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  1. I haven't downloaded it yet (hence haven't read the readme files), but just wanted to ask quickly how much has been done in terms of playtesting??? (balance issues etc.???) It sounds really interesting, if it's well made I'll definitely host this on LAN games... cheers!
  2. Ummm, Padanime, what's the diff b/w Padme Amidala and Padme Naberrie??? (or m i jus really confused???) if u give an answer, plz tell me the diff at all levels, since i'm jus not sure to what extent the difference is actually there... (if u get me) thanx if u can tell me!!! truly, (madly, deeply... dammit, that song's not getting into my vocabulary, nooo!!!) logging off 4 2nite now!!! - K
  3. I hafta say that to ppl who haven't played much b4, i always tell them that Artifex's guide is an excellent read towards becoming successful... And this was the way i started off, and while since then i've developed my own style (incorporating several of the other moves, mainly for deception purposes), my competence in JKII dueling has a heavy base in that guide, on which I have to congratulate Artifex!!! That's despite what went on in the ASC thread (which i almost completely missed, since i only very quickly skim the forums whilst checking my email) - but that was/is one of the funniest threads in this forum!!! Gotta love that Rule#8!!! (NOW, only a few things are funnier than that, e.g. someone's seductress mod for NWN where a bug lets ppl engage in sex at several metres distance apart, lol!!! Oh, and it'd be really quite nasty to begin that kissing animation on a corpse!!!) -really signing off now... cheers, K PS. oh, yes i'm meant to be really signing off now... but ppl who know how to develop AI should work on a neural network model (sketchy details i posted in some other thread???) for the bots in this game, coz that'd be absolutely awesome... humanlike strategy with precision accuracy of a computer, i'd love to see that!!!
  4. it's a fact of computer existence, right??? i really have no trouble at all crashing the macs at uni!!! (i reckon that they have eyes and they crash when they see me approaching...) i hafta say that i don't really get real crashes on my win2k pc... it's a bit old, but it does everything i need it to (including run jkii), and only since i installed directcd (to get my files to-and-from uni every day) it's crashed once... but b4 that, not one crash for a year or so!!! hehe, u should always buy a well-behaved pc... btw, i'm fascinated... about amigas... never seen one (i think???) but suddenly i've heard about them about 5 times in the one week or something??? (all from Brina1's posts mind u) eh... gotta get off now, 7am 2 rise for another week of implant research (errm... reading... and more reading... and some more reading... i'll need glasses soon at this rate...)
  5. Hehe, your qu has already been answered... I jus wondered whether you were into programming??? (ur technical aptitude sounds really quite amazing!!! i don't think i've seen an amiga, hehe...) Since JKII is kinda different to Q3, UT type games, and the AI is really quite terrible, I'd like to see someone make an adaptive neural network type of AI, that models itself on what gains the best results over certain situations, and with a variable adaptivity constant to ensure that the learning rate is spread across several trials in an unpredictable (and hence more human-like) manner... I guess such a bot could be human-guided in its training, with inbuilt programming (a-priori conditioning) to concentrate on certain features of coordination and strategy, like status monitoring, teamplay and opponent matching... I know it's not really Multiplayer strategy... But it's MP strat for bots... and hey, it'd be fun to have a team of humans up against a team of team-aware adaptive (NN trained) bots to see who'd win!!! Just a thought Cheers, K
  6. I guess u are right then!!! Hmmmz... No incentive to get into net play then... LAN's fun enough, and ppl probably aren't quite that bad!!! (lol, no whining bitches to butcher!!!)
  7. the "forward+attack+jump" is misleading... Yes, you need to initiate the attack first... STEP BY STEP GUIDE (Sorry, other ppl have already posted it quite clearly, but this is if all else fails...) 1. in Red (strong) stance, while standing still, press and hold ATTACK (remember to hold!) 2. you will observe yourself doing an overhead slash 3. when your hands meet (after about 1 or 2 seconds), still holding ATTACK, press FORWARD and JUMP simultaneously 4. you should observe yourself jumping forward and doing a DFA 5. the timing of this is exactly the same if you want to do a DFA from other Red stance moves, but it's easiest if you get a feel of the timing with the overhead slash first 6. repeat, rinse, repeat... congrats, you are now an expert at DFA!!! (now gotta try it on enemies to use it skilfully) 7. the timing is not very strict... you can initiate the FORWARD and JUMP at any time after the hands come together and before the end of the swing... it allows for flexible deception and DFA becomes deadly when your opponent doesn't suspect you are going to do one... cheers, Dave PS. To those who have explained it already, I think you've made it clear enough how to DFA... But when I started learning DFA, it took some time to correctly understand it, so I think this guide would help...
  8. Ouch, that sounds painful!!! If I had cable I would play online, but I have a modem with high ping and slow rates and time limit... (yes, i also prefer 1.03, but it probably is due to the fact that I'm too busy to work on 1.04) Not saying I'd do any good now, but I was once able to hold my own (mainly duels), and would probably like the opportunity to pick it up again!!! I hope you have better luck finding well-mannered and skilful players out there, I'm sure there should be some!!! Surely Australia doesn't suck that badly, eh??? Am I right???
  9. I have to say it's good to see enthusiasm!!! I don't play online though, and I would think a lot of ppl are re-adjusting to accomodate for the changes made in the latest patch, so really a lot of ppl are re-learning the game... as 4 me, i'm leaving jkii alone for a while (and i got wciii, but haven't played it yet, don't think i will for a while), i'm doing a medical research project, hehe... good luck 2 u!!!
  10. karismatik


    Though I can't say I lose to bots (unless I verily restrict myself in some ways), I really have to agree that the most adept of the bots has to be Vader... (the only time i lost vs him was a very stoopid time where i forgot to put points in Absorb, and he picked up one of those powerups that give you all the force powers, and he lightninged me to death...) Yes, he's the most challenging of them... I suppose though, perhaps you had a different Vader version from mine who might have even better AI??? (I got both versions, but I haven't had a chance to practice with the new one yet)
  11. Sorry, my mistake... Though I primed myself on Artifex's guides which called them Light, Medium, Strong... Let's put the matter to bed
  12. it's exactly the same... and it IS the true DFA!!! (just by attribution, not necessarily by description, since yellow finisher is pretty much "death from above" now... someone pointed it out quite correctly that red DFA was called that ever since 1.02, where it was far more deadly, hence "death", and the "from above" refers to the blade coming down from overhead...)
  13. i dunno about holding or jus tapping (i push/hold back, then i attack, but all very quickly)... i guess all that matters is that both are pressed at the same time... yes, the enemy must be behind you... in 1.03, they could have been slightly to the side as well (which made it very easy to do instant kill, since your upstroke would kill them if you did it properly...) in 1.04, they must be directly behind you, so it's really much harder to do the instant kill that you could in 1.03...
  14. hey, what's wrong with "red stance"??? (i know it's light, medium, strong, but ppl often call it blue, yellow, red...)
  15. are you talking about backsweep??? (back+attack when there's an enemy behind you)
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