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  1. shouldnt jedi be a lot stronger than the bounty hunter and an attack of 9 is pathetic and all the air units in the demo r pathetic
  2. the difference in attack strenght for bounty hunter is 6+ but the jedi's hitpoints are only 25+ bounty hunters attack 15 ht pts 175 jedi attack 9 ht pts 200
  3. ok forget it i gotta go sorry
  4. hi anyone wanna game ip host name sandhya
  5. why does vader where all that black armor on himself anyway it looks cool
  6. u mean he had it planned out all the 6 stories
  7. why do u think lucas directed episode 4 5 6 befor 1 2 3
  8. will they use cables to disble at ats in te game too??
  9. does it make sense that the snow speeder just has an attack of 1
  10. How often do u visit this site:atat:
  11. im ok with baseball but my favorite sport is cricket. i dont know how many of u have heard about it but its like baseball and its really fun my favorite team is india
  12. how old are your guys just wanna know what age group the majority of starwars fans are in
  13. Hi guys/gals i just wanted to know where most starwars fans are from where are you guys from(country/city)
  14. Hi i need help . how r we supposed to play the demo version game of SWGB online. when im playing and i type in the ip address no games show up. but when im hosting a game and they type my ip they dont see my game. by the way what excactly do u have to do to host a game. PLEASE HELP ME:confused:
  15. the emperor is senator palpatine in episode 1
  16. who according to you has the best light saber skills
  17. whos your fav starwars character mines darth vader, obi wan, luke etc
  18. Whats everyones favorite civilization mines empire and rebels
  19. ya if u look at air units as an advantage your wrong they suck so much they have alesser damage and hitpoints than storm troopers. i was thinking that Star Wars= air units= great game. but air units suck
  20. actually theres no review out yet but u could get a preview http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/previews/0,10869,2816242,00.html if it takes 20 hrs its probably not worthit u should probably wait for the game to come out and then decide by reading the review
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