the Rebels, I don't remember that much insight into the character until JK1. Perhaps JA will be set up in this fashion (though I would have preferred it to have shown a lot more Jaden's person) maybe in a sequel we'd learn more about his/her past on Coruscant, who discovered him/her, and watch Jaden grow in relationships with fellow students and with his mentor Kyle. I know there won't be the development and npc interaction of KOTOR but something like ST Elite Force would do fine to develop the characters and their relationships. I agree on making non-combat missions, though not exactly stealth related. I liked the concept of the Sand Borrower mission because it was different from just hacking away 1000 enemies, same with the Rancors and Boba Fett. I would like to see that sort of thing expanded upon, maybe even have a couple of missions doing the investigation and diplomacy stuff they mention Jedi do so much but is never used in the games. Maybe have different or alternative objectives within the main missions like the game Freedom Fighters. As for MP, I only would like to see the option of separating the charcaters and bots by class or type. The only thing I truly miss of JO is using Forcemod 2 so that Jedi use their sabers while stormtroopers and bounty hunters don't.
  2. Archonon

    Hogwarts WIP

    Since you are mentioning the possibility of changing for JA, does that mean that the map pack will be incompatible with JA or affect negatively the JA SP game? I've had 2 maps (yavin twilight and Judgment Day) affect so far the first levels of the JA SP game. But for now at least everything else, including Hogwarts beta, seems to work fine. Will this change in the map pack or can I use it in JA also? I don't use JO anymore. One final and terrible question, will the maps be botrouted? I simply love how your maps look and that's how I can play them. Oh and Minas Tirrith would be kick ass! Thanks
  3. Someone posted a dismember mod which raised all of the npcs' probabilities to maximum and I found that it works perfectly like the old Enyak mutilate mod for JO. Of course not every enemy will be taken apart like when the write protected g_sabermorerealistic is briefly changed but it does sever any of the limbs with the right hit. I'm constantly severing arms, hands, legs, heads and with a couple of right moves a few midsections. They don't fly apart into pieces but at least severing works. I'm not exactly sure where I saw the dismember mod, but I think it is in a thread here in the JA forum. With the npc mod there is no need for console or exe modification.
  4. Stormhammer: LOL on the Jerec comment. Jerec was still better than Desann imo but he was just too "fake" to appear menacing for me. But that Twi'Lek dude was just too much for me everyone else was cheesy but I grant watchable. I just like my villains to be more like Maul, from my perspective he was menacing and his gaze was unsettling, had he been real, you know. Vader was at his peek in ESB, always cool and scaring the hell out of anyone in his presence, that's the type of villain I look for in SW games. But don't think I didn't like the previous games, far from it, I just like seeing more Knightly based locales than those garbage compactors and zillion imperial bases. yoda_alex: I agree completely that the JA story should have had more depth in its realization, I hope that came across in what I wrote before, I only mentioned that I enjoyed the premise which the story was based upon more than the previous ones, a fully fleshed out and detailed storyline with exploration into the personalities and development of the characters of JA would have been the best it could reach. This is the reason why, for storyline purposes, I like RPGs better than other game types because they truly explore these types of issues. Imagine if the JA storyline had been developed like KOTOR, for me it would have been the best because I really like seeing games which the player can get into the story aside from just playing. Aliens Vs. Predator 2 had a top notch SP storyline which I really enjoyed apart from all the shooting, hunting and wall crawling, the Wing Commander series did the same for me in space sims, they are like watching movies run along aside the game itself. I mentioned the levels as part of my complete impression of JA not in regards to any comments made by anyone in particular. As to the feel of the game, I also agreed there should have been npcs both neutral and friendly running about in different places for different reasons. But I have not seen many pure FPS that have constant npcs at all or more than a few people here and there, even in JK1 there were only occassional npcs in the Nar Shaddaa level that I could remeber, not many after that. Still, believe me I also was disappointed at the lack of friendly/neutral characters. Though I agree the locations felt as if in a void for only having enemies, I did not really felt the game lacked the SW essence all that much, for me at least the overall feel of the games was very similar to JK1 and JO but everyone gets something different from the movies anyways so this is all quite subjective to each individual.
