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  1. Actually, Lucas did say that Fett is dead (I found nothing contradictory from Lucas to those previous statements in the Official SW site but maybe I missed it) and he doesn't really get much involved with what happens in the EU. Though the EU says he's alive, I'll go 100% with Lucas on this and Boba's dead, but you guys can enjoy the EU's version as much as you want I have no problems with that. If its another Mandalorian I would have preferred it but if it is Fett I hope you can kill him, that would be very satisfying for me (Reading IGN's review though they gave away Fett's encounter so I already know the answer to that). Personally, I never really found what was so great about a schmuck that stood in the background for 5 minutes in ESB and had about 3 lines anyways. Jango, on the other hand I liked much more, he did so much more in AOTC than Boba did in the entire original trilogy anyways, plus I like Jango's suit better but that's just me.
  2. Though it isn't something that would affect my opinion of the game itself, I do hope that there is more customization choices available. Especially in changing the clothes actual colors instead of just the lining, but again not that big of a deal for me only because they advertized it would be such grand variety. I do also hope for a couple of more heads. On the clothing topic; Anakin has no black in his clothing. His inner tunic is cream colored, his outer tunic is brown, the leather tabbards are dark brown and his cloak was also a very dark brown (can be clearly seen in the dvd Tatooine scenes). Though I'm not sure if I saw black I know a huge bunch of the Jedi in the Geonosis arena had dark clothing. I don't really think color has anything to do with alignment within the Order.
  3. I just ran through the 2 missions available in the demo and I was very excited with what I saw, definately has raised my anticipations for the final release. The Mos Eisley level was pretty cool, though I was a tiny bit disappointed you are restricted only to the landing bay, but since there are clear pictures of Sandpeople, Shai-Hulud Sandworms (...Oops I meant Sarlacc ) and open deserts at least I know there is a longer visit to Tatooine than what's in the demo. The Chandrila level was very atmospheric which I liked, though I am not a big fan of levels filled with continous jumping, still no complaints. I liked the statues and the tomb, though I am still not quite sure what those crystals are...other than really pretty lamps that is. I enjoyed seeing the different costumes on the Trandoshans and Rodians, made it feel a little less like fighting generic clones of the same character. Chewie looked nice and was fun to have around, albeit too briefly. Somehow Kyle's face did seem a little better in the cutscenes than what I expected, I don't know the beard looked more real to me for some reason, though he should really get a change of clothes. I hated the way the Reborn looked in JO but I have to admit that I really like the new Sith warriors. Their half ninja/half desert like clothing looked good to me, particularly on the red ones that had additional head dressings. I also enjoyed very much how damn hard those freakin ninjas are. I tried sniping one from very far away and he just evaded it thinking he was Neo, then he raced upwards two high jump platforms just to face me and I had to quickly change to saber as he got to me. Shooting others also didn't work (which is good imo) they spiraled and aerial cartwheeled out of every shot I fired at them, only the Concussion rifle worked and it was at another platform far away. So in this aspect I also am pleased. In spite of being a little trivial, I also was a bit down about the lack of variants (since it was something so emphasized about the game) but like Kurgan said since it's a demo it probably doesn't contain every option in the final product. All in all I think they have done a superb job from what I can see and I have very high hopes for the game.
  4. I appreciate and respect your point of view Alexi but I don't agree with it. I've already touched on every single point you mentioned in your post from the aspect of being trained by a Sith Lord to become a Sith to the fact that I do not base my opinion in accordance with anything said in the EU. And for the sake of everyone here who might not want to see this discussion continue I will not rewrite what I already put down in my other posts or repeat why I see things the way I do. Fact is that the only "Dark Jedi" presented in the movies have been Sith, even Vader and Dooku who were Jedi before turning to the Dark Side became Sith Lords. Also a great number of these enemies were never members of the Jedi Order to begin with, if they weren't Jedi why are they still called "Dark Jedi"? In any case thanks for adding your comments to the discussion. And Emon I partly agree with what you said. I definately agree that Force powers are all neutral in essence, Lightning and even Rage included. How they use those powers and what is their intent is what determines the Light or Dark. Like it was mentioned earlier, if a Jedi swings or stabs with a lightsaber and kills his opponent then no one considers that to be tapping into the Dark Side. Yet if a Jedi kills using Ligthning or Grip then it's Dark Side...why? They are the same result just different methods. What was inside the Jedi is what counts the way I see it. Anger is just the initial step to the Dark Side, and a Jedi using his anger is not a condemnation to the Dark Side, it's progressing from his anger to hatred and then allowing the hatred to actually take you, for I see it as something you have to accept willingly. Hatred is the true path to darkness because as Yoda said it leads to causing suffering, not because say you kill your parent's killer in an act of vengeance but because the hatred from that act will consume you and soon you'll spill that beyond that first person until it affects all you deal with right or wrong, it's a process.
