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  1. Garindan man I havin't seen you since like forever. What's new with you? Zanz: Oh yah I have a question: What was the prize you gave out to Jedi### <-- insert number here... Come on tell me I'm your biggest fan Zanzibar!!! Please you must!!! I feel weird.
  2. Well Mr. Zanzibar I must say you made a fine job... Just perfect! You RULE! PEDRO RULES! I RULE! WE ALL RRRRRRUUUUUUULLLLLLLLEEEEEE!!! *ahem* I'm okay, really.
  3. Heh sorry... Let's concentrate on TPM shall we? lol "TPM Rules!" SuperBuen out.
  4. Your silence incites me further! Bring in the Twi'lek strippers! mwhahahaha [goes upstairs to watch the unspecial edition of ROTJ... Slow mo... There we go Oola outta her bra!] mwahahahahahahah!!! Hey guys gimme a break it's my b-day today... Big ol' 21 years old
  5. I don't think it's intuition Master Qui-Gon... I think it's... *looks at other Jedi on the council* [enter: dramatic music. Pause for suspense] "THE CHOSEN ONE!" [PAAAA PAMMMM!] "You are the chosen one. The Force is strong in you. All hail Master Qui-Gon!" *Figrin D'an and The Modal Nodes break into the Cantina tune* "Yah shake it Yoda!" [ August 15, 2001: Message edited by: Jedi SuperBuen ]
  6. I have to admit that Master Qui-Gon is the just that... The Master of TPM!
  7. Actually TPM does NOT have an invulnerability cheat. If you want to be invulnerable, you need to download a 'trainer' which a program you run in the background that let's you have 999 life all the time. Check out jediknight.net's TPM section I'm pretty sure it's there for u to d/l. If not do a search for The Phantom Menace cheats or trainer.
  8. Congratulations Jedi72... I'm way too lazy to go looking thru the game for 'em, but now that you did I will go see 'em lol
  9. Hey Zanzi, tell us which one was right! I'm really amazed about how much stuff you found in TPM Qui-Gon, u either have no life or are just very good at finding stuff lol
  10. Vodka Martini... Shaken not stirred...
  11. ...? Well? Zanz ya never answered my Q...
  12. You can't compare TPM and JK. It would be like asking someone to choose between Rogue Squadron or Racer... You know... TPM is a adventure game... JK/MOTS is a FPS... So what do I suggest? Buy both you cheap bastard!!! lol You won't regret it that's for sure...
  13. Where? Where? At least gimme hints as to where they are at!
  14. Riiight because I'm talking ultra super duper top secret stuff that no one in the Universe would know but the Ultimate Zanzibar the Great... Like d'uh! We wouldn't be able to see 'em with our peasant eyes...
  15. Hehehe Hey zanzi, not sure if I asked this already (I know I meant to at one point) but is there any "easter eggs" in TPM? You know, stuff you would only know that we should look for...
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