  5. Archonon

    Hogwarts WIP

    I've got to say Eldritch that your Hogwarts Beta is one of my favorite maps and I don't even like Harry Potter. And thanks also so much for botrouting it, very few betas (or final maps for that matter) have them. I recall you mentioned the final map had gotten so big that you were going to split it into 2 maps. Are you working on the first or second? Will you be releasing both together or separate? The map looks stupendous, man I wish you could make some LOTR maps as well.
  6. So I've been reading as much of these posts as I can to more or less get a feel for what many people feel was a strength or weakness in JA and I suppose I will put in my own opinion. I'm going to focus primarily on SP since this is what I bought the game for and frankly what I have the most experience with. I've played all of the games in the DF/JK series, I like all of them and completed all except for the original. Now despite there being some elements which I preferred in games that came before, as a whole I have found JA to be my favorite. About what I would have liked to have seen in JA I can pretty much only mention what countless others mentioned here. After playing STV: Elite Force I loved the format of squad based missions and friendly/neutral npcs which not only conversed with you but you could interact and affect in the story itself. In EF1 members of your squad could be killed randomly in missions, affected by your gameplay (except a few scripted exceptions). I also enjoyed how the character would go back to the ship in between missions and could walk around, talk and learn more about his/her companions. This is something I felt that JA had the perfect opportunity of integrating due to its mission-tier system. I would have liked to see more depth to the character of Jaden in his relationships with fellow students/teachers as well as growth as a person/Jedi. And I would have loved to have seen friendships and even a romatic relationship developed into the main plot or sub-plot to show different dimensions to the character. I know JA is primarily a FPS but EF managed to pull this off at least to an extent which could have been expanded upon in JA. Level design I liked much more than its predecessors. I can't really say I did not like any of the levels really, only that I found some of them too small and confined. Of course the perfect example for me here is Mos Eisley and my fave SW world, Coruscant. I'm grateful they made the effort to put in this place at all, but my two concerns that made the level not feel as it should was the architecture looked nothing like Coruscant and that it was confined only to a very small section of ledge jumping. I would have wanted to see areas such as the old Jedi Temple (which I always thought should have been reimplemented as the Jedi home as opposed to Yavin), the Senate or in the very least just ground level similar to AOTC and have only a fraction of it in the high area instead of it all. Still in the most part I did like the levels, even the little of Coruscant there is, pretty much. I was glad to see partially dynamic levels such as the sand burrower, rancors, Boba Fett, and the few others which were more than only hack, shoot and slash. Still, in comparing with those that came before I really like the new ones better. I never liked the Nar Shaddaa levels in the previous games, I hated running around catwalks and buillding ledges when you're supposed to be in a massive metropolis it just felt wrong to me unlike what I have seen from Taris in KOTOR, even the old Ep1 game gave me a greater sense of a city in the Mos Espa mission than any one of the JK games with Nar Shaddaa. The old games also focused way too much in Imperial bases, trash compactors and starship levels for me; I suppose my like for ruins, temples and citadels is to be blamed on LOTR since I associate the Jedi more with those types of characters than space warriors. I will also go against the tide in the storyline. While I do think that JA's storyline should have been more detailed and have more depth, I liked it far more than the previous ones with DF a close second. DF I liked in the manner that was simple and to the point, mercenary helping Rebellion against Empire and its new secret weapon and meets Jabba along the way. I am not however too fond of JK1 and JO's story because they implement the Force as something someone can just pick and insert into someone else or themselves. The whole Valley of the Jedi thing was really disappointing to me and of course the same thing applies for the Reborn and even more the Shadowtroopers. Though I disliked this as it was started in JK1, by JO I had just accepted it which is why by JA it doesn't really bother as much as before. I do liked the idea of the scepter that could resucitate Marka Ragnos and the revival the Sith Empire, I suppose because of the light parallel to the Ring and Sauron in LOTR, I found it much more interesting than Jerec wanting a Valley with Force power or Desann's experiments to create the perfect dark force user. And I'll also admit that I enjoyed fighting the Sith Warriors in JA all the time because that is precisely what I wanted in this game. I was interested in fighting as a Jedi against opponents of equal and greater ability. I've always loved the idea of having a Sith army in modern eras in SW to counter the new