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  1. Nice to see the work I did on Dash so long ago still getting use. ^_^
  2. No more with the bringing back of old and dead threads. This one is staying down, now.
  3. You're missing quite a few details on the model there. Here's one I made a few years back. You can use it for reference if you wanted. There are those bracket pieces that are mounted across the back, just in front of the main stabilizer. Also, you didn't arm it with anything, hehe. Oh yeah, I'd recommend thickening up your wings a tad. They are pretty skinny, there.
  4. If you guys have personal issues with each other then you keep it at that... personal. That's what the Private Messages are for. I'm going to lock this thread for a few days till you kids can learn how to behave. Till it's back open, maybe some people can resolve this in a nice manner. And I only hope that when I unlock it that this thread can and will remain on track for the remainder of it's life. Otherwise its life will be ended.
  5. I'd help you with texturing, but I've got work keeping me busy, nonstop. Are you going to go through and apply proper smoothing groups to the model? Otherwise it's going to look pretty bad in-game.
  6. Except for them monkey paws, man. What's he supposed to do with those things? Crush grapes? They do not inspire fear, even a little bit.
  7. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    Thanks for the help Psyk0. Even though it got delayed several months due to moving and a new job, I was able to get the textures finished before episode 3.
  8. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    If anyone wants to submit this to the ja sites for me, that'd be nice. I don't have the time or interest to go about submitting this to places like pcmodgames and whatnot. Just msg me when/if they show up on there. Download from Fileplanet [2.7MB]
  9. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    HEY!! zappa_o and yun yuny, CHECK YOUR FREAKING PM'S!! I would like to release this model sometime before next year.
  10. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    Maybe if you tell me what that tweak you mentioned is, I could do it.
  11. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    I finally found my install disks, so I was able to check him out in-game. I'm going to update the game, and see if that borked anything in the process. Well, if nobody else spots any bugs with the model, I'll post the final version of the model up sometime next week.
  12. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    Yeah, once I moved and started work again, I had little free time outside of work and sleep. I was able to find some time last weekend to finish the textures. I really just wanted to get it done by the time episode 3 came out.
  13. KMan

    WIP - Wat Tambor

    Theres no news like good news. I'm packaging him up now, so I'll be looking for some people to test him out. I haven't been able to find me JA discs since I moved, so I can't really test him out at the moment. There were no problems before with him, and I only made slight changes to the shaders. Send me a PM if you are interested and include what brand of video card you have. I don't need to know what size, speed, etc. just if it's an Ati, Nvidia, Voodoo, etc. I put the shaders on thick, so I want to see what sticks.
  14. KMan

    My New Projects

    Although I think it'd be pretty fun to have a WW2 themed mod for JA, you still aren't allowed to use DICE/EA's materials in any other game than Battlefield. Maybe you weren't paying any attention to the License Agreement to install the Battlefield MDT. Not many people do. Here are the more important parts that you would have missed- 'solely for your personal noncommercial use in connection with EA's products' 'EA owns all of the rights, title and interest in the Tools & Materials.' 'you may not use the Tools & Materials to promote another product or business' Now, as long as you take down the offending (not so much offensive, as they are against their license agreement, and these forums are hosted by people that wouldn't want to get sued by ea) images from this thread then you should be fine. You can always shoot an email off to them, and ask for permission, but you'd probably have a better chance asking the easter bunny for a BMW. That doesn't keep you from making a ww2 mod, but you'd need to make new models with new textures to replace the ones that are from battlefield.
  15. KMan

    My New Projects

    Did you get permission to use DICE's models and textures for those planes, tanks and weapons? I know that the EULA that came with the games sure as hell didn't. I'm sure EA would not be pleased to see materials taken from their games and put into another without their consent or knowledge.
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