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  1. Strider shrugged. "It wouldn't matter one way or another who's side they picked. I've got Eli to pick up the pieces when I decide I've had enough," he looked over at the boy, who was sitting rather boredly at his own table. "As much as I hate to admit it, he's got alot of talent. I'm just afraid it'll get to his head, and I think knowing that his master is so powerful hasn't helped him in the least bit," he said, shrugging. "We'll be around forever, Reibe. We can start looking for longtime recruits at another time," he said with a grin. "Besides, with so much work to do you wouldn't want to be babysitting right now would you?" he asked.
  2. "Eli can be a huge pain in the ass though," Strider said, shooting a look in his direction. He hadn't heard him, which was perfectly fine by Strider even if he had. "I think we need to evaluate where we stand, I'll go with you to the Watchtower for a bit and we can see where we can at least start.." he trailed off when he noticed the approaching Jabos Team. "Reibe, head's up," he said.
  3. Strider stepped in quietly in step behind her, his blue eyes scanning the cantina once again. That was the most definitive feature that stood out against his pale skin and black hair. It was short, for once. He eyed the Jabos Team leaving as he walked in, then shrugged and continued to follow Reibe. "So, if I may ask," he said in his usual low pitch voice. "Where do you think we should begin? There is more work to be done than two can possibly handle without some sort of direction," Strider said.
  4. Strider nodded, not at all questioning her behavior, deciding he would wait until they were in more private quarters to do so. "Eli, We'll continue our training at another time..Until then, I need you to merely observe and reflect, learn what you can from those around you," he advised.
  5. Strider paused, looking over at Reibe. He nodded at Eli, who got the idea and stood away for the moment. Strider looked over at Reibe and put one of his hands on her shoulder in an assured manner. "Ill be sure to come by more often then...are you okay? You seem more distressed than I am," he questioned.
  6. Although he seemed fine, there was something about the way he ruthlessly handled Eli, and even based on the features of his still-young face, there was something eating at Strider, something that was not quite right, though his attitude hid it well. He smiled back at Reibe, always fond of her company. "I've missed you too. I need to keep in better contact, or lord forbid you might assume I've died of old age," he said jokingly. He looked over at Eli, then at Reibe, and here she saw that perhaps something that was on his mind would come out. "Who said I wanted to mold him like myself?" he asked, looking at her. He looked back at Eli, and said, speaking to the both of them, "I wanted to leave my legacy behind in someone, someone who was willing and focused enough to harness that kind of power. I am going to age for many many more millenia, but there will be a time where I get fed up with dealing with the galaxy's problems. Someone younger and more patient will have to observe what I observed for years." He paused and looked back at Reibe, making brief eye contact with her, "Our involvement is eternal, but for those times we do grow tired of being involved, we need others to fill our role. I don't want Eli to be me, despite how much he already is like me, but I want him to be his own person by applying what he learns from someone else's experiences into the ones he will face, not by trying to make himself into that person." He sighed, and a long sigh it was. Despite the fact he still looked no older than the age of twenty four, the several thousand of years had taken quite a toll on him, as it had on many of those who had been around as long as he.
  7. "Trust me...that won't be necessary," said a bold voice from the doorway. A pair of dark blue, piercing eyes could be seen, dressed in familiar black robes with blood red designs and trim. "Sure, kid, you can fight, you can prove that you can focus on the task at hand, and you can prove to me that you've at least mastered the skills and techniques I've taught you to survive, but you're still a foolish idiot," and with that, the man, obviously Strider, lifted his hand and the boy was hurled violently into the opposing wall. "What are you talking about?" The boy grunted, wincing and standing to his feet. Strider crossed to the center of the room. "Maybe Reibe beat some humility into you, I don't know, but for someone I invested the time I did teaching you everything I know, my last legacy, you have been surely disrespectful about how you handle it!" Strider shouted, thrusting another force wave at Eli. Eli thrusted his own hand forward, emitting a counteracting Force wave. Suprisingly enough, it cancelled Strider's. Eli's blade was summoned from the floor to his grip, and the fight ensued. Eli's style against Strider was very different than how it was used against Reibe. It was very alive, very personable, however it seemed that Strider's challenging nature was what awakened the perfection that lay dormant in Eli. The fight was brief, however, lasting only a few minutes, when Strider finally disarmed Eli in what seemed a very simple, effortless manner, pushing his lightsaber down in a lock and kicking it from his hands and thrusting him back to the wall once again. "You rely on inspiration and challenges to motivate yourself...That's wrong. Those inspirations will not be there forever. You need to become your own person, and stop relying on what you've been taught. You need to realize your own potential and act on it, not call upon it when forced to. Do I have to tell you everything?" Strider growled. "With all do respect, Master," Eli scoffed, standing up. "I'm Nineteen. You're a whole five thousand years ahead of me or something like that." "...You've got a lot of learning to do then," Strider said, glaring at him. "I suppose Reibe proved something today. You have a stronger handle on what you're doing. You know how to apply yourself, which I previously believed you could not. You're using the power i've given you for the wrong reasons. If you can open your eyes to that, then maybe i might be able to teach you something." "Well then, teach me. After fighting Reibe...I think I can be more accepting of criticism," Eli offered, looking directly back at Strider. Strider sighed and looked at Reibe. "There's one thing I hate about this kid..." he muttered. When she replied asking what, he shot an eye back at Eli and answered. "He reminds me too much of myself at his age..." and with that, he turned and walked out the door back into the Cantina, moving to his old table. Eli rose, and quietly left the dueling room after recovering his lightsaber.
