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  1. protocol 15 is jk2 1.03 I believe and 26 is jka 1.01 I think you can download a jk2 patch commander from 1 of the many jk files websites (search for it) that allows you to play all versions of the game.
  2. what do you mean by the "anger" of your enemies?
  3. what is the specific error message?
  4. however most clan servers run JA+ which is detrimental to sabering skills. try a bwn server, 1 of the euro duel servers, the saviors tffa server, etc *>JA+
  5. http://www.chopshopservers.com/education/mjz's_config_guide.html
  6. movie battles is probably the most popular mod(in the sense of an alternate gameplay, not say ja+,xmod etc). tinny gave the link to the official site above. also, there was a pretty good video made about it recently: http://www.own-age.com/vids/10005
  7. I recommend click on CONTROLS in the ingame menu and change the key that select saber styles, from the default, which is L, to a button that is more accessible, eg. mouse wheel. When you get better you will need to change stances on the fly and you'd want to be able to do that without having to move your hand too much. On a separate note, you should avoid using katas as they are predictable in its movements and leaves you open for a short period of time at its completion as you remain motionless thus easily allowing other people to do a significant amount of damage to you, if not kill you.
  8. Siege is great, however these days public servers are overfilled with spammers, e.g. 7-8 demos refusing to release alt-fire when holding mines
  9. depends on what you want to play. everytime I go on, i have pretty good games. there are stil plenty of servers and players online all the time.
  10. speed with rolls is hardly any different to speed and run, which is nothing compared to strafing with speed, try a ctf server sometime and you will see (or even a decent tffa server) this assumes that you can escape from your opponent, which you wont be able to do via rolling. also assuming you are dueling there would be a limited space for which the fight to take place. if it was pure ffa then dying would hardly matter. you heal once and they drain you wont have much force left and will be sitting duck for the rest of the fight rage can be very useful in siege. e.g. assaulting in korriban, knocking down kataing jedis on desert. also in mass ffa and you want quick kills rage is also good
  11. about meatgrinder, alot of the people stopped playing there due to ojp enhanced being implemented awhile back which pretty much stuffed up siege and ctf
  12. to the 1st poster: are you kidding? all the ffa servers are on JA+ and this retarded honour system last time i checked... but anyways... it will never change
  13. i cbf'ed reading all new the posts, seems very emotional when i scrolled over them :S gbf = ground butterfly regardless of whatever advantage that is coded into staff, it is insignificant relative to differences in skill levels. therefore you cant definitively say one saber should always beat another
  14. in the end there arent that many good mods. there are quite a few good maps, but the mods have generally been detrimental to the game. unfortunately i had to delete alot of my skins to get around a few pure servers that i usually go to edit: yeh i didnt really answer your question, but its late at night and im sleepy, ill post a few links to good maps later
  15. another thing, jedi academy has been pretty much abandoned by raven as soon as it was released. there are uncountable amount of "exploits". yaw, poke, wiggle, multitude of delays, extends, gbfs, jump axes, etc etc, theres hardly any point to whinge about them at this point in time. yes an axe wiggle will do 200, but so will a front-on gbf. all the top players use at least 1 exploit at some point and in the end, the most skilled players would still do better. random crazy beefed up m_yaw wiggling does not = win, you still have to hit them first. as a side note, most staffers that plays gets hammered by singles, but its not as simple as saying no poke etc for red would change that around, you also have to stop the staff exploits to make it fairer ... in the end the hypothetical situation would be completely ludicrous and unrealistic. another thing. the comparative sample size for players changes matters greatly. there are far more single users than staffs, and there are even less dualies. there are also a much larger number of above average skilled single users than staff users of compartive skill. so in most cases as mentioned before, the single users will ccrush staffs, but the best staffers can hold their own against top singles in duals and ffas. that works for dualies too... but i dont think there are more than a few good dualies players playing... and most of these are proficient in all 3 styles .. anyways enough of my ramblings edit: btw this is all based on empirical evidence, i didnt actually study the foundational sabering system or anything llike that because that would be pointless - noone actually plays that way.
  16. you are trying to join mb2 servers and you dont have the mod
  17. is it this? if so, do a back+right swing and immediately hold the strafe right button. it's pretty useless though
  18. they may be less 1 dimensional in kotor2 but they are no where near as well developed as those in kotor1. in kotor1 you get to feel the character, there was a sense of closeness and progression, here they felt lacking, so many things started that were never concluded - so much potential wasted. It was almost as if a detailed character portrait is painted at the character's first meeting through the many dialogue options and then afterwards he/she is completely neglected.
  19. you cant get still cameras if the one demoing is playing, only possibility is to have someone spectating demo
  20. maps, models, skins etc are placed in the gamedata/base directory. clientside for mods have their own folder in the gamedata directory, they would come with instructions too - eg. from memory ja+ and ojp have the directories ready made in the zip file, and force mod came with an installer.
  21. pointed noted:) but keep in mind that ojp isnt a roleplaying mod, there are better mods out there for roleplaying
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