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  1. ^ Surely doesn't mean that < Has posted twice in as many days. What a blabbermouth. V Will kill this whole forum dead and if he\she dares to click the reply button.
  2. ^ Would know that... < ...Cool is not the right word... V ...If you knew where I got the quote I used in my first post.
  3. ^ Is right there - never under my roof, where the Lares are sacred, and the laws of hospitality paramount. < Do not believe his lies. V Going to give me something better to work with.
  4. ^ Might ask Jofa how old he feels now. < Recieved an email from Lucasforums for the first time in many years. V Will be unable to resist giving this blast-from-the-past just one more kick in the teeth.
  5. I remember I used to sit in front of my old 486 for hours at a time, playing Doom 2 with Nat King Cole, Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor playing in the CD drive. I was obsessed with that game.
  6. That's the actual game. This thread is about the GF official soundtrack (music from the game.) But now we're on the subject yes, I should think that would be worth something.
  7. Thinking about it now, I'd rather hang you with my belt.
  8. Are you alright, man? Believe me when I say that I've been where you are now, and it truly does hurt.
  9. If I didn't have a mental breakdown at least once a year I'd think something was wrong.
  10. Does that mean that I too can be sane again?
  11. To be perfectly honest, my source on the whole up-the-butt = gay thing is not the most reliable. You see, my friend Al isn't really the gayest guy I know - that would be Jay, my best friend in primary school, who lives up north somewhere with his boyfriend. But I haven't see him in like ten years so he doesn't really count. I can assure you though that Al is really very gay - he just doesn't seem in the least bit inclined to pursue it in any way, or even to explore his gayness. But he really is quite gay. I hope that helps make things clear for you.
  12. Two strangers pass one another in a public street: Stranger #1: [nods and smiles] "'Morning" Stranger #2: [screaming] "I WANT TO FIGHT A GIANT EARTHWORM!" Stranger #1: "Jesus Christ!" [loses balance, falls onto the road and is crushed by a passing bus] The moral of the story is that taking it up the butt does make you gay. My friend Al told me so, and he's the gayest guy I know. And I must continue to insist that your 'friend' stay the hell away from me and my children (IF I ever have any and IF the mother demands I take a DNA test under penalty of law and IF the test proves that they're mine.) Thank you.
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