  8. "I seek my training to be completed. He told me I didn't have what it took to comprehend what I'd been taught. It took me months to escape that planet, but I did, using everything he taught me. I want to find him to prove that I'm ready to face what he dared to say I couldn't do. He called me too unfocused, too brash. I've proven i can focus on my tasks," Eli answered. With that, he yielded, knowing that the fight was over, but that he at least proved his ability.
  9. The boy moved in quickly after the blocks, pushing her lightsaber down and bringing his blade awfully close, before he recoiled at her request for his name. "What does it matter? You can call me Eli. My full name is Elysium," He responded. He kept his blade in a ready position. She knew he would not sacrifice the fight, but she also knew, and he also knew, that he could not defeat her, but he could prove his skill. And that's what he wanted.
  10. The boy scoffed at her, glaring, "and that is where you are wrong!" The boy suddenly left, somersaulting overhead and swinging downward at her while passing overhead. He suddenly struck with a new ferocity, his blade following different patterns now. Strider's technique was still evident, however backed by what now seemed to be personal touches on the style. His own additions seemed rough and unrefined compared to Strider's graceful style, however it could be these rough edges that could possibly bait the enemy into taking advantage of a visible weakness.
  11. "Have at you, then," the boy responded. He was a blue blur as he went straight in with a flurry of attacks. Although Reibe was surely able to easily block or counter his attacks, she found herself having to admit, the boy was more than formidable with his blade. He knew what he was doing, and it was an exact carbon-copy of Strider's old technique. There was something lacking though from it. Personality, perhaps, the one weakness of Strider's technique, that was more of a bait into messing up than a true weakness. Something about the style was exactly the same though - Strider fought with astonishing agility, and so did the boy. He was a flurry of endless chains, never seeming to tire. Finally their blades locked and the limited glow of the blades managed to illuminate enough to allow their eyes to meet. "What do you think?" he asked, a brief smirk crossing his lips.
  12. (Sorry I've been busy with work. Postage time) The boy took his place on the far end of the sparring room and turned to face Reibe, smirking some. "I know you all think I am a fool, but I will prove otherwise," the boy swore, looking at Riebe, his eyes focused on her as she took her stance. "I know what I'm doing, and you'll see that soon enough," he continued. He knew Reibe wouldn't take him seriously until he proved himself. Deep down, it wasn't resent that he held for Strider, but a will to prove he was ready to learn what Strider had refused to teach him. "Maybe showing that I can go toe to toe with the Sith Hunters will prove I'm ready," he thought to himself. He reached outward and used the Force to deactivate the lights in the room, surrounding them in pitch black. A lone blue blade ignited itself in the far end of the room, held in the peculiar stance that was Strider's old form. "Surely you're familiar with this. Let's begin!"
  13. Suprisingly enough, the boy kept up with the old man's attacks with incredible ease, his blade nothing but a blue blur as it deflected each and every attack. "I could do this blindfolded, if I really wanted to. Is that all you've got, geezer?"
  14. The boy blocked the strike effortlessly, however, as Reibe probably expected from seeing Strider in action, the block set off a chain of offensive counterattacks that seemed to chain endlessly at the old man's defense. The style was unlike anything the old man had seen, unless he had known Strider. The young man finally ceased his chain, holding his blade at the ready once more. He knew exactly what he was doing, and even though he could sense the old man did not take him seriously, he would prove himself soon enough. "If you really think analyzing me is going to get anywhere, I wouldn't count on it. Unless you've got some better tricks up your sleeve, you're wasting your time," the boy taunted.
  15. "Then let this be the demonstration," the boy remarked. A dark blue blade ignited, very similar in color to the one of Strider's, though slightly lighter. He twirled the blade about briefly and stopped in a stance, one that suprised both Reibe and Tepe to see him imitate. Strider's fighting style. The question is, did the boy really know it? There was a look of concentration, focus in his eyes as he gazed at the old man's stance, studying it. "Age before beauty, old man. Make your first move."
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