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  1. *Wonders if he is the only one still interested in this model*
  2. Yep, here you go. http://www.tuts.net/~titulaer/
  3. deheeble post! LODs.. evil things..
  4. Has anyone found some sort of program that will run control winamp in JK2 that doesn't include a kill tracker?
  5. nice, thanks, this'll do fine until the punch one comes out. Now I can stop using my sidious plo reskin.
  6. Hmm, I had never seen this project before, but it looks interesting! A SP beta would be interesting.
  7. Thats because its not koon. Its just a generic Kel Dor. Every Kel Dor has its physical differences, so thats just how it looks.
  8. Several people keep getting disconnected from my server with that message.. could this be because of a bad PK3, or something else?
  9. For a place like this, no. Its too big. But for a smaller community, it would just be weird to not post a intro greeting.
  10. They didn't do that march thing, someone else just rode on their name.. Metallica is by far my favorite band. St. Anger is okay, but I'm listening to everything before it more. Heres some songs I recommend: No Remorse The Four Horsemen Ride the Lightning Fade to Black Creepy Death Master of Puppets Orion Blackened Sanitarium To Live is To Die Enter Sandman My Friend of Misery Nothing Else Matters Fuel Also, if you want something different, get some apocalpytica versions of these sonds. Apoc is a foriegn band that mostly covers metallica using only cellos.
  11. I don't get it, what are you showcasing? Should've proboly posted this here
  12. Actually, she is the main character of a little game series called Metroid.
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