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  1. im a human what do u mean by who are you
  2. from http://www.starwars.com atleast thats where i find it
  3. just to know if i do have any friends
  4. is that his brothers name?? if you were referring to me you may include yourself in that too
  5. ohhhhhhh i didnt know what lotr meant anyway i dont know the answer to that what does lotr mean
  6. the one who voted for the *i love u man* was me How bout you??
  7. does anybody have any tips to avoid rushing and perhaps rush my opponent
  8. there's gotta be somebody:mad:
  9. is there anyone from the bay area here (california) is there anybody from palo alto
  10. whats you guys' favorite game (doesnt have to be star wars)
  11. hey endsub can others post questions as well if so heres a question to you all trivia likers who built c 3po?
  12. if your looking for clans to join u could look for some clans at yahoo geocities
  13. is there anyone from india here(the one in asia) just wanted to know if there were any indian starwars fans
  14. well if it has been posted then sorry but i havent seen it
  15. next question what is r2-d2's homeworld?
  16. what is your favourite of the starwars movies
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