  5. Andy is correct about the "Lost Twenty" to which Dooku was the last one to leave and the hardest impact felt by the Order according to the extended dialogue in the AOTC screenplay where the Librarian (Ju or Nu Casta?) explains this to Obi-wan. As I view it the Lost Twenty left the Order. But Dooku aside, the other nienteen have never been identified as leaving the Order to the Dark Side, only that they left the Jedi. There are a billion explanations why the other 19 could have left which have nothing to do with the Dark Side. The identification of the Jedi and Sith as a religion comes from A New Hope where Grand Moff Tarkin tells Vader "He's the only one left of that religion" meaning the Jedi. And there very close and obvious similarities that can be made between the Force and religious faith as Kurgan pointed. The Force powers I have always felt are too black and white in their portrayal. It's like if a Jedi attacks a Sith Warrior without starting the confrontation then off he goes to the Dark Side (you know what I mean). I don't really agree with that concept, and I know that's from Lucas himself. Lightning is a destructive Force power but if you recall Dooku's comment when he launches lightning at Obi he says his power has grown far beyond Obi's. Lightning I find is like the manisfestation of pure energy within the Force, only people very highly attuned to the Force can channel Lightning through and from them. I think that combat is grey, a Jedi can use Lightning without being in the Dark Side its how he uses it and against who that matters. If the Jedi is in a duel against a Sith or Dark Jedi or even a dumb battle droid using Lightning as a way to defeat the opponent is to me acceptable as long as his heart remains pure (I hope you understand what I mean by this), even the Emperor had to maintain consecutive attacks to really injure Luke and threaten his life. Pedro, you are also correct about Yoda's statement. So here's my best explanation to my point of view. I don't think the Sith as something so static. Bane implemented the 2 Sith rule because of the consequences of the Great Sith War if I recollect correctly, among other things the continous power struggles between Siths to claim leadership and even the war between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. But just because Bane implemented the 2 Sith rule doesn't necessarily mean that the rule would stay implemented forever or that it can't be changed. I see it that a new Sith Lord can throw away that rule should it seem unwise to him and create a new Sith Army if he should choose, that's how I classify the other Dark Side users. As I recall the Sith had remained extinct originally until several Jedi began studying them and eventually fell to the Dark Side. From here came characters like Marka Ragnos, Exar Kun, Simus, etc. Even though the Sith was effectively extict the Jedi that studied them and eventually fell became Siths themselves. That's how I apply it to modern times also; the Sith is a "religion" devoted to the Dark Side of the Force while Jedi the Light, ying and yang. When you study the Dark Side what you are studying is Sith teachings and as such once you learn and use those as your code, you are a Sith. I write SW fanfics and that's how I interpret it in my stories, I hope it sort of makes sense to you. To get on topic I don't think the red Twi'lek is a clone it makes more sense to me she holds a position similar to Tavion's in Outcast. Who knows maybe she's part of a group like Jerec's in JK. I apologize for once again getting off topic and making such an long post.
  6. Coruscant is my absolute favorite world in the SW universe. I can't even imagine how much better RotJ would have been for me had Luke and Vader's duel before the Emperor happened in Coruscant as it was originally intended (named Had Abbadon then). I was so pleasantly surprised when I read Coruscant would be in JA and saw the screenies, especially since I had asked ravenchang (I think was the name he used here) had told me that Coruscant wouldn't be in because it was such a hard planet to pull off convincingly. I only wish JA'a Coruscant resembled somewhat what I saw in that ffa Coruscant map released in pcgamemods this last week. If it doesn't, well I don't care I still get to visit my fave SW locale anyways. One thing I would like to see (like many have already mentioned) are some npcs walking about and maybe saying a thing or two before returning to the ol'hack and slash.
