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  1. Congratulations, my feathered friend! Do you now where you might be going to college?
  2. Both WarCraft III and its expansion are excellent games. I can forsee World of Warcraft being just as excellent (although this MMORPG thing is being used by a lot of companies in recent times). I'd more safely say that StarCraft is past its prime.
  3. I'm sure he found them at Jedidefender.com Either way, you're right, scary and....eh...more scary!
  4. For this, I return. Happy Birthday, Clefo
  5. Calculus, Macroeconomics, English, Physics, Spanish. ok? Other than that, I've also finished applying to colleges...April...I await ye...
  6. Who's the greater fool? The fool or the fool that follows him? As to the topic:
  7. I haven't talked to this fool in months!! I even remember he once had a fake birthday... Either way, Happy Birthday, Rommel.
  8. I planned to go Call of Duty before KOTOR, but have got neither game yet. But glad to see you're "enjoying" yourself, Sherack.
  9. Lol! Extremely descriptive (and informative) review of this...food... He's right, though. Only a football player may be able to handle that...thing...
  10. Well, I think it would be assumed that they all shrivelled up somewhere somehow... After all, they have no time to spend on that. They have to show Frodo and Gandalf laughing at each other and the rest of the fellowship
  11. What's a Gotse pic? It's likely one of those nasty "don't steal my bandwidth" replacements.
  12. I know. I was agreeing. It was hec playing with it so small... I played till it was 3-6 before gettins sick of it.
  13. Yes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one, y'all
  14. Pbguy, also notice the exact repeating of the words, "Fool of a Took!" I thought that was pretty neat
  15. You guys have to stop being rude to new people. You'll only drive them away further solidifying the opinion that you guys are trolls. Who is the Eets, anyway? So, just came back from watching the movie: Final words: good movie. See it. What a start to Winter break!
  16. That's probably right. I think it was Theoden who was 84...
  17. oh. My bad, then. That said, according to the stuff at the back of the book, Aragorn is supposed to be 84 at the time of the events of the Lord of the Rings...
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