Jedi, even in the movies themselves I've never felt there was a real opponent to the Jedi except the occassional Sith Lord; despite being good to fight sometimes stormtroopers, mercs and droids just seem too uneven a match. But then again the way I would have wanted it is an actual Jedi army vs Sith army, not Jedi player vs Sith army, but again that's just me. The villains in JK as a whole have been generally disappointing for me. I have no idea who the villain was in DF since I never finished it, I think some Imperial commander; but I really hate Jerec and his group. The characters were way too over the top for my taste, the Twi'Lek character just made me laugh at how stupid he was than frighten as an enemy, Yun was a character I also dislike a lot he reminds me of Rosh, Maw was terrible a guy still alive sliced in half? Come on, I bet Maul wished he'd have that guy's doctor, Sariss and Tavion had about the same effect for me, I just wish Tavion was not dressed like an indian. Desann I did not like either but more mainly because of being a T-Rex, that was just not right. Jerec was ok, but he was not menacing and for me mostly lame. JA's was not much better in this department either but I found Marka Ragnos a potentially good villain, especially having to duel in his tomb with his statue and stuff, but only if Marka had been resucitated into physical form instead of going into Tavion would have this worked for me. I look forward to seeing Malak and Bandon in KOTOR to see if they turned out more as I'd hoped for SW villains. As to seeing mostly humans as villains, I partially agree but for the most part in the movies the majority of the villains were human, outside of Jabba's group, and at least I found more variety in creatures in JA such as the Rancor, Wampa, Sand Borrower, Howlers, etc still I know what you mean. MP wise all I will say is that I wish there had been a similar system as Forcemod 2. I wish Jedi were strictly that with sabers and Force powers while other classes such as soldiers and mercs didn't have Force but had gadgets and blasters and such, or in the very least have an option to have something like that in MP, I hate seeing Stormtroopers and Boba Fett with Force powers and sabers. I apologize for such a long post but I had plenty of catching up to do with so many other comments in this thread.
  7. That sounds excellent Kevin, thanks for the consideration. I just noticed that Mariners2001 asked the same thing in a different way, sorry I made you answer that twice in a row. Thanks again and the model looks great.
  8. Does that mean that you are planning on packing all of the skins, EP2, Ep2-robed, Ep3, etc together as defaults in the same pk3? I ask because most modelers love to have so many variants of their models and unforunately both JO and JA have strict limits as to how many additional models/skins can be added before they start overriding in the icon list and I reached my limit in both games a long time ago. It's somewhat frustrating having to either constantly be deleting older models to make space or having to edit the new ones so only the original default skin shows up. Any hope of seeing them in separate pk3s?
  9. @ILR - This is precisely what I was talking about with Weiner Dog, please refrain from being negative with other members. I'm very glad you like the game, I love it myself much more than JO, but even though some people don't like what's going on with MP doesn't mean that it is considered a poor game as a whole (as some claim) or that it should ruin the game for you. As with JO, I'm fairly positive that Raven will take into consideration the concerns addressed by those who are unsatisfied and release a patch or more. What I was upset about is the attitude that some of these members have when they complain about what they don't like, the same should be said for those of us that do like the game as is and are being inconsiderate of our fellow gamers. @Spartacus - I suspected Marka Ragnos was developed before Exar Kun. I realize that Marka Ragnos was the Lord of the Sith 1000 years before Kun and the Great Sith War and that Ragnos was the first Sith Lord to unite all of the Sith clans into what would become the Sith Empire. I was merely pointing out the similarity between Kun's story in the EU and that used for Ragnos in JA to Silent_Thunder who felt it less Star Wars, as a way to show that sort of thing is used in the SW EU. I have a fair knowledge of EU because of fanfic writing but in all honesty I'm not an EU fan in most occassions. But thanks for the info on Kevin Anderson and the literary references. @Silent_Thunder - It's not just you, I just don't happen to share your feelings on this particular subject. Sure I found the saber battles more random (I would visualize them as frequent more than random though) than in past games. And occasionally I might have wished for a higher sense of strategy for the saber battles, but in all honesty I've never found the saber battles in any JK game strategic in the first place, so I suppose I did not feel a sense of loss in that aspect such as you. In all Jk games either SP or MP I've always found saber battles to be just slash, stab, hack or club to defeat your opponent, I've yet to find an actual example of strategy to parrying and have an actual style of fighting such as fencing moves or oriental martial arts, this was something