  7. Am, I was not trying to form any kind of debate really. I was simply stating my opinion on the subject and providing as much weight to my statement as I could to back up what I was talking about, especially because I see a lot on these boards that people complain when someone gives an opinion and doesn't back it up with anything. Mind you I am not saying you are wrong, I just see it differently than you that's all. I'm not trying to "convert" anyone to the my point of view just putting it out there as part of a discussion. And I agree with you it's just a movie, etc. But unfotunately, the dabtes that usually come up are dumb things like this and wether Boba Fett is still alive.
  8. Unfortunately I don't see it that way. Firstly I don't acknowledge the existance of Light and Dark Side Force powers like the games represent. The way I see it both Jedi and Sith can utilize either power its how they use it that determines the effect. There is nothing in my recollection that points out the existance of something called a "Dark Jedi" either. Unless you mean references to such a thing made by EU novels or games. I don't recall once in any movie the term Dark Jedi being mentioned. Qui-gon refers to his encounter in Tatooine with Maul as someone greatly trained in the Jedi arts (or something to that effect) then he immediately refers to him as being a Sith Warrior. During the Millenia that the Sith were believed extinct there has also never been a reference that any Jedi delt with Force sensitive opponents, outside the EU I mean. Which is why the Jedi had stopped using Dooku's fencing style combat designed for fighting another saber wielding opponent and used techniques with blunt slashes and concentrating in deflelcting blaster bolts. I find no evidence of Dark Jedi existing outside the EU and as such I view Dark Side users to be Sith, Jedi origins or not. What I assign to the classification of Jedi and Sith is the religion they worship. I have also not seen any Jedi that uses their powers for their own benefit outside of the Jedi Order that wasn't a Sith Warrior, such as Tyranus. Again these are my own conclusions because I do not utilize EU definitions, I use only what is established in the movies.
  9. I have seen this issue brought up so many times before but I've never weighed in my opinion. Since it has been put of for discussion again I suppose I'll put in my two cents. In complete honesty, I am going to go against the tide. I agree with Sithdoom, let me elaborate... The Jedi is the religion and subsequent name of the Order that "worships" this religion and its Knights. The Sith is the religion that "worships" the Dark Side and like its counterpart also fills the name or the Order who follow it as well as the name referred to its warriors, ie "Sith Warrior". The term Dark Jedi to me is a misconception, there is no such thing or at the very least is the same thing as a Sith Warrior. Why? In my opinion because the "Dark Jedi" do study and practice the Dark Side of the Force when they turn to the other side which means they study and practice the Sith arts. In every single movie the "Dark Jedi" are Sith Warriors or Lords; Maul, Tyranus, Vader and Sidious. Now obviously, Maul and Sidious were Sith practitioners since the beginning, while Tyranus and Vader are fallen Jedi. Still the latter two are Sith. Wether they were trained or not by a Sith Lord I see as unimportant as what they train into and the arts Dark Side is the Sith. I know you guys probably won't see it from my point of view but still that's how I sum it up. I do not take into account any EU explanations or definitions for my opinion, only what I've formulated from the movies Jedi = Light Sith = Dark If a Sith warrior repented or whatever and turned to the Light Side and joined the Jedi or worked with them as Vader and Tyranus did, he wouldn't be a "Light Sith", he'd be a Jedi. Same thing with the Dark Jedi, once they switch sides they are joining the Sith ranks and are therefore no longer Jedi but now are in fact Sith.
