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  1. I've got two copies that I've found at used book-stores pretty cheap, and I want to sell 'em to some fans, not at ridiculous eBay prices, but hopefully still at a profit (I'm trying to save some money for a DS Lite). If anyone is interested in one, let me know. My email address is perplexagon at gmail dot com.
  2. I am having trouble finding a p910i add-on for my cell phone, tleaf. Please explain.
  3. Thanks! I've been waiting three years for your response!
  4. Finally found all the figments and made it to level 100... the bonus is small, but pretty funny.
  5. Don't worry, found the Waterloo one... it's kind of out of the way, on a hill and near the house on the other side of the first bridge. It's a pink one that looks like a fairy and it's hiding in the shade under a tree. It's also a jerk for hiding so well.
  6. I'm looking for the exact same figment in Waterloo! For Velvetopia, make sure to try the window painting on all three spots, and in the sewer, jump through the b-ball hoop.
  7. I just got through it... that meat circus was frustrating!
  8. Huh... maybe it's because of all the different items in the Milkman level that disappear when you leave? Actually, if it were as simple as that then I'll bet everyone would be having this problem... I do know that after I left the Milkman level, I: picked up the bracelet, went back to the lodge and bought a couple dream fluffs and a few psi cores, went to Cruller's lab, where he told me to look for brains, so then I found some brains and misc. cards and scavenger hunt items. And somewhere within these inventory changes, I lost my duster. I think after I finish the game, I'll go back and try to repeat the problem to see if I can pinpoint when exactly it happened. ... I've since gone back and tried to repeat the glitch, but despite many tries, I can't... at least that means it's probably very rare.
  9. Sorry -- it was some time after the Milkman Conspiracy and before the theatre level. I'm not sure at what point during this period, because I was doing a lot of misc. searching for collectibles. I do know that when it happened, the objective of purchasing the duster returned to my objectives list and the duster returned to the shop... the problem is that the deep arrowheads did not return to the ground, so I was barely able to buy it a second time. The duster is a required item for the theatre level and I wish I was able to reproduce the glitch to figure out what happened so noone else has this problem... I have a saved game from a few hours before the problem occured, but I don't know if that's going to be sufficient to find what happened, since there may have been a specific thing that triggers it.
  10. My cobweb duster vanished for no apparent reason -- anyone else have this problem?
  11. I didn't recieve a gold disc. How do I collect the $5000 without it?
  12. Originally I had gotten the Xbox for Psychonauts, but I've since gotten rid of the Xbox. Now I've got a PS2 and I think I'll get Psychonauts for that.
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