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  1. Psychofreds post on SWBF2 has some merits but I can't justify the development timeline as being the value equal to selling a complete new Title even with the purported features. I am sure plenty of us play plenty of FPS titles from Battlefield, MOH, to COD and each expansion pack brought more vehicles, classes, features, maps and improved gameplay. And I didn't pay $50 for those expansion packs. More importantly those developers really supported their base game with multiple patch releases. With that alone I can't let Pandemic or LA off the hook for SWBF1. I also take into account that the engine for SWBF2 is still designed and confined to console hardware limitations. This makes the PC version yet another port of the original. This time I'll do a wait and see for SB:BF2. richcz3
  2. Competition with HL-2 is real. I have been working on two HL2:MP maps for the past week. The SDK and tools are exceptional. I haven't fired up SW:BF for three weeks and interest in LANs has been nill. As stated already, content is king and SW:BF needs it to get interest with all the solid titles out. I just hope their tools have some documentation or solid examples. richcz3
  3. Durden is more likely right. The update did not mention an SDK. It mentions tools. An SDK addresses the core of the game engine which allows programmers to produce completely original mods or game types. That being said, that's allot more than I was expecting. richcz3
  4. If they are as easy as the map tools for Half-Life 2, there should be allot of maps rather quickly. I've been working in Hammer for the past week and the basics are easy to grasp. Its interesting that both Valve and Pandemic use XSI for developing their character animations. richcz3
  5. What a pleasent surprise. I assumed that after Half-Life 2's release that Lucasarts would let SW:BF sink. Not only are there general tools but there's the SDK. The other cool item is the XSI export addon. Pretty impressive update. richcz3
  6. Hey let them finish playing Half Life 2 and Halo 2. Then they'll get right back to work. richcz3
  7. Has there been any new posts by the devs on any forum in the past three weeks. Anything beyond the official announcement of two weeks back? richz3
  8. SW:BF is holding on to the top 5 for the week ending Oct. 23 2004 1 The Sims 2 - Electronic Arts $48 2 The Sims 2 Special Edition - Electronic Arts $49 3 Rome: Total War - Activision $41 4 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - Vivendi Universal $25 5 Star Wars Battlefront - LucasArts $47 6 Call Of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack - Activision $27 7 The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $20 8 Doom 3 - Activision $47 9 Call Of Duty - Activision $28 10 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War - THQ $47 Source http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=27287 richcz3
  9. 3 small patches in three months. Not bad, but hardly great. What it does show is that Pandemic has not shelved the game as a loss. They are working on it. More importantly in comparing BF:1942 to SW:Battle front. Pandemic plans to release tools for the mod community. I'm sure once the game is patched up proper, there will be a tools release. Dice never released tools for BF:1942. richcz3
  10. To add a point in the positive column, Pandemic has disclosed they will release tools at some point. Keep in mind, even after BF:1942 was doing really well in sales, DICE never released any official tools for the modding community. Without soundling like a fan boy, lets see how long Pandemic keeps the support up. richcz3
  11. It's clear Pandemic rushed the title to meet the Star Wars DVD release. What is almost as clear is that Pandemic looks like they are making a strong effort to patch up the problems. Now one month after release we are getting another patch v1.1 from Pandemic. That's allot faster than most developers I know. Dice's Battlefiled:1942 was buggy and a resource hog at v.1.0. It wasn't until 1.4 that many of the bigger problems like lag and hit boxes were dealt with. We need to show a little patience. richcz3
  12. kurgan thanks for the link. I was begining to think this ship was going under the waves. It says the next couple of days so we'll probably see something before the weekend hits. Hope so. richcz3
  13. Not a word in two weeks after weekly updates after release. I was expecting some form of update on one of the few forums the Devs posted. Anyone see a recent post? Let us know your alive richcz3
  14. I just hope they are working on the patch in a fierce fashion. I know their priorities were set on the mp side as that is what is hurting the game so much, but it would be great to see some basic game tweaks in as well. Only questions are, how much will they continue to fix bugs. In the meantime I'm looking forward to any anouncement they mentioned about a tools release. User made mods will really help this title take off. richcz3
  15. My error: Good eye Demonking It's corrected richcz3
  16. Sales or lack of sales equate to the amount of after sales support a title gets. After three weeks of consistant Dev updates, yesterday went without a word. Don't read too much into that, but when sales drop significantly, so do the need to "Fix It" Priorities. richcz3
  17. EDIT: CORRECTED! Previous post was Wrong My Apologies 1 The Sims 2 - Electronic Arts $48 2 The Sims 2 Special Edition - Electronic Arts $50 3 Rome: Total War - Activision $47 4 Star Wars Battlefront - LucasArts $49 5 Call Of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack - Activision $30 6 Myst 4: Revelation - Ubisoft $35 7 The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $20 8 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War - THQ $49 9 Doom 3 - Activision $52 10 Call Of Duty - Activision $33 Source http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=26964 Search Criteria used NPD Group TOP 10 PC Games [month:day:year] richcz3