  10. Obviously there have been quite a few problems in maintaining the correct continuity when you write the final 3 movies first without giving much thought as to what happened before, and finally begin writing the prequels 20 years later. Still, most of the errors are forgivable and are not really that much of a big deal. I do not believe though that the games are part of the EU, I agree they incorporate elements from the EU such as charcaters, worlds and even events, but they aren't necessarily following the history set in the EU. For example we know that in the EU, the Great Sith War against Exar Kun happened about 4,000 years before Ep1 and the Knights of the Old Republic game takes place about 30 years after that war but nowhere in the EU timeframe (at least to my knowledge) has it been established that the war or events in Knights actually happened. In turn this is how I view the games. I know they incorporate things from the EU such as Luke's Academy on Yavin, Dash Rendar and the battle against Black Sun (though to my understanding the game came before the novel), etc. But I don't think the games have to follow the EU timeframe at all, they can if they want to but don't have to, that's how I see it. About Palpatine's resurrection I can't answer for whoever made the original statement but I don't think it goes against the movies exactly but imo was in somewhat bad taste. Everyone keeps being freaking cloned in the EU; Palpatine, Thrawn, Luke, etc. Though the movies themselves opened the door to clones the clones in EP.2 have a very specific role and importance to the movie arc as a whole. The continuous cloning of villains or other charcaters just seems to me like they couldn't come up with anything better and to me is disappointing. To avoid any scornful remarks I'll reserve commentary on the Vong. All I will say is that I agree not only that they contradict the precedent of the movies but are imo are completely outside the essence of Star Wars as a whole, patened Lucasbook license or not. But this is just my opinion. Oh and I agree with you boinga; I'm playing JA also no matter if freaking Gungans and Ewoks burst onto the screen in a dance number together...then again...
  11. Though I will try not to initiate another one of those extremely boring EU canon vs non-canon debates everyone is sick of, you have to keep in mind one thing. The novels of the expanded universe, while being an official part of the Star Wars license, are NOT confirmed nor established to having had happened as far as the true story (The one in the movies) is concerned. The EU has constantly been explained as not being completely canon both from the license holders and publishers to Lucas himself who says the EU is what he considers an alternate universe to his own. I know the EU enthutiasts will deny or debate this point (as has happened before) but I'm not making this up. Now don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing nor speaking against the EU. Personally there are things I greatly like about the EU such as the Shadows of the Empire novel, the character of Thrawn and his tale (before he was cloned), I like the Solo children, Exar Kun to an extent and the world of Korriban. As many know the name Coruscant comes from the EU as it was originally called Had Abbadon as it woud have appeared in RotJ as originally planned. There are many things I do not like about the EU as well such as the extreme overuse of cloning of characters, planets like Corellia being moved by repulsor lifts (or something like that), Chewie dying and Boba living, and of course the Yuuzhan Vong and all associated with that. My point is that the games can incorporate aspects, stories, characters or whatever from the EU but it doesn't mean they have to. Say the next Jedi Knight game (whatever it is) is set 25 years after RotJ, the game isn't obligated to follow or even acknowledge the events in the NJO books or any other book for that matter. Since Ep.1, it is established the Republic is 1,000 years old, much contradicting things such as the Knights of the Old Republic series which is 4,000 years before Ep1 and refers to the very same Republic as the prequels. And as far as the Jedi being around for thousands of generations, nowhere has it been established that the Jedi and Republic were created simultaneously. We know the Jedi were the protectors of the Republic since its creation but EU aside the Jedi might have existed long before the Republic was ever thought of. I hope supporters of the EU (especially NJO) are not too upset by what I've written here, it is not meant to demean or insult what you guys like. And I sincerely hope I don't start any kind heated discussion on this subject matter. The way I see the EU is not what did happen, but like Star Wars Infinities, is the way things might have happened. And the great thing about something like Star Wars is that each of can interpret the events however we choose to...well except the movies of course, we're all screwed if we don't like something there!!!
  12. Lol, this is specifically how I mean that people's tastes can differ so significantly while still seeing aspects of the same universe. Frankly, I hope they do not introduce the YV into the JK series or any other game that isn't related to the NJO. If they make a game which chronicles the adventures of the NJO or events related to that then no problem at all, in fact there I might even decide to buy it pending how the game is. But for me personally, the YV themselves as a race concept, what they represent, and how they are developed and particularly those things you mentioned about the fall of the Republic and the Jedi discriminations are some of the very specific things I don't like about the NJO. Don't think I'm saying I wouldn't support NJO-themed games for you fans of the series, because I really would. But I would not like to see the existing series go in that direction. Personally, I'd rather continue fighting the Sith over the YV always. Maybe someday we'll both get what we want.
