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  1. press ESC go to PLAYER and go to Configure Force its all there...
  2. holy crap this patch sucks I just happen to get it this morning and im playing everyone seems to be using lightning now and whats wit this pull + kick non stop now? seems to be the new move, no more sabers or something? cant they have just limited the yaw speed.... ah well flame me plz
  3. If you taunt while doing the spin saber move the saber will stay in place also
  4. well hell all this time and I never botherd to use Absorb LOL god damn only thing I use is push and pull I dont like those little jedi powers Thanks a lot
  5. When I use pull or push, how come the other player illuminates blue or it looks like they are pushing back at me. Yet when they do it to me it works nearly everytime and I get the backstab done on me. Anyone ?
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