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  1. Originally posted by Dengar


    I said that i HAVE'NT seen episode 2 :D


    So i dont know all the Jango stuff (except what i've read in the novels, and thats not much)


    Anyone know if Gnorts come in assorted flavours?



    Oops thats what i meant

  2. Originally posted by BradFu

    (Ask for an RCA Audio to mini-jack adapter)



    Thanks cause i wasn't sure what to ask for. :D maybe tommorow ill be able to buy one at Circuit City?:confused: And i need to hurry cause Report cards come out a week from now and im positive i wont be able to get on the computer for a while.:(

  3. Originally posted by Jah Warrior



    tom and jerry (best cartoon - they dont even need words to be funny)


    Anime is too weird and pervy for me.


    as for dbz etc, thats total crap:rolleyes:



    What!? :D I like it but i hate how the time in DBZ are and how they just stand and stare at each other through the whole episode

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