  13. As I mentioned, the fact of wether or not the EU is separate or not from the movies is relative. To you it isn't, to me it is because I follow what Lucas said about the EU. Despite wether you like them or not the prequels answer at least some of the questions you posted. And that is the absolute true answer because they came from the source. Some questions such as the Jabba thing are explained in the original trilogy itself, if the EU has developed that Jabba has a "hatred" for Han other than because Han dumped the shipment he was smuggling for Jabba as established in Ep.4 then that I don't buy at all, whatever it may be. Remember that as much as we'd like everything answered and in a nice wrapped package that will never be the case of any story. As for the all important question: Then what? Well then it's up to you to formulate for yourself what happens. As Lucas leaves it, the galaxy enters into a new golden age of peace, Luke will reestablish the Jedi as guardians of the galaxy and the Dark Side was destroyed by Anakin's sacrifice and bringing balance to the Force. That's where the story ends, there is no more. But as everyone wants there to be more (myself included) form your own conclusion as to what happened. Wether it is the EU or the complete opposite that's the brilliance of SW you can make with it what you want and take from it your own unique interpretation of the story and where it goes. Oh and thanks for the complement Burrie. I have felt the burn of criticism as an amateur writer myself, not because of anything particulalry wrong with my early work but because of dislike for the content of the storyline. So I am quite sensitve to the personal tastes of writers and readers alike, as I hope everyone is. If you don't like something you can say why but there is no need to say it isn't good just because it wasn't to your taste.
  14. What I think would be interesting to see is the addition of actual saber fight moves. That burn/slash marks appear while fighting then dismemberment as part of a finishing move. That and the ability to truly stab with the lightsaber would be great. So that you can actually either dismember or stab your opponents to finish the combat is what I wish they would be implementing.
  15. As I stated before the EU is all a matter of taste and while some things might be appealing to some it won't be to others. I'ts not my intention to bash the EU, each person has their own preference as to what they think is a better story for continuing what was started in the movies as well as the events that lead up to the movies themselves. Even when it comes to the movies themselves there are plenty of prequel bashers and even original trilogy SE bashers, it's just a matter that no one story arc will ever be able to please everyone. I'm certain my or other fan-fics that change the established EU timeline wouldn't be liked by everyone, especially people who have adopted the EU as the official timeline following or preceding the movies. Now that said, I wouldn't presume to bash the NJO either because that is someone else's hard work and the realization of their dream nor would I say anything against people who like this series. Personally, I can't stand the NJO, as a concept and as the individual set of events and stories that have been develoed within it. I have the NJO encyclopedia webpage where I've read all their currently available fully detailed synopsis of every NJO novel up to Remnant. So I have a fairly good general knowledge of the NJO and it's just not my taste. Again, as a SW fan-fic writer I am very supportive of both the official EU and fan-created writings wether or not I like the stories and encourage them to continue enriching the SW universe. So my point as far as the original topic was concerned was that the games don't have to follow the EU timeline because the EU itself is an alternate universe to the real one as Lucas said himself. Unless you are making games which are specifically following a EU story arc or an arc related to an existing EU timeline then yes, by all means have the game follow a sense of continuity, otherwise there's pretty much complete freedom to take the post-RotJ timeline wherever they want as long as they don't contradict/interfere with anything in the movies.
  16. As far as this topic goes I believe that it is all relative. I think people can believe which ever version they want to accept as the "real" one. The only thing that should be taken as completely true are the movies and possibly the novelizations of the movies since they are developed from the complete scripts which were later edited for time, etc. Everything else should be up to the individual to decide and accept as wether or not it actually occured but nothing should be forced into acceptance as what happened either before or after the movie anthology. On that note I believe that unless the game actually deals with the particular storyline developed within the EU (or events related to that storyline) the game should be able to develop whatever story/timeline it desires as long as it doesn't interfere/conflict with what was established in the movies or their novelizations. Many people feel differently towards the EU. Personally there are things that I really liked such as the Solo children, Mara Jade, Thrawn and Shadows of the Empire (though I hated the fact the novelization of SotE diminished horribly the role of such a kick ass charcater as Dash Rendar) and subsequently there have been things that I absolutely hate in the EU such as the extremely repeated overuse of cloning characters, Luke going to the Dark Side and everything about the NJO. Which I'm not tring to sound as if I'm criticizing those that do like the things I do not, only stating my preference as far as the EU is concerned. As a fanfic writer myself I do recognize the importance of exapnding of the SW universe and more than anything seeing the different takes of those expansions be it by published or fanfic creations. Basically I follow Lucas' point of view as far as the EU is concerned which he stated is an alternate universe to his. In that spirit I take the EU, other timelines/alternate realities such as Infinities and game stories in this fashion. Not one of them is the real continuation of Lucas' world but an interesting take on what could have happened.
