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  1. It's interesting how we once had a rule forbidding the advertising of competing forums.
  2. Just so happens that half of those six happen to deal with getting out of here.
  3. And a yawning dog is better than a dead lion...right?
  4. It isn't necessarily bustling with activity like this place used to 2 years ago, but it's relatively alive.
  5. You know about the move in a few days, right? Hope to see you there.
  6. Why not just integrate ourselves with the Echobase community? They seem like a nice group of people. The way we have it now, we may get nothing more than the 10-15 oldbies we have going around here. And as has been agreed upon, we need fresh blood. Otherwise, I vote for Boba Rhett. He was always a cool guy.
  7. KOTOR 0wned me for the past week. 40 hours of gaming goodness...most time I've ever spent playing computer games in a single week since...well, since I was 12, I think... Now it's all over...
  8. I'm around, guys. But I agree with Sherack when he says that this place is pretty much dying. I'm sad to say this. And Fergie has a point too: every time I visit here (about once a day just to see if there's something new) I get attacked by a ridiculous number of popups. Some times my Virus Scanner pops up and says "Some virus found...please scan" and only after I visit this site and a particular popup greets me. Oh well. Keep in touch if you use MSN: my MSN messenger ID is krkode (at) yahoo (dot) com (yes, that is an msn messenger ID!). Alright, later guys
  9. June 8th, Ladies and Gentlemen. Congrats, Fergie. This is where a job well done recognizes itself.
  10. Indeed, man. Good to see you around.
  11. $4 in one-dollar coins (those one-dollar coins are teh rock!) Student ID card Local city Library Card A Calling card that I never remembered to return to my parents Thumb-size photograph of my parents A little chit of paper with important info like Social Security Number and other pertinent insurance information I had $8 more than that, but I don't know where it went...oh I know...
  12. Ahem, you're actually runner-runner-up...
  13. I love how she puts Legolas's A diversion in there.
  14. Certain colleges could have made my April Fool's day even better than this, Artoo. But oh well. I'm happy for you... *goes away to study for permit-acquiring test*
  15. Well this is what I call a clean sweep. Stanford: Harvard: Brown: U Penn: ENOUGH! I guess I set myself up for this. My list was a little high profile. Anyway, I've yet to hear from Cornell and Johns Hopkins (maybe good news?) but I'll still probably be attending UC Berkeley next year, then. Go Bears! Ahh, bugger.
  16. Well, today is April 1st and almost all my colleges reply today (they have online status check thingies). By tonight I will probably know where my choices lie...
  17. I know we have atleast three graduating seniors (Tie Guy, Clefo and myself) and was just wondering if we had anymore? Either way, I was also wondering where you guys are going to (or for all those who are already in, where you guys are doing) college. As April 1st approaches, I know lots of high school seniors are somewhat tense about this. I know I am. What about you guys?
  18. 4 BILLION! That's more than all the men in the world! Anyway, the game looks sweet, although I am generally more fond of WarCraft III-style limited units gameplay
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