being developed for the scrapped PC version of Obi-Wan where the mouse acted your saber moves. I understand about the "ease" you speak of, here's how I deal with that; since it's SP I can control what I do myself, so I make myself limit the use of Force powers in standard dueling situations, I use Ligthning when I'm outmatched or in specific instances, I know it's little to make up for what you want but at least my saber battles are quite challenging for me, especially when I face double bladed or dual bladed opponents versus my single blade. If anything I wholeheartedly agree with you I wish some levels were longer. As a whole JA is about twice as lo0ng as JO, level number wise, but some levels such as Mos Eisley are small. Sure I wish I would have been able to see the Jedi Temple in Coruscant, famous landmarks, go through ground levels and other parts from the movies in that planet which is my fave in SW but alas we are restricted to a very short perimeter around a few buildings, still I got to see it there and in the least it was enough for me to smile and run a little through the capitol. Yeah there were very few conversations this time, I personally heard about 5 or 6 at the very most, I missed that but I still would have liked to see Jaden's character interact more with other characters and grow as a person not only as a Jedi. I tried to give you a bit of backstory as to why they might have selected Ragnos and here I mention who he was, I suppose those completely unfamiliar with the EU might not understand what the resurrection of Ragnos might entail or why he would be a deadly adversary. The scepter of power btw, reminds me of Lord of the Rings, where the wizards have their power centralized in their staffs.
  10. Well this kind of storyline has been used in the EU in a constant basis. While I agree with you about the sense of danger, I liked the Ragnos story much more than Jerec's group in JK1 (which to me were very over the top and not believable when compared to say the movie villains) and Desann in JO, well don't get me started on him, I had enough trouble swallowing a place where people can infuse the Force into themselves (Valley of the Jedi) to then have a T-Rex try to ake it for himself, but this is just a matter of preference anyways. In the EU, Exar Kun's spirit remained in the Massassi Temples of Yavin 4 for 4,000 years before taking over the body of Kip Durron, a student under Luke's new Academy, in order to find a way to revive himself. The Ragnos story seems quite reminiscent or inspired by that to me. And of course you don't hear Jaden talking about whether he'll live or not which I agreed with you; he rarely is presented talking to npcs about anything and very small story related scenes came out anyways, which as I said was one of the few things I was hoping to see more of.
  11. I understand that people can get under your skin with baseless comments or just downright insulting remarks. And I understand (I think) what you are referring to in the problems arising from what's now in MP such as the exceeded Healing and a loss of competetive edge because of disminished saber damage and force power restrictions. As I said, I do hope that these matters are addressed, as they probably will in my opinion, but I only commented on my own feelings because of the constant barrage of rants and insults flying around. I only mentioned you because you had gone against this trend but started leaning in that direction as of late. So hopefully there will be some MP patches coming at some soon future date that helps with the problems you are finding in MP. I'm just getting tired of people insulting other members because they either like or don't like something, so my post was more of a general comment than something directed at your sentiments personally. To comment on what you just put in, personally I liked JA much more than JO or Jk2 in terms of storyline. The format was fine for me, and I'm so grateful not to have seen trash compactor levels and similar locations which plagued Jk1-2. I do not like stealth missions in JK so I was not disappointed in that aspect. And at least for me I bought the game for saber battling so I am not disappointed at the frequency of saber combat in JA. The glow sword, at least how I see it, represents Sith power which if the sword had been a normal steel Lord of the Rings sword well the Lightsaber would slice through it as if butter so I also did not mind that, again just my preferences. The only thing I can complain about SP was it did not have neutral npcs, very little Coruscant but more than anything there was not as much depth as I wanted for the character's development in the story. Jaden doen't walk around the Academy and talk to other masters and students in between missions which is something I liked of Star Trek Elite Force and hoped JA would have. I also am a sucker for a romantic subplot and missed a new and improved subplot than the brief one in JO, again just me. Other than that I found SP in JA more to my liking than any other JK game; I liked the Sith Cultists in appearance a 1000 times better than Reborn, I liked the Mercenaries which I swear I saw in another SW game before, and I liked the originality in levels like the Sand Burrower, Rancors and Boba Fett which set JA apart for me from a standard run around shooting or in the case hacking away at all enemies.
