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  1. The mod I use is Don Kain's Revenge of the Sith Clone Armors mod. This particular area of Khoonda has no clone troopers on the planet, so I'm not sure why that is an issue. Is that the clone mod you had?
  2. Hello everyone, I have recently started playing KOTOR2:TSL again and I am in the area of Dantooine where the Khoonda defenses have been finalized and where I have to give the notification that we are prepared for the Battle of Khoonda. After speaking to Zherron and motivating the Khoonda Militia, however, the screen goes black. I can hear my character when he walks, I am able to switch weapons, and I can even still see the green menu cursor. If I pause the game, the pause box confirms the game is paused. While I can hear everything, access the menu and my map, I cannot see - everything is black. Aside from the 1440x900 widescreen mod, a few saber overwrites, and a clonetrooper armor mod, there is nothing in my Overwrite folder that I believe could have caused this. I've tried removnig my overwrites to see if that would fix the problem but it crashes my game during the loading process. Could the order I visited planets in affect this bug? If I were to start over and visit the planets in a different order, could it stop this bug? I visited planets in the following sequence: Dxun, Nar Shaadaa, Onderon, Dantooine and it was here the error took place. Has anyone else experienced a similar error? I'm running a GeForce 7950 GT. I hope someone can help!
  3. A friend of mine just installed JKA on a brand new computer, downloaded OJP from this link, and is still having the saber problem specified in the first post of this thread. How is this fixed?
  4. Normally, one can switch stances by pressing their saberAttackCycle key which toggles in the following order: Soresu->Shii-Cho->Djem-So->Juyo->Makashi->Ataru->Niman Having all of those stances can make fighting troublesome when it comes to cycling through them for the right stance you desire. I strongly suggest that a key to toggle saber stances backwards be implemented, so if someone who has every stance switches from say Soresu to Shii-Cho to Djem-So, they can switch back to Shii-Cho without going through all of the other stances.
  5. I've noticed that many custom skins have icons that have the default background with them, such as this: I was wondering if the default backgrounds are available anywhere to download so I could use them for custom skins. Also, if anyone knows where the JK2 one is as well, that'd be nice.
  6. Shao_X

    Jango VM

    Marz, do you plan on fixing Boba's visor to look more like Jango's? As of now it looks a bit too slim and insectoid-like, similar to the beehive clone.
  7. Shao_X

    Jango VM

    I have my own soundsets for Boba and Jango (independent of each other) which I will release on my own time.
  8. Shao_X

    Jango VM

    My only concern is that Boba's visor looks a bit too narrow and long, like a beehive trooper.
  9. I have a number of high quality sounds for you to use. Contact me on an IM if you're interested.
  10. Thank you Marz. I'll release it independently. One more question - will another version of the Clone Ultima pack be released, or is 2.0 the final version?
  11. So NeoMarz, what should I do concerning those sounds? I have created sounds for several sets of Clones and all together the pack is 4.02 MB. Are you planning to release another version of the Clones Ultima pack? And, if so, will you include these sounds? If not, I'll release this pack as my own little side project.
  12. No I'm not; I was just using that as an example for what I wanted to achieve. Thanks, though.
  13. So Marz, are you going to accept the 4.02 MB of sounds I have for a future release, or should I release these sounds seperately?
  14. All together, the sounds pk3 is 4.01 MB.
  15. I can understand why portraits of every clone may not be the best idea, since they all take up LOTS of room in the profile screen. With so many Clones, many other custom models may be bumped off the screen. It would be best to only include the portraits of the default skin of each model and have the rest accessable through the console or the team sections. On a sidenote, is this clone going to be included? Or perhaps permission could be asked to have this added to the pack.
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