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  1. Why are there often massive lag spikes on many servers every few minutes? On one server, the guy who ran the dedicated server said it was caused by someone with a 50000 ping trying to connect! How on earth could someone get such a high ping count?!?
  2. What does it mean when attempting to enter a Siege game gives this strange error? I can still spectate, and its apparent that many are unsucessfully trying to join.
  3. Hey, if there's a preset teal or turquiose saber color I'll be happy.
  4. What was poorly thought out? Te fact he's an anthropomorphic dinosaur?
  5. What they should for modding is let you add blade colors (or even blade shapes) like you could add avatars in JK2 (or in this case, add model parts). That would offer a lot more freedom by having an open-ended selection instead of having to replace an existing color.
  6. Will we have those options in JA? It would be lame if we only had the 6 from JO; at least give us a blue-green color!
  7. While an RGB or HSL (Hue, saturation, luminosity) slider would present a tremendous amount of freedom, it might get under the skin of continuity purist........at LucasArts. There also lies in some extra work needed for all the sabers to look good with a full range of colors to pick from (the RGB slider with JediMOD for JK2 had a few problems, like having it appear to be a row of dots instead of a smooth line).
  8. Republic vs. Seperatists.........not a bad idea. I was also thinking of groups like Black Sun, etc.
  9. Are teams in MP still going to be a Rebel vs. Empire deal? I mean, can't we have other factions for once? (and other team colors like green, gold, purple, etc.)
  10. Would the vehicle get color coded or what?
  11. KOTOR has a Force Whirlwind ability. It would be an interesting idea in Jedi Academy; perhaps it could capture projectiles and even Force Lightning. It would be great to have Force Throw, Deadly Sight, and Force Destruction in Jedi Academy.
  12. Are we still going to have saber colors forced on us in Siege & CTF or will we regain our freedom? And will there be team colors other than red & blue?
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