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  1. wow look at this, i leave for a couple of months and look at all the updates. Nice job guys...
  2. wow, they're doing a nice job arent they? Awesome guys, keep it up, cant wait to see the obiwans skinned too. Cya guys later, toonces and arco, do you guys ever go to #model_Design or some other chat? if so could you icq it to me?
  3. You know i like it, its really awesome, i want to make a skin for it would be cool, hope i get some time soon. Nice job. You should have the different skins like in halo.
  4. altmira, he can still change the model... its not like when you start to skin you cant cahgne teh model at all.
  5. hey, that skin is amazing, are you placing the photo on the model or is it by hand? if its by hand, you're a very good skinner man... i dont like the eyes though, they look all black, i dotn know what color samuel l jackson's eye´s are though. very good job...
  6. we dont know yet, depends on lots of things, but we'll work hard when we have time.
  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. About the hilts, each model will have its own, jigsaw, a modeller friend of ours is helping us out with those, i think he has mace's hilt done already. Ill ask him for pics.
  8. Ok, here's another model for the Light Jedi pack. Hope you guys like it, Mace Windu comes next.
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