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  1. It's interesting how we once had a rule forbidding the advertising of competing forums.
  2. Just so happens that half of those six happen to deal with getting out of here.
  3. And a yawning dog is better than a dead lion...right?
  4. It isn't necessarily bustling with activity like this place used to 2 years ago, but it's relatively alive.
  5. You know about the move in a few days, right? Hope to see you there.
  6. Why not just integrate ourselves with the Echobase community? They seem like a nice group of people. The way we have it now, we may get nothing more than the 10-15 oldbies we have going around here. And as has been agreed upon, we need fresh blood. Otherwise, I vote for Boba Rhett. He was always a cool guy.
  7. KOTOR 0wned me for the past week. 40 hours of gaming goodness...most time I've ever spent playing computer games in a single week since...well, since I was 12, I think... Now it's all over...
  8. I'm around, guys. But I agree with Sherack when he says that this place is pretty much dying. I'm sad to say this. And Fergie has a point too: every time I visit here (about once a day just to see if there's something new) I get attacked by a ridiculous number of popups. Some times my Virus Scanner pops up and says "Some virus found...please scan" and only after I visit this site and a particular popup greets me. Oh well. Keep in touch if you use MSN: my MSN messenger ID is krkode (at) yahoo (dot) com (yes, that is an msn messenger ID!). Alright, later guys
  9. June 8th, Ladies and Gentlemen. Congrats, Fergie. This is where a job well done recognizes itself.
  10. Indeed, man. Good to see you around.
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