  18. That's about the way I am looking at it. I don't have BF:Vietnam but I know they've been taking quite some time between patches. BF:1942 was the same way or worse. I played SP for the first time since last week. I still hold to the fact that this is a very impressive title that I consider a work in progress. That's why I keep it on my hard drive. They have already announced they are working hard on a patch and tools release. I am going to remain patient and look forward to the tools. richcz3
  19. For LA BF:1942 sales were hard to ignore. Pandemic already had experience making vehicle and troop entity games. They were a natural pick for this game. I don't believe the PC port was an easy sell if it wasn't for the overwhelming sales of BF:1942 and its subsequent Expansion packs = $$$ Of all the dev time, I bet the PC chewed allot more time/resources than its console counterparts. For me the basic oversites in the PC version reflect this. The consoles were priority ONE. Get the PC version out and see how it does. Now the PC version is chewing up even more time to get it functional. You guys should do a search for Pandemic interviews regarding SW:BF. They are pretty telling now in hindsight since the game was released. "Are there going to be tools and modifications allowable on the PC version?" response "We're going to wait and see" So if the PC sales hold up, we can hope to see meaningful updates and possible of expansion packs. One thing we can all agree on is that the PC version has allot of promise and potential. richcz3
  20. I've just stopped trying to play MP since last Saturday. The current patches are inadequate. I am just going to wait for the big patch before I try again. I am betting Tomorrow Friday Oct 15 they will provide either an anouncement and/or another patch. Hopefully a significant patch this time around. In the meantime I have other game titles keeping me busy until then. richcz3
  21. From the interviews I've read, I knew about what to expect before the game came out. It was mentioned all three versions were developed closely together and the main difference between the console and PC version was the number of people who could play online. Even after seeing some in game movies, I was expecting a bad console port when I bought it. Well I was surprised it was pretty decent play and nice visuals for being firmly based in a console design. It's staying on my hard drive and I look forward to the sizable patch that irons out some problems. If anyone hasn't seen the mods in the Editing section, you should really give it a look. richcz3
  22. Skellington On the PC side we are used to multiple player models within clases (also male or female). CTF and Domination are basic FPS Multiplayer we also come to expect and not included in Battlefront. The current selection in SW:Battlefront suits the console market just fine. If it wasn't for some technical troubles in either of the console versions, I don't think there would be any complaints. Not mentioning the serious bugs, everything from level size to game types seems way too limited for the PC side. That being said I am sure they are getting more grief from PC gamers than both console systems combined. There is a big reason why more developers like Pandemic moved to console development. Less technical hurdles per dollar to develop and earn. And Yes, when a console game is done...it's alamost done. (I understand both consoles allow for small patch exceptions). They (Pandemic) have released two small patches in as many weeks for the PC. It is a sign they are doing something. The word is there is a sizable patch in the works. It's for these collective reasons I give them credit. richcz3
  23. Aside from the quick updates I'll admt I am not happy with the way that Pandemic and LA are handeling this is in almost complete silence with the exception of a few minor dev posts on one forum that I know of. It appears the Lucasarts page has posted a public notice on their site but how many gamers are going to know it unless the devs make a point to solicit gaming sites of such news. They need to get the word out. Something that DICE was very good at throughout the BF:1942 patch process. I would prefer that they would defer from combining the consoles and the PC versions in their updates. These are two entirely different markets. richcz3
  24. Look, I am not saying accept the state of the game, just give them credit for putting their efforts since the games release. Two patches (albeit small) in two weeks. Word has it theres a big patch in the works. We can hammer on all the bad details, but everytime I fire up the game I realize that this is going to be one hell of a game once it's all patched up right and stable. The fact that guys here in Editing forum are already editing the .lvl files and changing attributes by putting alternate ships and player types on different maps, this is looking very encouraging. My key suggestions to LA and Pandemic. Make public announcements to PC and Console game sites(Spin, PR, anything). Treat the Consoles and PC versions as two seperate entities. Combined news can muddy the waters. We need to know your active and things are being addressed platform specific. Create or Update a FAQ regarding editing or tools. Thanks, Now get to work richcz3
  25. Galactic Conquest is a mod for BF:1942 that allot of people believe is SW:BF. Keep in mind Pandemic did play Battlefield to get a feel for the playing environment. richcz3
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