  17. I would love to see Coruscant, absolutely my favorite planet in SW. I't be excellent to chase someone past crowds of npcs, enter a couple of establishments, go to the Jedi Temple (if it's still around or was rebuilt, which if it hasn't it very well should be) and finish having a saber duel on the rooftop of a skyscraper, with the city and buzzing traffic around you. If somehow this could be pulled off, that'd be my choice. A great big city world with a lot of stuff happening around the main mission. No good game has had Coruscant in it yet and (within the current limitations as to its portrayal) it's a real shame. It's the capitol dammit, important crap should happen there too! Other locales I'd like to see, Korriban definately, maybe entering some sort of giant ancient Sith Temple/Citadel resembling Moria from LotR. I wouldn't mind seeing Kamino. Tatooine of course, especially if they have a great palace to satisfy my Dune munchies. Hoth is cool but depending how they make it, just underground bases that are unending chunks of ice don't really blow me away. Basically, aside my wish to see a high tech developed world such as Coruscant, I'd generally like to see more fantasy-Tolkienesh oriented locations (temples, palaces, citadels and underground cities with massive statues, halls, etc) as opposed to normal sci-fi (ships and space stations or standard imperial bases) as mission locales, though I know it ain't happening...oh well. Still, the game looks really good.
  18. Excellent, this is truly exciting news. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Michael. I'm extremely happy to see confirmation of JK3. I have a few very trivial questions that hopefully you might be able to answer. 1) The most important question I suppose is what kind of system requirements should we expect to fully enjoy JK3? 2) The rest are just small details, I loved the fact the STV:Elite Force had good number of allied AIs constantly helping throughout the missions, I had hoped the same in Jk2 but allied AIs were rarely used and in very minimal roles, any chance this might change for JK3? I'd love to be able to fight alongside other Jedi. 3) Since you can choose your clothing, any chance that this game might feature more Jedi-like clothing in the options? What I mean is clothing resembling that seen worn by Anakin and other Jedi in Ep2, somehow I can never picture real Jedi with sleeveless shirts and leather pants 4) I noticed in one of the screens of the Twi'lek Jedi using 2 sabers that one of her sabers was backwards in her hand, meaning new fighting animations. Will characters that use the double bladed saber have new animations so they use that weapon with both hands instead of one? Fighting more like Darth Maul did in Ep1. 5) Do you have any idea if this game will have MP by TCP/IP connections like the original JK? Or will MP be again restricted to game rooms and MP gaming sites? That's it, thanks for any information you can provide and great work on JK3.
  19. Hello Edd, First off I'd like to say that this is the best female model I've seen for JK2 so far, truly outstanding. I don't know if anyone has noticed but the only slight bug I can see is a minor clipping problem. I use model view to see the characters ingame and see if their textures work correctly or if any changes I make to a model come out right and also to see them from the front well. In yellow stance, Mara's left arm clips through her chest...right through her left breast. I know many people don't see Mara from the front, and so far it hasn't been noticeable when fighting against her bot, though these usually use red stance when I fight them. In any case, I thought you'd like to know in case this is a simple weighting problem and can be fixed easily, if not then I suppose it isn't too big a deal. Thanks again for this fantastic model.
  20. One last comment on the hairdo possibilities. If there are going to be 2 default versions of Mara, one with long hair and another with ponytail, then keep that also in their respective ctfs. I mean have a ponytail red and blue and a hair down ctf red and blue if you have the time to write the extra skin files. Then you can have both ponytail and hair down versions of blonde and black hair with red highlights Mara, which would be awesome imo. As for the name differences you can have both Maras in the same folder if you wish, just make one model_default.skin with its ctfs and the second something like model_default_ponytail.skin or some variation like that, also the same with the selection icons, and both will be selectable defaults. The same also applies to the ctf versions of the second default skin, have something like icon_blue_ponytail.jpg and model_blue_ponytail.skin. I've seen plenty of models which have 2 defaults done this way, namely the Obi and Gui-Gon models based on Tyrion and they work perfectly.
