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  1. i was really scared (and grosed out) when i saw silence of the lambs. prevented me from seeing hannibal
  2. what do you mean by "own custom name" dont we already have the name we want
  3. i dunno what your talking about but if your talking about http://www.gamespot.com they had the preview long ago and they have a new one now about tradefrederation and naboo
  4. i honestly think the gb/aoe2 engine is better cuz the ra2 has a lot of flaws and stuff according to me i think its silly to be able to build a building without sending someone there and also putting 4 collectible resources as in aoe2 or gb makes the game complicated and tests your strategic decision making
  5. i thought maul was human with some wierd war paint on anyway maybe his alieness gav him powers of sensing or something
  6. im a big aoe2 fan and i think this game is almost an exact replica of aoe2 except that its Star wars
  7. man u guys are lucky here i used to live in india and games there come almost 3 months after release date in america now that im in america thats a good advantage i have
  8. i feel that all air units are a disappointment even stormtroopers have better attacks than them
  9. we can play only if we have jedi night???
  10. is this a game if so where can i download it from
  11. who do u think has the best light saber skills
  12. the websites will probably all be the same but you can download a download manager like download accelarator or gozilla
  13. i thought he was a human with wierd paint?????
  14. i havent seen the at-at yet maybe that could beet the jedi
  15. is behind magic just ep 4 or does it have stuff abt 5 6 also
  16. leia's biological dad is vader but her adopted father the one whow obi wan served is i think king organa
  17. yes its very neat trick and it helps a lot
  18. is shadows of the empire a good game i played the demo and really liked it but is the full version worth spending money on otherwise which other starwars game other than battlegrounds would you recommend
  19. Make them see the evil Show them the dark side of this man
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