  12. No trick my friend, I realize the difference between the release dates but by the time JO came out there was enough reference material for Anakin. And in all honesty I love his Jedi clothes and wanted an SP replacement for Kyle who stopped being cool for me after Dark Forces.
  13. Weiner Dog while I respect your opinions as well as all others I think it would be inappropriate to become confrontational the same as many people have been doing in both sides of the argument. You are not satisfied with the final product well that is your opinion and you wish to point out what you feel has caused to diminish the gaming experience for you in a respectable and constructive manner then that is your right as a consumer. Frankly what was put in or removed from ctf of MP is indifferent for me as I don't care for MP other than running through some maps against a couple of bots (which dooms me not to ever see Siege but oh well). As such I expect you to also respect the opinion of those that disagree finding fault in the game where you do. I am increasingly being annoyed by the constant whining and rants being posted on these boards. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying not to post your opinions, concerns, recommendations, I am bothered at how it's being expressed in remarks such as: "This game sucks because so and so was removed" and things like that. Your orignial post of evaluating MP was constructive and very well formulated for which I greatly respect. But as opposing opinions surface you seem to be headed in the same path of the whiners I mentioned. So please keep your comments in the same form as your original posts. And I truly hope this from every person indifferent to their opinion of the game as much as myself. I'm sorry those of you feel letdown by the end result of the game and I hope that some of those matters can be addressed to improve your experience with game but please lets keep an open mind and respect both sides of the discussion.
  14. That looks fantastic Kevin, excellent job! An Ep.3 version would be cool, but hopefully left for after the release of Ep.2, I've wanted an Ep.2 Anakin since the release of JK2.
  15. That looks excellent Kevin, great work! Can't wait for this model to come out. Two very slight things for recommandation, the braid is too long Anakin kept it about shoulder length as opposed to Obi-Wan in EP1. The only other very minor concern is weigthing the model once it's completed, Ep4 Obi-Wan's left hand clipped through the saber ingame and I hope you might be able to fix that with Anakin. That's it, everything else looks prefect so far, thanks a lot for continuing to make this highly sought after model.
  16. Well I have no idea how saberrealisticcombat does anything, I've tried it 10 times and nothing changes. g_sabermorerealistic though does work but that damn write protection is a real b!tch. I even made my JAconfig a read only file with g_sabermorealistic 2 and when I turn the game on it sets it back to 0 even though it says can't write JAconfig when any level loads. This really sucks, I mean why the hell is this crap write protected? Every dismemberment has appeared in the movies anyways, when I select dismemberment on it should be on all the way not that stupid arm and hand thing. Has anyone found out anyway to break the protection thing? I tried to look for an npc.cfg to make an updated Enyak mutilate mod but I can't find it in any of the assests.pk3s. Kurgan, thanks for the heads up, if everything continues to fail I'll try that new shortcut sounds like the most promising solution. And I tried the burn marks also, I set cg_g2Marks to 16 but it has no effect There is a seta cg_saberEntMarks "1" which might work if changed to 16, I'll check next time I play.
  17. Okay so I tested it a bit and here are my results. I reopened the cfg and set everything back to dismemberment options: seta g_dismember 100 seta g_dismemberprobabilities 1 seta g_sabermorerealistic 2 then I turned on the game, loaded the last level I was on, put in devmapall and saved it through the console as dismembermod. I noticed that while the settings for the game were as I put them; g_sabermorerealistic was set to 2 it still indicated that default is 0 while before I loaded the game both were set to 2. I exited the game and turned it back on 3 times. The first time I restarted the game everything was fine. When I checked the file it still had the settings I had put. But the second and third test failed. I reloaded twice the save game made when I renamed it and though it still had the g_dismember 100 the G-sabermorerealistic was again 0. Every time I changed it back to 2 it appeared as before: the setting is running 2 but default is 0 and as soon as I exited and restarted the game setting would completely revert back to 0. So unless I change g_sabermorerealistic to 2 every time before I restart the game it doesn't seem to work. Thanks for the help.
