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  1. I admit lunge CAN work, but you are certain to get hit and take massive damage or get killed outright. After a lunge, it takes about .5sec before the animation is over and you can jump/roll away. So in that time, he will spin back around and hit you. I see two possible outcomes: 1. He gets hit bad, you get hit bad. 2. You miss, and get hit bad. Still not worth the attempt. Better chance of dying than killing. I'm not sure if butterfly will block lunge, knocking your saber away, and you STILL get hit. Have to test it. I think that can happen. I think this move would be far more balanced if they removed how well it blocks and knocks sabers away for just about any attack on it. The blocking is bad enough, then when your saber gets knocked away the other side of the staff comes around and ZAP, dead. You can keep the high damage it causes, but it should be made more vulnerable. All the katas have vulnerability holes a mile wide, why shouldn't butterfly which only costs half as much mana?
  2. I have tested this with a friend for a good long while. Red horizontal swings get blocked outright by the butterfly, even at the end, 3/4 of the time. You are so much as a inch too close, you get hit for 100-200 dmg. In other words, far more risk than reward in trying to counter that way. And no, I don't suck. Feel free to duel me anytime you see me. #1 on any server 9/10 times.
  3. Anyone know any? Background, I pretty much own staff and dual users, and any single user who doesn't know what they are doing very well. However, without throw, I can't do anything against the staff butterfly. If someone uses it in a duel, and I mean NOTHING but butterfly after butterfly, I just run away to break the duel. Nothing else I can do. In FFAs where everyone is using it, I have to just leave or switch to staff and spam it too. This is not a gut reaction to it. I have a effective counter or counters to just about every other move in this game. But after long experimentation, I can't find a weakness to the staff butterfly. Here's my take on the move: Unblockable: If you get touched by someone doing it, you WILL get hit. VERY high damage: Not always a one hit kill, but 2/3 times it is. Uberblocker: The person doing the butterfly blocks nearly everything. Even a saber throw gets blocked and your saber drops to the ground half the time. A wide horizontal red swing with a big windup gets deflected almost everytime. Once in a great while, it will hit. The fact that it blocks nearly everything, combined with it's extreamly high damage, means trying to counter it will get you killed more often than killing him. It's really frustrating, because I love to make people who spam anything pay for it. With butterfly, I can't. I'd love to hear anyone who thinks they have a effective counter, that WORKS. If you haven't done it yourself, don't bother posting what you think should work ok?
  4. Even so far as to have one hit kills from 100/100 on a few occasions for me (V1.00).
  5. Single/red is already pretty weak at blocking. Most flailing dual/staff users will break right through and cause massive damage each and every time they come close. Been reduced from 100/100 to dead by nothing more that button mashing very often. You MUST keep your distance. The big red swings don't break through defenses all the time either, far from it. I'd say 50% of the time, maybe. I have counted 5 times in a row I have landed those big swings only to have them deflected for no damage. They aren't uber moves by any means. They just seem that way once you get real good with timing and can land them constantly against opponents that come running into them. I don't even use the chains either. I just use one swing at a time. Why? To me, single is all about getting your hit in, then getting AWAY. If I'm using a chain move, I get hit in between swings constantly. More often, it just does me more harm than my opponent to try and chain.
  6. If the server has grip, and push, and the level has holes/ledges/lava, I'm gonna throw people to their death. Period. It's there, it's enabled, it's part of the game. I can't imagine why people whine, you can just use absorb and if you aren't a total noob you can manage to hit absorb before I toss you to your death. If you use dark side, you better learn to grip/push me better than you. Point is, I don't find it cheap at all, as it's VERY easy to counter.
  7. Been kicked for winning quite often. Killing the admin does it most of the time. I tend to run away from admins, as killing them always gets me off the server. Funny one. I walk into a corner, turn off my saber, and bring up chat box. Go to the bathroom Come back, and wouldn't ya know, someone killed me. I tell them they must be a real lame ass to kill somone AFK like that. He responds "you would do the same." I respond: "BS!! I never kill saber down/chatting people." KICK
  8. I lose ALL audio from the game sometimes. I just open the sound options, and cycle the sound quality option, and it's back on.
  9. It has changed somehow since JO. I can go into JO, and enter: music music\mp\duel.mp3 and it plays. I can take one of my own mp3s, name it "1.mp3" put it in the base folder of JO, go back into MP game, and type: music 1.mp3 and it plays that Try the exact same thing in JA, it gives a error about being unable to find it.
  10. It doesn't work like it should. Supposed to be simple. Console command "music." But it can't find anything. I have tried to play the duel.mp3 file in the music\mp folder (in the assets0.pk3), as a test, but can't get it to recognize it. I have tried: music duel.mp3 music mp\duel.mp3 music music\mp\duel.mp3 music base\music\mp\duel.mp3 music gamedata\base\music\mp\duel.mp3
  11. Good point, I'll invert the experiment. I'd expect to see the staff break through most of the time, it certainly seems to in most fights.
  12. So I got someone with a staff to stand still while I tried some things with the single. What I did was take those big swings, the ones you have to be backing up to start. The HUGE slow wide arc swings, that you would think are real powerful. I hit him 10 times: 7 of them were parried with no damage 3 passed right through him without causing any damage 10 direct hits, and he suffers not one point of damage. These were DEAD center hits on him, swings going right at center mass. Give it up, switch to staff, and start swinging.
  13. No person with a chat window up is safe from BS players. I was killed EVERY time I started chatting. One of the clan members would run up the instant the chat window popped up and kill me. Then they say "owned" or whatever. They also enjoy teaming up 4v1, using pull/grip/drain, etc on you. Then they said "stop running." I tried to reply...but I got killed while chatting. Oh yeah, if you actually kill the admin, instant kick/ban. They eve said "don't attack BS" at one point. Guess you are supposed to kneel down and die for them, so they can tell you how much they "own" you.
  14. Yeah weren't the Noghri a bit tall? In the books they are like 3-4' aren't they?
  15. I'd like a bot to practice moves on. See the damage caused, etc. Problem is, the bots, even on Initiate difficulty, are VERY good at avoiding special moves. The instant you start a special move, they back up just out of the range of the move, and do a little "dance" (back and forward rapidly). The instant the move is no longer lethal, they move in. You can tell it's coded into their AI. So, how do I make a bot that will just stand still?
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