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  1. we still havent seen an at-at in action we dont know how fast it turns but thats a GOOD point
  2. i agree with compa_mighty i liked episode 1
  3. i thought he was trained by adi galia till he was 13
  4. i dont know why all u guys hate jar-jar hes pretty funny i find the ewoks annoying
  5. where can i find the civ posotives and negatives?? like mines 5 % faster and all that other stuff that helps u decide which is the civ for u
  6. my favorite civilizations are 1.Galactic Empire 2.Rebel Alliance 3.Wookies the other three seem boring and if u noticed these are all later civs whereas the other three are early civs
  7. spanish- hola !! como estas muy bien gracias como te llamas tu
  8. i can speak english, hindi, telugu(both indian languages) and im learning spanish at school
  9. the point of this game like any other game is to win and have fun its very similiar to base ball ( and very fun)
  10. what country r u from hannibal
  11. are there any cricket fans in here (cricket the sport) if there are englishmen or aussies in here they could know just wanted to know if there were any with a combo of cricket and star wars
  12. we could destroy their ships in space but they could blow up earth from outerspace their at-ats and our tanks and stuff would be a close match but surely i think a nuke could wipe their ground troops or bigger stuff up personnaly i think earth would win
  13. as u guys know there are a lot of sites that cant be trusted with online ordering i saw this site just yesterday http://www.dragon.ca and these guys sell Galactic battlesgrounds for 37.95$!!!!!!!! do u guys think i should buy it here or go to amazon or something
  14. they make sounds like if u select a sith u get "let us rule the dark side" or something like that but u dont get those sounds like the ones you just described
  15. arent dark troopers/storm troopers humans??
  16. what is LOTR?????????????
  17. cuz im indian but i live in usa wanted to know if there were any other devoted star wars indian fans
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