  18. Yes I have dismemberment on in the options and yep it's also the retail version. I just checked my JAconfig file and it had reverted my changes, they appear now as: seta g_dismember 1 seta g_dismemberprobabilities 1 (that's the same as I set it) seta g_sabermorerealistic 0 I don't know why it changed the file back to this. What is the file name I have to save from the console? Maybe that's what's missing and that's why it eliminates my changes.
  19. Yes I did that too but after I turned off the game and turned it back on it didn't work anymore. Like the game had reverted back to what it had before I had put those lines in the JAconfig.cfg. If there's a way to have the game keep those settings without going back then I have a solution to my problems
  20. The saberrealisticcombat line does nothing believe me I've tried it numerous times. What does work is the g_sabermorerealistic 1-3 but it is copy protected, so you can write it into the JAconfig file with 2 other lines mentioned in another thread and load a map from the console and it will work. But if you shut off the game and turn it back on it is overwritten even if you had it in the JAconfig file and can't change it back through the console. Thanks for the scar line Kurgan, I'll test it tomorrow after class.
  21. I wrote in the three lines stated in the first post in the JAconfig and then loaded the map I was currently on through the console. Ok so the good news is that dismemberment worked 100% and even more I thought that battle scars looked more pronounced and appeared more often, at least that's how it seemed to me. But the bad news is that obviously you only start the level with the saber and you are not allowed to allocate the force power before the mission. So I abandoned the game and loaded it normally and the dismemberment was still there. Unfortunately when I shut it off completely and loaded the last mission I was on when I had dismemberment on it no longer worked and g_sabermorerealistic was again in 0. I haven't looked at my JAconfig file again but even though I had written the saber realistic line and saved it at 2 it is once again one and can't be changed through the console because of the protection. This freaking copy protection is extremely enraging, I wish someone would manage to find a way to break it or get around it so I wouldn't have to be loading from the damn console everytime I restart the game or load a saved mission fresh.
  22. You mean activate cheats before putting in the dismemberment command? I can activate cheats by writing "devmap" or "devmapall" But so far I've found 3 different commands that supposedly activate SP dismemberment. "g_saberrealisticcombat" - JO old command which did nothing for me "g_sabermorerealistic" - Which says default 0 and is copy protected so I can't change. "g_dismemberment" - Which I haven't tried. I'll give another try after activating cheats and if none work I'll put the Enyak Mutilate mod and see if it has any effect in JA.
  23. Yes in JO it was g_saberrealisticcombat # but that doesn't work in JA, I tried it and it didn't do anything. when i input g_sabermorerealistic it says default set to 0 when I retyped it to 1 it says copy protected and I couldn't change it .
  24. I believe I read somewhere that to enable full dismemberment in SP I had to write g_sabermorerealistic 1 or something like that but when I did it says it is write protected, how can I edit this for full dismemberment? One of the very first mods I had or JO was an SP dismemberment mod but I don't know if it would work here. Anyone know how to edit dismemberment? And if I do it would I have to star SP over as JO usually did whenever you changed something/ Also, has anyone had the battle scars from saber attacks appear very less frequent and disappear much faster than the demo? Battle scars barely appear in my SP game, I don't know if it was something I changed in the graphics section or what (I put everything in highest settings) but in the very small instances the scars appear they vanish really quickly. Unlike the demo where they were extremely visible and lasted a good amount of time. Anyone have any ideas how to prolong the scars? Thanks for any help.
  25. Well I don't necessarily know what kind of bugs this could be but so far the SP game has crashed 3 times since I bought it. I can usually play it for a good while but without any indication of anything wrong it will give me JASP has performed an illegal operation, yada, yada always when I'm loading a level...When I reboot and reload there's no problems. I had one crash that gave me something...after one crash I tried to restart without rebooting and it said: Z_Malloc () Failed to alloc 1017090 bytes (Tag_Hunkalloc). After rebooting though it started fine and worked perfectly. I noticed most of my crashes have occured during the loading of story-related missions (Hoth and Vjun) only one crash was in a regular level load from the 3. Anyways, everything else runs pretty smoothly for me, that's about it.
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