  21. Great work on the model Ed. As far as the ponytail and hair down versions, are they all in the same pk3. I mean are they going to be separate models or will the ponytail be a ctf version of the default hair down? I think that if they are separate models, then obviously the default versions should have the red hair. The ctf versions can be brunnettes and blondes depending what hair color matches the ctf clothing better. If the ponytail version is only a ctf of the normal model, then both the default and ponytail should be redheads, the other hair down ctf version I'd really like to see as a brunnette the way Klorel described her. One last question, the saber hilt you modeled for Mara, will it be mod compatible or will it just replace the default MP and SP sabers? I really hope it's mod compatible for Jedimod, can't wait for this model.
  22. Since I was the first one to mention KOTOR, I feel pretty responsible for the thread going out of topic. So I'd like to take this time to apologize to Tercero, I promise to always remain on topic in any post I make further on. Again sorry Terc.
  23. Whoops, I don't know how I missed that morphius_doh. I guess just continuing to hear that the sleeves needed more baginess I just imagined the model with the arms at his sides and the sleeves sticking out backwards...poor Anakin forgot to iron his shirt that day. But thanks for the pic, I see what you mean. And what you're cooking up sounds good Tercero, I have great faith both you and Toonces will get the look right. Thanks for clarifying the facial question I asked Andy, I just wanted to make sure that was the misalignment that Tercero mentioned was fixed. And Tercero, if you ever need someone to make that bot for Anakin by all means let me know. The offer is always open. Oh and Pnut_Master, Galaxies looks freaking amazing I can't argue with that and the gameplay is also interesting but I for one won't be buying it. I don't think it a good investment for myself a game that will cost about $60, about $40 more for the space expansion, and an additional $10-$20 a month just to be able to play it. Especially since I can't even play the game on a daily basis and I don't like the idea of just having it collect dust on my shelf. As far as SW RPGs are concerned I'll go for Knights of the Old Republic instead. I promise to go back to topic now.
  24. Though I am in complete agreement with everyone that the sleeves and clothes were more baggy in the film, I'm hoping the sleeves aren't made too baggy. What I mean is that as far as I understand it, JK2 doesn't have the proper animations to create the appearance of clothes in motion or the appearance of loose fitting clothes, especially in areas such as the arms, for example the robes on a jedi or maybe a trench coat while in motion or even in different stances. I know the sleeves would hang from Anakin's arms when they are lifted or holding a saber in an attack position, but when he lowers the arms doesn't the baginess remain in the exact position it was modelled? Meaning wouldn't it still appear as if his sleeves are hanging from his arms when they are down at his sides which might look like the sleeves were sticking towards the back? This is the only reason I say not to make the sleeves too much baggier. Of course if I am mistaking in any way and the arms in fact would reposition themselves in the center of the sleeves as they would if his arms faced down then absolutely disregard all I just babbled here. Also Tercero, when I look at the last pic you put up, when I look at the frontal shot I can see heavier shadow along the right jaw than the left side. Is this the misalignment of the face that you said you fixed? And I think maybe the shadow just below the lower lip might be a little too dark, looks like he has a small whisker of hair there but that might just be the lighting on that shot or maybe it's just me, if it is nevermind then. Aside from that I think the revisions look great, love the detail on the belt, and the different layers of the clothing. Oh and Tercero if you need someone to make a bot for your model once it's done I'd be happy to make one for you, I'm no bot expert but I've been making quite a few for myself since some models don't come with them.
  25. This model just keeps getting better and better with every day. For your next model, I'd really like to see Qui-Gon. Though it's very hard to vote on that because Obi, Mace, Padme and Leia are also models that would be great to see. But Qui-Gon is the one I've seen least done, Tex's was looking extremely promising but since he's gotten extremely busy with real life it doesn't look like that one will be done any time soon if at all. I have the Qui-Gon skin on the Jedi Trainer, which looks really good, but I hate the bun on top of his head. I guess if not him then either Leia or Mace, Leia is practically non-existant except for the Boussh model which I deleted so she's a good choice. Finding a Mace model would be nice too. I wish I could help lighten your load of work Tercero, but unfortunately all I have is a photoshop and a bit of experience altering textures, not making new ones, so I'm no help. But great job on Anakin, I like him better than the real JK2 models.
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