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  1. well technically hate is the opposite of love, so unlove is just my way of saying hate....which is all i feel
  2. Hey! Where are the damn nachos! Also lexx, i feel unloved, seeing as we have mild forms of contact and seeing as we associate from time to time on facebook i feel like years is slightly overstating it
  3. i quit my sucky job, got a much better one and started it a few days after my last day at the old one, got a new apt which my wife and I got keys for today, went on a trip to arizona/california, and my wife is 19 weeks pregnant Suck it!
  4. we have an obscene amount of gingerale at our place right now....mainly cause my wife is pregnant
  5. Mass Effect 3, collectors edition, making sure all the DLC is downloaded and installed prior to starting the game, also installing the game to the hard drive so it will run smoother. Its difficult being patient while it installs.
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