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  1. the best thing for america to do is to stop bombing thmem and talk with them and show them how bin ladin is using their country as a hiding place
  2. i played shadows of the empire fr the first time just yesterday and i loved it a lot can anyone tell me if its still out for sale at stores and how much it costs( anyone from america
  3. i think its a pretty average game but graphics are really good
  4. has anyone of u heard abt the cd Behind The Magic if so is it worth buying
  5. is it better to pre order on lucas arts.com or buy at a store
  6. does she appear in any of the movies
  7. what abt kataran ive heard his name in a lot of starwars games but who is he
  8. who is thrawn and kyle kataran:confused:
  9. who was obi wan kenobis counterpart when he was in training clue shes female
  10. this thread people will ask questions and answer questions my question name an actor/actress who acted in both the trilogy and the prelogy of starwars
  11. r the books very continuative or is it ok if u read a later part before an earlier one. i ask this question so that id know if its worthit to go for the more interesting books or to go for books in order pls reply
  12. how many starwars books are there and does anyone know where i canget them and r they written by lucas??
  13. in a review of ep 2 i read that anakin and amidala get married but isnt amidala a bit too old for anakin in ep 1 hes like 9 and shes nearly 20
  14. if he did 4 5 6 first why did he name them 4 5 6 . he must have had them all planned out. and how many starwars books are there. and does anyone know where i can get them
  15. i seriously think would win cuz (hes cooler) ahh just kiddin vader is more experienced and though he slow as somebody earlier in the thread says hes methodical and startegic in his thinking and maul is overconfident and seems stupid. my answer is Vader
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